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Radioactive tumbleweeds
Beware tumbleweeds or migrating ducks - they may have been contaminated with radiation. Researchers have found that tumbleweeds are able to blow into ponds of waste water at a nuclear facility in the US, and blow out again. (2001-03-27)

Fukushima-related measurements by the CTBTO
Since the accident at the Fukushima Daichi power plant in Japan, CTBTO radionuclide monitoring stations all over the northern hemisphere have picked up traces of emitted radioactive materials. The CTBTO shares monitoring data with 120 States and with international organizations such as the IAEA, WHO and WMO. The CTBTO contributed to dispersion predictions by using its atmospheric transport modeling. Detected levels up until April 7 have been far below risk levels. (2011-04-07)

Synergy between biology and physics drives cell-imaging technology
Developing techniques to image the complex biological systems found at the sub-cellular level has traditionally been hampered by divisions between the academic fields of biology and physics. However, a new interdisciplinary zeal has seen a number of exciting advances in super-resolution imaging technologies. (2008-06-02)

Historic Soviet nuclear test site offers insights for today's nuclear monitoring
Newly published data from the Semipalatinsk Nuclear Test Site, the Soviet Union's primary nuclear weapons testing ground during the Cold War, can help today's atomic detectives fine-tune their monitoring of nuclear explosions around the world, according to research presented at the annual meeting of the Seismological Society of America. (2008-04-17)

Professional fasters deep under the sea floor
An international team of researchers finds that natural radioactivity could provide microbes in the Deep Biosphere with vitality. (2006-12-05)

Preliminary report on radiation levels in Fukushima reveals relative safety of residents
Researchers have released a preliminary report on the effects of the Fukushima nuclear disaster on the surrounding areas, following radiation levels for approximately three months following the event and surveying more than 5,000 people in the region. The report was published in the Nov. 16 issue of the online journal PLoS ONE. (2011-11-16)

Jefferson radiation oncologists use real-time system to plant 'seeds' against cancer
Radiation oncologists and urologists at the Kimmel Cancer Center at Jefferson have begun using a real-time system to implant radiation-emitting seeds in prostate cancer patients. While the system is only being used for imaging and planning so far, it ultimately will help in placing the seeds. The team hopes that the technology will make a good system even better, adding scientific precision to a treatment that currently relies mainly on physician experience and skill. (2007-09-21)

More sensitive radiology monitoring in the Basque Country
Networks for radiological monitoring are designed to monitor radioactivity levels in the environment and detect possible incidents. The Ph.D. thesis defended by Ms. Natalia Alegría at the University of the Basque Country provides a scientific methodology for distinguishing between natural radioactivity and radiological incidents caused externally. (2008-06-09)

Magnetic probe successfully tracks implanted cells in cancer patients
By using MRI to detect magnetic probes of tiny iron oxide particles, an international research team for the first time has successfully tracked immune-stimulating cells implanted into cancer patients for treatment purposes. (2005-11-18)

INEEL researchers clean plutonium from soil using carbon dioxide
INEEL researchers used pressurized, heated carbon dioxide and an added metal binding chemical compound to clean radioactively contaminated soil. The method removed more than 69 percent of the plutonium and americium from spiked, local soil, report two chemists from the U.S. Department of Energy's Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory in the October 2001 issue of Radiochemica Acta. This is the first time supercritical fluid extraction it has been used to remove plutonium from soil. (2001-10-11)

Checking people at airports -- with terahertz radiation
Possibilities for new and safe methods of transport checks are offered by terahertz radiation. Before this radiation can be used for this purpose, however, it has to be measured quantitatively, so that damage to health caused by radiation can be ruled out. The exact measurement of this type of radiation has now been successfully undertaken by the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt, the German national metrology institute, for the first time. (2008-09-18)

Missing radioactivity in ice cores bodes ill for part of Asia
When Ohio State glaciologists failed to find the expected radioactive signals in the latest core they drilled from a Himalayan ice field, they knew it meant trouble for their research. But those missing markers of radiation, remnants from atomic bomb tests a half-century ago, foretell much greater threat to the half-billion or more people living downstream of that vast mountain range. (2008-11-18)

Error message! How mobile phones distort measurements
Unfortunately complex measuring systems are susceptible to electromagnetic radiation such as that transmitted by mobile phones and radio transceivers -- and this is despite the fact that the individual components of the system have passed the standardized test for exactly these types of radiation. This type of test is called an Electromagnetic Compatibility Test and should now also allow the Verification Authorities to test complete systems on site. For this purpose the PTB has developed a facility for use on site, to test electromagnetic compatibility. (2008-09-17)

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