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Hepatitis A-like virus identified in seals
Scientists in the Center for Infection and Immunity at the Mailman School of Public Health have discovered a new virus in seals that is the closest known relative of the human hepatitis A virus. (2015-08-25)
Scientists launch the world's first marine life census
Blue whales may be the largest animals ever to have inhabited the Earth. (2000-11-16)
Elephant seals - looking good
Placing small sensing devices on the seals' coats, marine biologists and oceanographers are gathering information not only on the mammals themselves, but also on sea temperatures and pressure from depths not normally reached by research ships and satellite sensing. (2000-12-12)
Stopping internal bleeding without surgery
Imagine being able to stop internal bleeding at the scene of an accident without surgery. (2001-11-14)
Shrinking snow depth on Arctic sea ice threatens ringed seal habitat
University of Washington scientists found that the habitat required for ringed seals -- animals under consideration for the threatened species list -- to rear their young will drastically shrink this century. (2012-09-17)
NSF ships to probe biological enigmas of the frozen southern ocean
In late April, two icebreaking research ships operated by the National Science Foundation (NSF) will sail from Chile for the Antarctic Peninsula as part of a precedent-setting international oceanographic survey to try to answer why trillions of small shrimp-like animals, called krill, can survive the Antarctic's long austral winter and what role algae that thrive on ice play in their survival. (2001-04-16)
Seals not competing with Irish fishing stocks, according to new research
Seals are not threatening commercial fishing stocks in Irish waters, with the possible exception of wild Atlantic salmon, according to new research led by Queen's University Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK. (2015-10-27)
New book explains extraordinary gender differences in animal kingdom
What does it mean to be male or female in the animal kingdom? (2013-06-11)
Scientists: Collapse of coastal ecosystems tied to past overfishing
Dying coral reefs, dwindling shellfish populations, shrinking seagrass beds and other collapses of the world's coastal ecosystems are often blamed on pollution or global warming. (2001-07-26)
High-tech software, umanned planes allow scientists to keep tabs on Arctic seals
A novel project using cameras mounted on unmanned aircraft flying over the Arctic is serving double duty by assessing the characteristics of declining sea ice and using the same aerial photos to pinpoint seals that have hauled up on ice floes. (2010-12-14)
H1N1 discovered in marine mammals
Scientists at the University of California, Davis, detected the H1N1 (2009) virus in free-ranging northern elephant seals off the central California coast a year after the human pandemic began. (2013-05-15)
Activity decrease in exercising older adults linked to decline in resting metabolism
A new University of Colorado at Boulder study shows that active older adults -- who burn more calories at rest than their sedentary counterparts -- showed significant drops in their resting metabolism less than a week after they slowed down their physical activity, even though they reduced their caloric intake accordingly. (2001-04-23)
HIPS fireproof coatings can really take the heat
Tough new fire-resistant coating materials called HIPS ( (2009-07-20)
More than 600 ancient seals and amulets found
Classical scholars from the Cluster of Excellence (2013-11-18)
Fossil bone bed helps reconstruct life along California's ancient coastline
Sharktooth Hill near Bakersfield, Calif., is the home of the most extensive marine bone bed in the world, a 100-square-mile layer of shark, seal, ray, whale, turtle and fish bones. (2009-06-08)
Arctic could be iceless in September if temps increase 2 degrees
Arctic sea ice could disappear completely through September each summer if average global temperatures increase by as little as 2 degrees, according to a new study by the University of Cincinnati. (2019-08-13)
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