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Spinning a new horizon for electronics
Spintronics has the potential to have as profound an impact on electronics as the development of the transistor had 50 years ago. This exciting and challenging area of nanotechnology will come under the international spotlight next week when scientists and engineers, from across the world, will gather in York in the UK for a major conference WUN-SPIN 2007 to explore the progress and future of spintronics. (2007-08-01)

New finding could pave way to faster, smaller electronics
UC Davis researchers for the first time have looked inside gallium manganese arsenide, a type of material known as a (2012-10-23)

Counting on neodymium
Magnetic molecules are regarded as promising functional units for the future of information processing. An interdisciplinary team of researchers from J├╝lich and Aachen were the first to produce particularly robust magnetic molecules that enable a direct electrical readout of magnetic information. This was made possible by selecting the rare earth metal neodymium as the central building block of the molecule. The team's research findings were published online today in the renowned journal Nature Communications. (2013-09-24)

Researchers discover superatoms with magnetic shells
A team of Virginia Commonwealth University scientists has discovered a new class of 'superatoms' -- a stable cluster of atoms that can mimic different elements of the periodic table -- with unusual magnetic characteristics. (2011-06-08)

UD receives $1.9 million for new spintronics center
The University of Delaware has been awarded $1.9 million from the US Department of Energy to establish the new Center for Spintronics and Biodetection. (2007-04-24)

Scientists use microscope to view magnetism at atomic level
Scientists and engineers build the transistors that run electronic devices based on the moving electric charges of electrons. But the electron also has another key property: a magnetic (2002-11-06)

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