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Seeing in the dark
The Yangtze finless porpoise, which inhabits the high-traffic waters near the Three Gorges Dam in China, is highly endangered, with only about 1,000 animals alive today. Scientists from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and their Chinese colleagues are using medical technology to shed new light on this species' critical sense of hearing in a waterway punctuated by constant shipping, dredging, and underwater construction. (2013-10-21)

Ice-breakers drive whales away
Noisy ice-breakers in the Arctic may be frightening beluga whales away from their preferred habitat. Canadian researchers have developed software that they hope might help ice-breaker crews work more quietly. (2000-09-26)

Secrets of the whale riders
University of Utah biologists studied the genetics of (2005-09-13)

DNA analysis suggests under-reported kills of threatened whales
A new study analyzing whale meat sold in Korean markets suggests the number of whales being sold for human consumption in the Asian country is much higher than that being reported to the International Whaling Commission -- putting threatened populations of coastal minke whales further at risk. (2007-05-16)

North Atlantic right whales headed toward extinction
One of the most endangered whales in the world, the North Atlantic right whale (Eubalaena glacialis) is on a path toward extinction due to collisions with ships and entanglements in fishing gear, according to a Cornell University right whale expert Christopher Clark. (2005-07-27)

MCA applauds council action to protect Northern Bering Sea habitat
Action to close over 130,000 square miles of the Northern Bering Sea to bottom trawling is an important step for the health of Alaska's oceans ecosystem and the seafood industry, MCA executive director David Benton said today. The North Pacific Fishery Management Council took the action during a meeting today in Sitka to protect waters that are important for fish stocks, crab, and other species like gray whales, walrus and eiders. (2007-06-12)

Digital tags provide evidence that narwhals may produce signature vocalizations for communications
Scientists have found preliminary evidence that narwhals, Arctic whales whose spiraled tusks gave rise to the myth of the unicorn, produce signature vocalizations that may facilitate individual recognition or their reunion with more distant group members. (2006-09-28)

Endangered North Atlantic right whale study says population in crisis
Ship strikes and entanglement in fishing gear are threatening the survival of the North Atlantic right whale, one of the most endangered whales with an estimated population of about 350. With eight recorded deaths in the past 16 months and a population growth rate that has declined since 1980, scientists say that unless emergency management actions are taken the population will face a catastrophic decline and become extinct. (2005-07-25)

Secrets in rare cartography
Quietly housed at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee since 1978 is a collection of more than a million items acquired by the American Geographical Society since its inception in 1851. Half of the items are maps and charts, some dating to 15th century, and other items have come from explorer-members, such as Charles Lindbergh, Robert Peary and Theodore Roosevelt. Four AGS holdings are currently on view during the World Festival of Maps in Chicago. (2007-11-20)

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