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Increasing tornado outbreaks -- is climate change responsible?
In a new study, Columbia Engineering researchers looked at increasing trends in the severity of tornado outbreaks where they measured severity by the number of tornadoes per outbreak. (2016-12-01)
Ice samples from Greenland and Russia provide clues to past and future climate change
Scientists at the University of Birmingham have discovered evidence of carbonaceous aerosols -- organic dust -- transported from Asia and deposited in the Arctic over the last 450 years, according to research published Sept. (2015-09-28)
Study yields better turbine spacing for large wind farms
For maximum efficiency in power generation, operators of large wind farms should space their turbines farther apart. (2011-01-20)
Cluster makes a shocking discovery
ESA's Cluster was in the right place and time to make a shocking discovery. (2007-05-14)
NASA-NOAA's Suomi NPP satellite sees Tropical Storm Champi near northern Marianas Islands
NASA-NOAA's Suomi NPP satellite spotted Tropical Storm Champi dealing with wind shear in the Northwestern Pacific Ocean. (2015-10-15)
Fair winds for UK aerodynamics and fluid mechanics research
A new National Wind Tunnel Facility that will keep the UK at the forefront of aerodynamic and fluid mechanics research was announced today by David Willetts, Minister for Science and Universities, as he toured the Honda wind tunnel facilities at Imperial College London. (2014-01-09)
Superconductors for efficient wind power plants
An efficient, robust, and compact wind power plant with a 10 MW superconducting generator is being developed by partners from industry and science within the recently established EU project SUPRAPOWER. (2013-01-04)
NASA finds very heavy rainfall in Hurricane Maria
NASA looked into Hurricane Maria and found that powerful convective storms within the hurricane were dropping heavy rainfall. (2017-09-20)
A kite that might fly
Wind turbines suspended high in the sky have potential as an alternative power source for Saudi Arabia. (2017-10-16)
Plump songbirds more likely to survive migration over Gulf of Mexico
A kilometer above Fort Morgan, Alabama, small migratory birds face a critical decision. (2018-10-24)
NASA estimates heavy Texas and Louisiana rainfall from gulf weather system
Earlier in the week, NOAA's National Hurricane Center was monitoring a low-pressure system in the Gulf of Campeche that has now moved along the Texas and Louisiana coastlines, bringing heavy rainfall. (2019-06-05)
The path less traveled: Research is driving solutions to improve unpaved roads
To improve the quality of unpaved roads, a Kansas State University graduate student is working with lignin, a sustainable material found in all plants. (2012-01-10)
NASA's Terra satellite sees Tropical Storm Ida meandering
When NASA's Terra satellite passed over Tropical Storm Ida on September 22, it was meandering and going in circles in the Central Atlantic Ocean. (2015-09-22)
NASA sun satellites, with UNH sensors aboard, poised to launch
NASA's Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory (STEREO) mission, poised to launch this Wednesday evening, will dramatically improve understanding of the powerful solar eruptions that can send more than a billion tons of the sun's outer atmosphere hurtling into space. (2006-10-23)
NASA satellites make a movie and get rainfall, wind info on Ida
NASA satellites are amazing examples of technology. The TRMM satellite peers into tropical cyclones and can tell how much rain is falling per hour and where. (2009-11-09)
Three Sandia experimental wind turbines spin in Texas panhandle
Three small wind turbines spinning in the Texas Panhandle as part of a series of experiments being conducted by the Department of Energy's Sandia National Laboratories promise to answer some big questions researchers have long asked about how to harness wind power to generate electricity . (2000-01-18)
NASA examines powerful Tropical Cyclone Emeraude's winds, clouds
Tropical Cyclone Emeraude continued to strengthen in the Southern Indian Ocean as NASA captured infrared temperature data of the storm's clouds and measured its surface wind speed. (2016-03-17)
Playing a high resistance wind instrument may reduce risk for sleep apnea in musicians
The naturalistic respiratory muscle training with high resistance wind instruments may potentially reduce musicians' risk for obstructive sleep apnea, according to a research abstract that will be presented on Tuesday, June 9, at SLEEP 2009, the 23rd Annual Meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies. (2009-06-09)
Imani on the weakening on weekend
This isn't a good weekend for keeping tropical cyclones alive, as Tropical Storm Omais is becoming extra-tropical in the northwestern Pacific Ocean and Tropical Storm Imani appears doomed over the weekend in the Southern Indian Ocean. (2010-03-26)
Sensing wind speed with kites
UK researchers report in the journal Review of Scientific Instruments have developed a way to use a kite itself to measure wind speed. (2010-07-27)
What does turbulence have in common with an epidemic?
Fluid flows can take one of two forms: well-ordered 'laminar' or highly disordered 'turbulent' motion. (2016-02-16)
NASA's Aqua satellite scans powerful Typhoon Nepartak
NASA's Aqua satellite passed over Typhoon Nepartak after it became a major typhoon in the Northwestern Pacific Ocean. (2016-07-05)
Twenty-first depression forms in eastern Pacific Ocean
NOAA's GOES-West satellite provided images of the birth of the latest tropical depression in the Eastern Pacific Ocean. (2015-11-18)
Cyclone Haruna makes landfall in Madagascar
NASA's Aqua satellite passed over Cyclone Haruna after it made landfall in southwestern Madagascar. (2013-02-22)
NASA sees Tropical Depression 4E form
The Suomi NPP satellite captured an image of newly formed Tropical Depression 4E in the Eastern Pacific Ocean. (2016-07-07)
New 'printone' tool allows users to create 3-D printed wind instruments in any shape or form
A research team from Autodesk and Dartmouth College has developed a new interactive design tool called 'Printone,' which provides users with the ability to create functional 3-D printed wind instruments in any shape or form using interactive sound simulation feedback. (2016-12-05)
UTSA engineer awarded $400,000 from National Science Foundation for wind energy research
UTSA researcher and mechanical engineer Kiran Bhaganagar has been awarded three National Science Foundation grants to pursue critical wind energy research on land-based and offshore wind turbines to determine their optimal mechanical and aerodynamic conditions. (2013-11-06)
NASA sees Tropical Cyclone Winston threatening Tonga and American Samoa
NASA satellites have been providing data on Tropical Cyclone Winston in the Southwestern Pacific, and watched the storm over the past couple of days as it weakened to a tropical storm. (2016-02-16)
If You Can't Stop Polluting, Try Changing The Weather Instead
Mexico City may resort to unproven technology in an attempt to cleanse the city's heavily polluted air. (1999-01-27)
Surveying sea floor animals for offshore renewable energy
Researchers are using chunks of sediment from the ocean floor to analyze animal life and determine environmental impact from offshore energy facilities. (2017-07-06)
Astronomers watch unfolding saga of massive star formation
Astronomers are getting a unique, real-time look as a massive young star develops, with the promise of greatly improved understanding of the process. (2015-04-02)
Mysterious flotsam in Gulf of Mexico came from Deepwater Horizon rig, WHOI study finds
Using state-of-the-art chemical forensics and a bit of old-fashioned detective work, a research team led by scientists at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution confirmed that mysterious material found floating in the Gulf of Mexico came from the Deepwater Horizon rig. (2012-01-19)
Cyclone Rene slams Tonga, moves into open waters
Tropical Cyclone Rene slammed Tonga early yesterday, Feb. 15, with maximum sustained winds near 100 mph (160 kilometers per hour). (2010-02-16)
NASA apots Typhoon Songda's cloud-filled eye
Small but powerful Typhoon Songda continued moving to the northeast and over the open ocean of the Northwestern Pacific Ocean when NASA's Terra satellite passed overhead and saw its cloud-filled eye. (2016-10-11)
NASA satellites see Cyclone Bingiza move across northern Madagascar
Tropical Cyclone Bingiza has made landfall in northeastern Madagascar, and NASA's Aqua and Terra satellites captured visible infrared satellite data of the storm's progression over the weekend, revealing the power behind the storm. (2011-02-14)
NASA sees a somewhat shapeless Tropical Storm Ida
Tropical Storm Ida has been dealing with wind shear and appeared somewhat shapeless on imagery from NASA's Aqua satellite on Sept. (2015-09-24)
Computer to simulate harbor porpoises
Researchers at Aarhus University, Denmark, use a computer model to predict the impact of new offshore wind farms on the population of harbor porpoises in the North Sea. (2014-11-24)
Close connection between deep currents and climate
The Labrador Sea in the northwestern Atlantic is one of the key regions of the global ocean circulation. (2017-04-03)
Heliophysics nugget: Riding the plasma wave
Using data from the WAVES instrument on NASA's Wind mission, NASA scientists have discovered evidence for a type of plasma wave moving faster than theory predicted it could move. (2012-07-18)
APL explores new wind tunnel model fabrication method
Researchers are developing an alternative, low-cost way of fabricating scale models that will make aerodynamic wind tunnel tests a more affordable way for air defense programs to collect high-quality data on conceptual missile designs. (2001-01-09)
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