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Pulling valuable metals from e-waste makes financial sense
Electronic waste -- including discarded televisions, computers and mobile phones -- is one of the fastest-growing waste categories worldwide. (2018-04-04)
Briefing notes: New papers to be released on burden of low back pain
A new series of papers to be published in The Lancet highlights the extent to which low back pain is mistreated, often against best practice treatment guidelines. (2018-03-21)
Neglecting child health threatens UK's future prosperity, says expert
The low priority given to children and young people's health threatens the UK's future prosperity, argues an expert writing in The BMJ today. (2018-03-14)
Children's use of non-dental services for oral pain could be costing the NHS £2.3 million a year
Thousands of children with oral pain are being taken by parents to pharmacies and non-dental health services, including A&E, instead of their dentist, and could be costing NHS England £2.3 million a year, according to research led by Queen Mary University of London. (2018-02-28)
Check offenders for history of head injuries, experts say
Offenders should be routinely checked for signs of past head injuries, researchers say. (2018-02-26)
Austerity policies lie at heart of soaring homelessness and related health harms, argue experts
Austerity policies lie at the heart of soaring homelessness across England, with serious health implications for those affected, argue experts in The BMJ today. (2018-01-29)
'Friends and family test' should no longer be compulsory, argue experts
The friends and family test should no longer be mandatory, argue experts in The BMJ today. (2018-01-29)
New research improves our understanding of cancer cell regulation
New research measures how changes in kinase activity can influence the growth, development and regulation of cancer cells. (2018-01-10)
The BMJ reveals hundreds of drug company deals that commissioning groups fail to declare
Clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) in England have accepted hundreds of payments from drug companies that they have not disclosed to patients and the public, reveals an investigation by The BMJ today. (2018-01-03)
'Tis the season to be vigilant: Risk of chocolate poisoning in dogs peaks at Christmas
University of Liverpool researchers are warning of a 'significant peak' in the risk of chocolate poisoning in dogs over the Christmas period as households stock up on festive treats. (2017-12-20)
NREL develops novel method to produce renewable acrylonitrile
A new study from the Energy Department's National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) establishes a novel catalytic method to produce renewable acrylonitrile using 3-hydroxypropionic acid (3-HP), which can be biologically produced from sugars. (2017-12-12)
Clean sweep for agriculture
Agricultural research and development features prominently under 'Clean Growth', one of the four Grand Challenges of the UK government's new Industrial Strategy, a white paper announced today (Nov. (2017-11-27)
Health and social care spending cuts linked to 120,000 excess deaths in England
The squeeze on public finances since 2010 is linked to nearly 120,000 excess deaths in England, with the over-60s and care home residents bearing the brunt, reveals the first study of its kind, published in the online journal BMJ Open. (2017-11-15)
One in ten historic coastal landfill sites in England are at risk of erosion
There are at least 1,215 historic coastal landfill sites in England, mostly clustered around estuaries with major cities, including Liverpool, London, and Newcastle on Tyne. (2017-11-15)
Brexit and policy restrictions on immigration could worsen GP workforce crisis
Difficulties in replacing a fifth of the general practice workforce in England after Brexit will primarily threaten healthcare in more deprived areas, according to a study published in the open-access journal BMC Medicine. (2017-11-15)
The impact of the 'war on drugs' for female 'mules'
University of Kent research on women working as drug 'mules' has found they aren't victims of their sex but of the trade, and its illegal status. (2017-11-06)
Périgord black truffle cultivated in the UK for the first time
The Mediterranean black truffle, one of the world's most expensive ingredients, has been successfully cultivated in the UK, as climate change threatens its native habitat. (2017-11-05)
Cheaper drug could release more than £13.5 million a year within the next 5 years for other services
Doctors in the northeast of England face legal action from two of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies for offering patients with a serious eye condition the choice of a safe, effective but much cheaper drug, reports The BMJ today. (2017-10-31)
Should we welcome plans to sell off wasted NHS land?
With the NHS under severe financial pressure, should we welcome plans to raise capital by selling off inefficiently used land and buildings owned by the health service? (2017-09-27)
Training course for chronic fatigue syndrome or ME is effective for children alongside specialist care
A training course that aims to ease symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome is effective and probably cost-effective when provided alongside specialist care for children with mild to moderate illness, finds a trial published by the journal Archives of Disease in Childhood. (2017-09-20)
Weighing nonsurgical treatment options for knee osteoarthritis pain
Osteoarthritis of the knee may not be totally preventable but according to Elizabeth Matzkin, MD, an orthopaedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine with Brigham and Women's Hospital, there are some key factors that we can control to minimize the chances of developing bone and joint pain. (2017-09-19)
'Smart meters need a rapid rethink,' say Bath researchers
Researchers from the University of Bath have highlighted the limitations of the current £11 billion smart meter roll out and developed their own intuitive 'smarter' smart meter, providing home owners with significant energy savings. (2017-09-18)
Developing roads that can generate power from passing traffic
Researchers are looking at advanced materials for roads and pavements that could generate electricity from passing traffic. (2017-09-18)
Losing weight can reverse type 2 diabetes, but is rarely achieved or recorded
Type 2 diabetes is generally perceived as progressive and incurable, but for many patients it can be reversed with sustained weight loss of around 15 kg, say experts in The BMJ today. (2017-09-13)
Self-assembling nanoparticle arrays can switch between a mirror and a window
By finely tuning the distance between nanoparticles in a single layer, researchers have made a filter that can change between a mirror and a window. (2017-09-11)
Shedding consistent pounds each week linked to long-term weight loss
Those whose weights fluctuated the most during the first few weeks of a weight loss program had poorer weight loss outcomes one and two years later, compared to the men and women who lost a consistent number of pounds each week. (2017-08-28)
Antioxidant/zinc supplement cost saving and effective for degenerative eye disease
A supplement that combines antioxidants with zinc and copper is a relatively inexpensive and effective means of halting the progression of a certain type of degenerative eye disease, concludes research published online in the British Journal of Ophthalmology. (2017-08-23)
New research reveals failure of World War One loan scheme
The British government's initial efforts to pay for World War One through loans from the public was a spectacular failure, according to a new study using restricted Bank of England ledgers. (2017-08-08)
Pharmacy service could save NHS £517.6m, finds study
A scheme launched by the Department of Health in 2011 to help patients stick to their drug regimens has been so successful, that in its first five years, it will save NHS England £517.6m in the long-term, a team of health economists has found. (2017-08-07)
Wildlife royalties -- a future for conservation?
Should people who profit from the cultural representation of wildlife pay towards conservation? (2017-08-04)
Smart underwear proven to prevent back stress with just a tap
Unlike other back-saving devices, this one is mechanized and was tested with motion capture, force plates and electromyography. (2017-08-01)
Availability of cheap tobacco undermining efforts to cut smoking
New research in the Journal of Nicotine & Tobacco Research highlighting how cheap tobacco is undermining public health initiatives designed to reduce smoking. (2017-07-31)
GP-based testing for HIV is cost-effective and should be rolled out in local authorities
Offering HIV testing to people at health checks when they register at a new GP surgery in high-prevalence areas is cost-effective and will save lives, according to a study involving over 86,000 people from 40 GP surgeries, led by Queen Mary University of London and the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. (2017-07-30)
Queen's University Belfast researcher turning dirty tinfoil into biofuel catalyst
A researcher at Queen's University Belfast has discovered a way to convert dirty aluminum foil into a biofuel catalyst, which could help to solve global waste and energy problems. (2017-07-26)
UK not ready for Brexit's impact on food, report warns
The UK is unprepared for the most complex ever change to its food system, which will be required before Brexit, according to a new briefing paper published by SPRU, the Science Policy Research Unit at the University of Sussex. (2017-07-16)
Should we screen for cirrhosis?
Should we screen high risk patients for cirrhosis -- long-term liver damage that can eventually lead to liver failure? (2017-07-12)
New way to predict when electric cars and home batteries become cost effective
The future cost of energy storage technologies can now be predicted under different scenarios, thanks to a new tool created by Imperial researchers. (2017-07-10)
Shock report tells of system that turns people with learning disabilities into commodities
'A trade in people' with learning disabilities and/or autism has been uncovered by a partnership of activists, families and Lancaster University academics. (2017-06-27)
A & E departments need to do more to identify young people with alcohol problems
Nine of out of ten Accident and Emergency (A&E) departments are failing to identify young people with alcohol problems, preventing them from getting the vital help they need, a new study in the Emergency Medicine Journal has found. (2017-06-19)
Asthma intervention study points to care and cost benefits
A new study showing how interventions by community pharmacists can help asthma patients achieve better asthma control could have major cost benefits for health services around the world. (2017-06-01)
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