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100M pounds a year spent on self-monitoring in diabetes that may increase anxiety and depression
The National Health Service in the UK is spending 100 million pounds a year to help people with non-insulin treated type 2 diabetes monitor their own blood sugar levels, but the process is more likely to make them depressed than provide any long-term health benefits, according to a series of articles published ahead of print on today. (2008-04-17)
African medical research and training receives Wellcome boost
The Wellcome Trust, the UK's largest medical research charity, has today announced a £20 million investment in research and training in Africa. (2008-04-10)
£7.5m to transform patient care
Patients suffering from respiratory disease and hearing problems are to benefit from an injection of £7.5m to fund groundbreaking new treatments in Nottingham. (2008-04-09)
Obesity, diabetes and the metabolic syndrome symposium 'takes stock'
The 8th Plymouth Symposium on Obesity, Diabetes and the Metabolic Syndrome will take place at the Plymouth Postgraduate Medical Center at the Peninsula Medical School on Thursday, May 8, and this year its team of experts will address whether or not progress has been made since targets for the prevention of obesity were introduced 10 years ago. (2008-04-01)
New horizons in modelling surface processes
Medical, environmental and chemical conundrums -- including the mystery of how ice forms in the sky and creates clouds -- will be unravelled at a conference hosted by UCL to mark the opening of UCL's Materials Simulation Laboratory on Monday, March 31, 2008. (2008-03-28)
New research from the University of Bristol aims to eliminate Streptococcus infections
Professor Howard Jenkinson in the department of oral & dental science at the University of Bristol has been awarded a grant of £285,000 from The Wellcome Trust to research ways to combat diseases caused by Streptococcus bacteria. (2008-03-06)
Science books delve into Egyptian history
Fans of the ancient Egyptians will be interested to know that University of Manchester Egyptologists have published two new books. (2008-02-27)
ESRC supports new research into population change and climate change
Today sees the latest new funding announcement by the Economic and Social Research Council, including funding for two new research centers and continuing support for another. (2008-02-26)
Purging the plantain pests in Africa
A tiny pest threatening the staple diet of millions in Africa could soon be eradicated in a project announced today, bringing together plant experts from Leeds and Uganda. (2008-02-21)
Active recruitment of health workers from sub-Saharan Africa should be viewed as a crime
Active recruitment of health workers from African countries is a systematic and widespread problem throughout Africa and a cause of social alarm; the practice should, therefore, be viewed as an international crime. (2008-02-21)
Scientists move towards stem cell therapy trials to mend shattered bones
Scientists are developing a revolutionary way to mend damaged bones and cartilage using a patient's own stem cells. (2008-02-18)
Sheffield engineers have big ideas for the latest in medical scanners
Engineers at the University of Sheffield and STFC Rutherford-Appleton Laboratories have developed one of the world's largest imagers that could form the heart of future medical scanners. (2008-02-12)
Breakthrough in pre-eclampsia test
A team at the University of Leeds has discovered a way of diagnosing pre-eclampsia, a condition which affects almost one in ten pregnant women and accounts for up to 15 percent of all premature deliveries. (2008-02-12)
Meningitis vaccine study gets £200,000 boost
It can kill in four hours and more than 300 people in the UK die from it every year -- and hundreds more are left with permanent disabilities. (2008-02-07)
UK's largest charity announces increase in funding to almost £4 billion over 5 years
The Wellcome Trust, the UK's largest independent funder of medical research, today announces plans to increase its spending to almost £4 billion over the next 5 years in what is believed to be the largest ever charitable spend within the UK. (2008-02-05)
The technology transformers
Revolutionary technology developed at the University of Leicester aims to (2008-01-29)
£12m investment to boost operational research
A £12m initiative brings together four British universities -- Cardiff, Lancaster, Nottingham and Southampton -- to develop world-leading work in the field of operational research. (2008-01-21)
Annual bone fracture rate almost 4 percent and double previous estimates
The annual bone fracture rate in England is just short of 4 percent of the population, which is more than double previous estimates, suggests a study in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health. (2008-01-17)
Risk of falling is overlooked as the major cause of fractures in the elderly
An elderly person's risk of falling is too often overlooked when trying to prevent them from getting serious fractures, for instance of the hip or wrist, according to an article published in this week's BMJ. (2008-01-17)
Marsupial lion tops African lion in fight to death
Pound for pound, Australia's extinct marsupial lion (Thylacoleo carnifex) would have made mince meat of today's African lion (Panthera leo) had the two big hyper-carnivores ever squared off in a fight to the death, according to an Australian scientist. (2008-01-16)
Durham University leads UK research project into cheaper solar energy
A national team of scientists led by experts at Durham University are embarking on one of the UK's largest ever research projects into photovoltaic solar energy. (2008-01-14)
Research funding reaches £125m at University of Nottingham
Research awards made to the University of Nottingham have reached a new record level -- exceeding £125 million for the first time. (2007-12-06)
HATS off to combat asthma
Two University of Nottingham studies exploring the causes and treatment of asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease could lead to the development of drugs to battle these debilitating conditions. (2007-12-04)
University awarded £5M to investigate how cells communicate
Scientists at the University of Liverpool have been awarded £5 million to investigate how cells respond to stimuli such as stress and UV radiation. (2007-11-27)
New research to decode the genetic secrets of prolific potato pest
The full weight of a consortium of world-leading scientists -- including those who helped decode the entire human genome -- is being thrown at a parasitic worm less than 1 millimeter long. (2007-11-27)
Calling for research into deafness
Research funding into deafness in the UK is around only one thousandth of the estimated lost productivity from hearing impairment. (2007-11-22)
Internet remedies for STIs pose significant public health hazard
People with sexually transmitted infections are putting themselves at risk by buying treatments over the internet, according to new research by the University of East Anglia. (2007-11-19)
Drug dosages often incorrect for obese patients
As if severely overweight people didn't already have enough health concerns, experts are raising another red flag -- the possibility that some of their prescription medications, especially antibiotics, may not be prescribed at the appropriate dosage and could be ineffective. (2007-11-15)
Dramatic hike forecast for ADHD drugs spend
The NHS is likely to face a ten-fold increase in the cost of drugs prescribed to children and adolescents with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder in the decade to 2012. (2007-11-14)
Leading neuroscientist seeks beauty, love and happiness
One of the world's leading neuroscientists is to search for the neural and biological basis for creativity, beauty and love after receiving over £1 million from the Wellcome Trust, the UK's largest medical research charity. (2007-11-13)
Final of EPSRC's 2007 Knowledge Transfer Challenge Awards
The Final of EPSRC's 2007 Knowledge Transfer Challenge Awards is being held in London on Nov. (2007-11-08)
Largest ever Alzheimer's gene study underway
The genetics underlying late-onset Alzheimer's disease could soon be revealed thanks to a collaboration of leading UK experts. (2007-10-23)
Further debate needed over public engagement with science
The extent to which there is an (2007-10-16)
Expensive trainers are a waste of money
Expensive trainers are not worth the money, finds a small study published ahead of print in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. (2007-10-10)
'Healthy' restaurants help make us fat, says a new Cornell study
The 'health halos' of healthy restaurants often prompt consumers to treat themselves to higher-calorie side dishes, drinks or desserts than when they eat at fast-food restaurants that make no health claims, says Cornell University's Brian Wansink. (2007-10-08)
Excellence with impact -- Research Councils UK reveals the value of research to the UK
The Research Councils are generating considerable economic benefits for the UK, a new report published today by Research Councils UK has revealed. (2007-10-08)
Even without math, ancients engineered sophisticated machines
Move over, Archimedes. A researcher at Harvard University is finding that ancient Greek craftsmen were able to engineer sophisticated machines without necessarily understanding the mathematical theory behind their construction. (2007-10-02)
The Real X-Files: the Inside Story of the MoD's UFO Project
Nick Pope, who ran the MoD'S UFO project in the early '90s, will be giving a talk on the subject. (2007-09-28)
How can we improve teaching and learning in schools?
Britain's biggest-ever program of education research has found at least some of the answers, and is sharing them with every school in Britain. (2007-09-21)
GP targets on heart disease should be simpler and based more on treatment and prevention
GP performance related payments for tackling heart disease are too complex. (2007-09-14)
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