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Molecule plays key role in cellular quality control machinery
New research at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill points to a key role played by a molecular protein in the way body cells maintain quality control when under stress. The findings published this month (January) in Nature Cell Biology add new insights into molecular changes involved in heart attack, heart failure, stroke and some common neurological disorders. (2001-01-08)

Fat as a target of antidiabetic drugs
Obesity is well known as a risk factor for diabetes mellitus, but curiously, the complete absence of adipose tissue is not protective, but actually causes diabetes. In humans with lipoatrophy, as well as in mouse models of this condition, blood glucose is abnormally high and physiological responses to insulin are blunted. (2000-11-12)

Changes in North American land use have had major impact on global environment
The reforestation of former farmland over the last century has played an important role in reducing the accumulation of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere, according to Princeton scientists. (2000-11-09)

Golgi lipids regulate protein trafficking
Cells rely on the Golgi apparatus to sort secreted proteins bound for different intracellular destinations. Membrane vesicles derived from this organelle may be targeted to the lysosome or the apical or basolateral surfaces of a polarized cell, or they may be held in the cytoplasm awaiting a specific signal for exocytosis. Here, Choukroun and colleagues show that Golgi structure and function depend on local lipid metabolism (2000-10-10)

Alcohol and the human fetal brain
  • The first step in the metabolism of alcohol is its conversion to acetaldehyde (AcHO).
  • AcHO is a highly reactive and toxic chemical that can damage the cells of all living things.
  • In adults, AcHO is blocked from entering the brain.
  • The prenatal brain may metabolize alcohol differently than the adult brain.
  • Researchers found an unexpectedly high and rapid accumulation of AcHO in developing brain tissue.

Researchers zero in on first drug that may be helpful in treating common liver disease
Studies in mice show that a drug used to treat diabetes, called metformin, may be helpful in combating a common and potentially fatal liver disorder. The discovery, reported in the September issue of Nature Medicine, may lead to the development of the first drug to treat people who suffer from the condition known as fatty liver, the researchers say. (2000-08-29)

Cincinnati Children's researchers uncover critical food allergy pathway
Researchers have identified a critical pathway that plays a key role in the development of food allergy. The discovery could lead rapidly to clinical trials of new drugs that would block the protein eotaxin, thereby preventing allergic reactions in the gastrointestinal tract (2000-06-05)

Sports massage of little physical benefit
Massage, widely used by athletes to speed up muscle recovery after sporting performance, confers little physical advantage, although it may be of some psychological benefit, says research published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. (2000-03-28)

Caregiving impacts emotional health of the giver
Caring for an ill or disabled family member at home takes its toll on the caregiver's emotional health, and on his or her physical health to a lesser extent, according to researchers. (2000-03-19)

Scientists develop transgenic mouse that models Parkinson's, related disorders
The first mouse model genetically programmed to simulate motor deficits and brain alterations found in Parkinson's disease and related disorders has been developed by a team of scientists at UCSD, UCSF and the Gladstone Institute of Neurological Disease. The investigators report is in the Feb 18 issue of Science. (2000-02-17)

Perchlorate found in fertilizers
Perchlorate - a chemical compound suspected of adverse health and ecological effects - has been identified in some fertilizers used by homeowners and farmers, according to scientists affiliated with the EPA's National Research Laboratory in Athens, GA. The study appears in the Oct. 1 issue of Environmental Science and Technology. (1999-09-28)

Young rats challenged as model for blood vessel response in older people
A Penn State bioengineer says his experiments with young and old rats show that the response of their blood vessels to compromised circulation is so different as to suggest that young and old human patients may need different treatment based on age (1999-07-19)

Mice show function of gene that causes two types of blindness
UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas scientists have used genetically altered mice to help explain two types of human blindness, one that occurs in children and another that develops in approximately one in four adults over 65. (1999-07-09)

Increased Arctic Temperatures Could Speed Up Global Warming
New research suggests that an increase in arctic temperatures as a result of global warming could result in significantly higher levels of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere. This, in turn, could fuel global warming even more. (1999-03-01)

Cardiac Clinical Trial Studies Use of Antibiotic In Preventing Heart Attack
A clinical trial currently under way at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center could have profound ramifications for preventing recurring heart attacks by using a common, inexpensive antibiotic. (1998-11-13)

People With Alzheimer's May Have Their Fathers To Thank
Children born to older fathers have a higher risk of eventually developing Alzheimer's disease, according to a new retrospective study. Researchers at the Technical University of Munich say as people age, damage builds up in their DNA and gets passed on to the child. (1998-09-16)

Aspirin Decreases Genetic Mutations Associated With Inherited Colon Cancer
Aspirin may prevent the development of a particular type of common hereditary colorectal cancer. Scientists at Jefferson Medical College believe they've uncovered a molecular mechanism by which aspirin interferes with colorectal cancer development in those individuals who carry particular gene mutations that make them very likely to get the disease. (1998-09-14)

Interplanetary Dust May Cause Climate Change, Gradual Extinction
Space dust in the earth's atmosphere and changes in the planet's orbit may have started the gradual extinction of dinosaurs and other life thousands of years before a massive asteroid collision dealt the final blow, according to research from the University of Florida and the Carnegie Institution of Washington. (1998-05-07)

A Good Night's Sleep Is Possible At High Altitudes
Poor sleep in people who have recently arrived at high altitude is common and may lead to daytime symptoms of drowsiness and reduced performance. A study found that 10mg of the sedative temazepam improved the quality of sleep and reduced the changes in the saturation levels of oxygen in the body during sleep, without changing the mean oxygen saturation. (1998-02-20)

MIT Biologists Identify Aging Mechanism
MIT biologists have identified a mechanism of aging in yeast cells that suggests researchers may one day be able to intervene in, and possibly inhibit, the aging process in certain human cells. (1997-12-26)

Monitoring Of DNA Strand Breakage In Freshwater Mussels Offers A New Way To Detect Pollution, University of Georgia Study Says
Scientists have known for several decades that bivalves such as freshwater mussels readily accumulate many classes of environmental pollutants. A study by environmental toxicologists at the University of Georgia reports that a new method of studying theDNA of freshwater mussels could make them an even more effective tool in limiting the effects of pollution (1996-12-11)

Lowering Applications Of Nitrogen Fertilizer Can Boost Profits
Studies on nitrogen fertilizer use on Illinois farms show that seed corn grown in sandy soils does better with a lot less nitrogen, and that too much nitrogen on some fields is accumulating in microorganisms -- not the soil itself (1996-11-07)

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