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In Space, No-one Can Hear You Speak--And Noise May Drown Out Alarms
The International Space Station will be so noisy that the astronauts' ability to communicate, work and sleep will be impaired. The constant clatter of equipment on board could even mean the crew members miss crucial warning signals. (1999-04-14)

NYU Professor Becomes First Woman To Win National Medal Of Science ForMathematics
On Tuesday, December 8th, NYU professor emerita Cathleen Synge Morawetz was named a recipient of the National Medal of Science for mathematics. The medal recognizes her work in partial differential equations and wave propagation that helped engineers build better airplane wings. (1998-12-08)

Why Do We Make It Difficult For Students To Hear In Class?
At a two-day workshop, scientists and engineers will discuss how to identify, diagnose and solve surprisingly widespread problems in the acoustics of classrooms and other listening and learning spaces. (1998-11-02)

Major Acoustics Meeting In Virginia
Unusual acoustics in US Civil War battles, airbag noise hazards, and strange echoes in a Mayan pyramid are among the highlights of the upcoming meeting of the Acoustical Society of America in Norfolk, Virginia from October 12-October 16, 1998. (1998-09-16)

Simple Polymer Moves With Electricity
A material originally developed for clear plastic bags may some day be used for artificial muscles, skin and organs that move like the real thing, according to a team of Penn State materials scientists. (1998-06-26)

UF Program Offers Communication Strategies To Hearing-Aid Users
Hearing aids don't restore normal hearing, but they do help and could be more useful to the estimated 85 percent of older Americans who could benefit from the devices but don't wear them, says a UF expert who has developed a program to help hearing aid users. (1998-05-25)

New Method Simulates Sonic Boom Ocean Penetration
Penn State engineers have developed new methods for simulating sonic boom penetration into the ocean and estimating how loud a noise the boom makes underwater where it could potentially annoy whales, fish and other marine life. (1997-12-04)

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