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Asthma and Allergy
Johns Hopkins scientists have found the first hard evidence that viral infections can help cause asthma and allergies, a connection long suspected but never directly confirmed in the lab. Hopkins researchers showed that weak viral infections can cause immune system B cells to produce immunoglobin E or IgE, a protein that orchestrates the reactions that cause allergies and many cases of asthma (1997-02-24)

Henry Ford Health System Researchers Uncover New Clues In Causes Of Allergies, Asthma In Kids
In two separate studies, Henry Ford Health System researchers have found links between dust mites, season of birth and ethnicity and the chances of a child developing allergies or asthma. (1997-02-24)

Researchers Close In On Source Of Peanut Allergy
Johns Hopkins scientists searching for the culprits behind peanut allergy have shortened the suspect list from 30 peanut proteins to seven, an important step towards effective treatment of a stubborn and sometimes life-threatening allergy that may affectone in every 200 children and thousands of adults (1996-11-23)

FDA Approves Safer Seldane Developed By Georgetown Pharmacologist
The FDA has approved fexofenadine, a new, safer version of the popular, non-sedating antihistamine Seldane that effectively relieves the symptoms of seasonal allergies without Seldane's potential to cause a deadly heart condition when taken with other commonly prescribed medications. Discovered and patented by a Georgetown University Medical Center pharmacologist, fexofenadine is expected to be available by prescription in late August of this year under the brand name Allegra (1996-08-09)

Page 25 of 25 | 964 Results
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