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The true cost of computer crime
Attacks on computers and websites are increasing. It is widely known that attacking websites and networks prove costly for the businesses who own them. But it also hits the big software companies such as Microsoft and IBM who released the vulnerable products in the first place. So what does it cost the companies, and how do you deal with these vulnerabilities? (2005-06-22)

The Journal of Cell Biology makes content available for free after six months; Calls for a modification of boycott effort
The Journal of Cell Biology (JCB), a research journal published by the non-profit Rockefeller University Press, announced today that it has made its content available for free on its web site ((2001-03-21)

Study: Information on the web is likely correct, but hard to find
A study found that the Internet search engine AltaVista uncovered Web pages with correct answers to library reference questions 27 percent of the time -- wrong answers, 9 percent of the time. However, 64 percent of the time, the pages it listed either contained no answer or were out-of-service. (1999-12-02)

A New, Better Way To Search The Web
A Cornell University computer scientist has developed a new method of searching the World Wide Web that uses the way sites are linked to one another, rather than their text content, to find the most valuable sites on a given topic. (1998-04-17)

Page 1 of 1 | 4 Results
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