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Key molecular machine in cells pictured in detail for the first time
Scientists at Columbia, UNC-Chapel Hill, and Rockefeller University, in a study published in Science, used biochemical experiments and cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) to determine the atomic structure of a complex assembly of molecules known as the histone mRNA three-prime (3') end-processing machine. This machine plays a fundamental role in proper activity and duplication of the cell genome and when defective, it may lead to human diseases, including cancers. (2020-02-06)

The Caucasus: Complex interplay of genes and cultures
In the Bronze Age, the Caucasus Mountains region was a cultural and genetic contact zone. Here, cultures that originated in Mesopotamia interacted with local hunter-gatherers, Anatolian farmers, and steppe populations from just north of the mountain ranges. Here, pastoralism was developed and technologies such as the wheeled wagon and advanced metal weapons were spread to neighbouring cultures. A new study, examines new genetic evidence in concert with archaeological evidence to paint a more complete picture of the region. (2019-02-04)

Pandoravirus: Giant viruses invent their own genes
Three new members have been added to the Pandoravirus family by researchers at the CNRS and Aix-Marseille Université, working with partners at CEA, Inserm and Université Grenoble-Alpes. Researchers offer an explanation to their puzzling giant genomes with many orphan genes: pandoviruses appear to be factories for new genes -- and therefore new functions. From freaks of nature to evolutionary innovators, giant viruses continue to shake branches on the tree of life! (2018-06-11)

Scientists use mass spectrometry to 'look inside' an ancient Greek amphora
Scientists have used mass spectrometry to analyze bitumen samples from an ancient Greek amphora found on the Taman peninsula. Judging by the level of oxygen in the sample, they managed to accurately identify it's age: 2,500 years. Authors of the study believe that using this method in archaeology will lead to even more interesting discoveries. For instance, we may obtain valuable information about the goods traffic and trade routes in the ancient world. (2016-07-06)

Reducing the risk of CRC by tackling alcohol misuse: A call for action across Europe
With approximately one in 10 cases of colorectal cancer (CRC) associated with alcohol consumption, healthcare professionals across Europe are being urged to help reduce the risk of CRC by taking positive action against alcohol misuse and dependence. (2015-11-24)

Excavation of ancient well yields insight into Etruscan, Roman and medieval times
During a four-year excavation of an Etruscan well at the ancient Italian settlement of Cetamura del Chianti, a team led by a Florida State University archaeologist and art historian unearthed artifacts spanning more than 15 centuries of Etruscan, Roman and medieval civilization in Tuscany. (2014-08-07)

Hebrew inscription appears to confirm 'sign of Jonah' and Christian reference on ancient artifact
An analysis by prominent biblical epigraphers of a textual inscription within the controversial (2012-04-19)

Hospital Clínic heads the ALICE RAP project to redefine the concept of addiction in EU
ALICE RAP is a new dynamic trans-disciplinary EU project which aims is to help policy makers (2011-05-23)

Secrets of an ancient Tel Aviv fortress revealed
New archeological research from the Tel Qudadi archaeological dig near Tel Aviv suggests an ancient link between the Israeli city and the Greek island of Lesbos -- a find producing new insights into alliances and trade routes in the ancient world. (2010-12-28)

Chemical analyses uncover secrets of an ancient amphora
A team of chemists from the University of Valencia has confirmed that the substance used to hermetically seal an amphora found among remains at Lixus, in Morocco, was pine resin. The scientists also studied the metallic fragments inside the 2,000-year-old vessel, which could be fragments of material used for iron-working. (2010-01-20)

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