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Automakers delay recalls to minimize stock penalties, avoid being the first safety issue in news
An initial recall by one firm prompts clusters of additional recalls in close proximity by competitor firms, according to 'Hiding in the Herd: The Product Recall Clustering Phenomenon,' forthcoming in Manufacturing and Service Operations Management from Kaitlin Wowak, assistant professor of IT, analytics, and operations at Notre Dame's Mendoza College of Business. (2021-01-19)

Climate action goes digital
More transparent and accessible to everyone: information and communication technologies bring opportunities for transforming traditional climate diplomacy. A proposal for a ''partially digital'' UN climate change conference has been just published in a Correspondence to Nature Climate Change by a team of researchers with the participation of CMCC Foundation. (2020-06-01)

New understanding of asthma medicines could improve future treatment
New research has revealed new insights into common asthma aerosol treatments to aid the drug's future improvements which could benefit hundreds of millions of global sufferers. (2020-04-27)

Demonstration of high-speed SOT-MRAM memory cell compatible with 300mm Si CMOS technology
Researchers have announced the demonstration of high-speed spin-orbit-torque magnetoresistive random access memory cell compatible with 300 mm Si CMOS technology. (2019-12-09)

EPA announces plan to end required animal tests for chemical safety testing
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Andrew Wheeler announced today that animal testing to assess the safety of products under EPA's authority will be substantially reduced in 6 years and phased out by 2035. (2019-09-10)

Re-assessing Alaska's energy frontier
The new USGS assessment estimates 8.7 billion barrels of oil and 25 trillion cubic feet of natural gas resources. (2017-12-22)

How Canada can help protect Canadians from obesity and chronic disease
University of Toronto nutritional scientists are leading a study with national experts calling on the Canadian government to outlaw junk food marketing to children, impose stricter limits on unhealthy nutrients added to foods, and impose a 'sugary drink tax.' (2017-12-14)

The Bakhshali manuscript: The world's oldest zero?
Last month, the Bodleian Library at Oxford University announced that a Sanskrit manuscript housed in the library for the last century contains the oldest known written zero, although not a 'true' zero. An international group of historians of Indian mathematics has now challenged those findings. (2017-10-26)

Ozone limits at play as EPA, industry and environmental groups weigh in
After the Environmental Protection Agency initially announced a delay in enforcing stricter ozone limits, the agency now plans to meet the original October deadline for implementing the new standards. But according to an article in Chemical & Engineering News, the weekly news magazine of the American Chemical Society, industry-supported legislation could put a hold on the new limits once again. (2017-09-06)

New medicine to prevent mothers dying in childbirth succeeds in first trial in humans
The Monash University Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (MIPS) today announced positive results from a first-in-human study of a new, inhaled form of a medicine that could significantly reduce maternal deaths around the world. The results open the possibility of a streamlined pathway to registration, meaning that the medicine could be accessible to mothers much sooner than would otherwise be possible. (2017-03-21)

Environmental researchers win Mahathir Science Award
Work by a trio of University of Queensland researchers and their teams to help save tropical habitats has prompted government policy changes in Malaysia, Indonesia and around the world. The researchers' work advancing natural resource management knowledge in the tropics has won them Malaysia's 2016 Mahathir Science Award announced this week. (2017-03-20)

Nutrient Sensor Challenge winners to be announced at ASLO conference March 2
The winners of the Nutrient Sensor Challenge will be announced at a special awards session at the Association for the Sciences of Limnology & Oceanography Aquatic Sciences (ASLO) meeting in Honolulu, Hawaii, on Thursday, March 2, at 5:30 p.m. HAST. The Challenge aimed to accelerate the development, production, and use of affordable, reliable, and accurate nutrient sensors. These sensors will enable automated and high-resolution nutrient monitoring in aquatic environments ranging from freshwater lakes and streams to the coastal ocean. (2017-02-27)

AAAS and March for Science partner to uphold science
AAAS, the world's largest general scientific organization, announced Thursday that it will partner with the March for Science, a nonpartisan set of activities that aim to promote science education and the use of scientific evidence to inform policy. (2017-02-23)

RAS response to the US Executive Order banning entry from 7 countries
The Royal Astronomical Society (RAS) is greatly concerned by the Executive Order announced last week by US President Donald Trump, which prevents people from seven Middle Eastern and African countries from entering the United States. (2017-01-31)

UM announces creation of the Frost Institutes for Science and Engineering
The University of Miami announced Monday that it is creating the Frost Institutes for Science and Engineering to achieve those milestones by elevating science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) to help solve some of the world's most pressing problems. (2017-01-23)

Big data analytics -- nostradamus of the 21st century
The future of election polling will be based on social media comments and data, according to a Griffith University researcher who correctly predicted Donald Trump as US President. Head of School of Information Communication Technology, Associate Professor Bela Stantic, who is also Director of Big Data and Smart Analytics lab within the Institute for Integrated and Intelligent Systems, accurately predicted who would win 49 of the 50 states in the US election using his big data analytics. (2016-11-30)

NASA honors Univ. of Iowa scientist with Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal
Jasper Halekas, associate physics and astronomy professor at the University of Iowa, has won an Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal from NASA, for 'exceptional contributions to MAVEN's science return using the Solar Wind Ion Analyzer instrument.' (2016-10-25)

Using gravitational waves to catch runaway black holes
Black holes are the most powerful gravitational force in the universe. So what could cause them to be kicked out of their host galaxies? Cambridge researchers have developed a method for detecting elusive 'black hole kicks.' (2016-06-30)

Understanding lock for cellular trap door may lead to better disease treatment
A team of researchers who two years ago announced a 'Trojan horse' method of entering a cell without harming it have now found, in effect, the lock to the cellular 'trap door.' (2016-05-05)

Results of first search for visible light associated with gravitational waves
The LIGO Virgo Collaboration has announced the first direct detection of gravitational waves, emitted by a merging pair of black holes. Catastrophic mergers of binary systems can also produce brilliant and explosive fireworks of light, so a team of astronomers, including at Harvard, sought evidence of such an visible afterglow. Although none was spotted, this work represents the first detailed search for a visible counterpart of a gravitational wave event. It also will serve as a model for similar event follow-up in the future. (2016-02-16)

Phase 3 trial with PM1183 in OC continues on the basis of positive recommendation by IDMC
The Independent Data Monitoring Committee (IDMC) has notified PharmaMar of its recommendation that the Phase III (CORAIL) trial currently under way with PM1183 in platinum-resistant ovarian cancer patients should continue without any changes. (2016-02-08)

SwRI-designed miniature spacecraft selected to fly on rocket's test flight in 2018
NASA announced that a miniature solar particle research spacecraft to be built by Southwest Research Institute® (SwRI) will launch aboard NASA's Exploration Mission 1 (EM-1) rocket in 2018. (2016-02-02)

DOE announces new projects to modernize America's electric grid
Today, US Department of Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz announced up to $220 million in new funding for a consortium of DOE national laboratories and partners to support critical research and development over the next three years to help modernize our nation's electrical power grid. The secretary also announced the release of DOE's comprehensive new Grid Modernization Multi-Year Program Plan (MYPP), a blueprint for the Department's research, development, and demonstration agenda to enable a modernized grid. (2016-01-19)

GMO decision from the Swedish Board of Agriculture provides hope to plant scientists
The Swedish Board of Agriculture has, after questions from researchers in Umeå and Uppsala in Sweden, confirmed the interpretation that some plants in which the genome has been edited using the CRISPR-Cas9 technology do not fall under the European GMO definition. This is important for the wide use of such plants to contribute to solving some of the escalating challenges of mankind. (2015-11-17)

New report on energy-efficient computing
A report that resulted from a workshop jointly funded by the Semiconductor Research Corporation and National Science Foundation outlines key factors limiting progress in computing -- particularly related to energy consumption -- and novel research that could overcome these barriers. (2015-10-20)

NSF, NIST launch new consortium to support advanced manufacturing
The National Science Foundation and the US Commerce Department's National Institute of Standards and Technology announced today the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor will lead a consortium to identify new, emerging areas of advanced manufacturing that would benefit from shared public-private investment in research and development, education, and training. (2015-10-05)

Future Science Group commemorates a 15-year commitment to double-blind peer review
Future Science Group today announced that it will continue to require double-blind peer review for research articles submitted to all 34 professional journals published by both of its imprints, Future Science and Future Medicine. FSG has employed the use of double-blind peer review since the launch of the company's first journal, Pharmacogenomics, in 2000. (2015-03-05)

Launching a new brand: Is partnering with a popular brand a good idea?
If you're trying to sell a new brand of cereal, teaming up with Kellogg's or General Mills would seem like a really great idea. However, a new study in the Journal of Consumer Research shows that partnering with established brands may not always benefit new brands. (2015-03-04)

EU investment plan must not come at expense of research in Europe
To combat the effects of the global economic and financial crisis in Europe, the European Commission has announced a new investment program. The plan is to enable investments of about 315 billion euros, for example in information, energy and transport infrastructures, with guarantees from the EU budget. The program is also explicitly framed as an investment in European research. (2014-12-08)

Multi-million pound grant awarded to research secure communication technologies
Royal Holloway, University of London, and seven other leading universities have announced the creation of a new collaboration to develop secure communication technologies for consumer, commercial and government markets. (2014-11-26)

University of Houston wins 'Connections' award for economic engagement
The University of Houston has been named winner of the 'Connections' award, announced Tuesday by the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities (APLU) as part of the second annual Innovation & Economic Prosperity University Awards. The awards were announced Tuesday, Nov. 4, on the final day of the APLU annual meeting in Orlando, Fla. Other winners were the University of Massachusetts-Boston, for the Talent award; the Georgia Institute of Technology, for the Innovation award; and North Carolina State University, for the Place award. (2014-11-04)

David and Barbara Roux make $10 million gift to the Jackson Laboratory
The Jackson Laboratory announced today that technology investor David Roux and his wife Barbara have gifted $10 million to support research and find cures for genetically based diseases. The center will be based at the Laboratory's locations in both Maine and Connecticut. (2014-10-21)

Reclamation awards $1.4 million to 9 desalination & water purification research studies
Bureau of Reclamation Acting Commissioner Lowell Pimley announced that nine research projects and pilot studies will receive $1.4 million to address desalination and water purification needs. Reclamation's Desalination and Water Purification Research Program will provide the funding for four research laboratory-scale projects and three pilot testing projects. Two previously announced pilot-scale projects will receive second-year funding. (2014-08-11)

Mysterious dance of dwarfs may force a cosmic rethink
The discovery that many small galaxies throughout the universe do not 'swarm' around larger ones like bees do but 'dance' in orderly disc-shaped orbits is a challenge to our understanding of how the universe formed and evolved. The finding, by an international team of astronomers, including professor Geraint Lewis from the University of Sydney's School of Physics, has just been announced in Nature. (2014-07-20)

DOE awards $100 million for innovative energy research
U.S. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz announced the awarding of $100 million for Energy Frontier Research Centers to accelerate the scientific breakthroughs needed to build the 21st-century energy economy. (2014-06-19)

First trial restored under new initiative casts doubt on repeat bowel cancer surgery
A trial that remained unpublished for 20 years casts doubt on the survival benefit of repeat -- 'second look' -- surgery for bowel cancer. (2014-05-13)

Energy Secretary Moniz announces 2013 Ernest Orlando Lawrence Award Winners
Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz today announced six exceptional scientists and engineers as recipients of the Ernest Orlando Lawrence Award for their contributions in research and development that supports the Energy Department's science, energy and national security missions. The Lawrence Award recognizes US mid-career scientists and engineers. (2014-04-22)

MARC travel awards announced for the 2014 Great Lakes Bioinformatics Conference
The FASEB MARC Program has announced the travel award recipients for the 2014 Great Lakes Bioinformatics Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio, from May 16-18, 2014. (2014-04-11)

Scientists complete the top quark puzzle
Researchers on the two main Tevatron experiments, CDF and DZero, have discovered the final predicted way of producing top quarks. (2014-02-24)

Books rate more negatively after winning award, study finds
New research from Amanda Sharkey of the University of Chicago Booth School of Business finds that a book read after winning a prestigious award will likely be judged more negatively than if it's read in its pre-award days. (2014-02-13)

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