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Multitasking Behaviors Mapped To The Prefrontal Cortex
Investigators have mapped a region of the brain responsible for a certain kind of multitasking behavior, the uniquely human ability to perform several separate tasks consecutively while keeping the goals of each task in mind. (1999-05-12)
Brain Activity Differs In Introverts And Extroverts, UI Study Shows
A University of Iowa study adds to growing evidence that being shy or outgoing may be all in your head. (1999-03-29)
Body's Built-In Computer Helps Recovery From Sports Injury
Early intervention after a sports injury is essential to re- boot the body's built-in computer, which aids in stabilizing the smallest movements of muscles and joints, says the October issue of the Penn State Sports Medicine Newsletter. (1998-10-14)
Knee Brace May Be Unnecessary After Surgery, Study Finds
Athletes may not need cumbersome braces after some reconstructive knee surgery. (1998-09-01)
A Concentration Killer: Study Shows Brain Chemistry Defect Is Key To Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder In Adults
For the first time, research directly points to a dopamine production defect in adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). (1998-08-03)
Golfers Should Resist Quick Return To Greens After Knee Surgery
Golfers recovering from knee surgery should cool their desire to return quickly to the golf course. (1998-06-17)
Sports Science: Bad knees? New UD Technique Reveals Who Can Safely 'Play Now And Get Fixed Later'
A new screening method helps determine which athletes with torn knee ligaments can safely delay surgery to complete a sports season, University of Delaware researchers reported today. (1998-03-19)
New Research Suggests REM Is About Eyes Not Dreams
A Columbia University researcher is (1998-02-13)
New Clinical Trial Aimed At Improving Treatment For Knee Injuries
While football players toss the pigskin on the field, physicians are using another part of the pig to tackle a knee injury often associated with sports. (1997-12-12)
Link Found Between Menstrual Cycle And Knee Injuries
Researchers at the University of Michigan and the Cincinnati Sports Medicine Clinic have discovered that female athletes are more likely to suffer a common type of knee injury when their estrogen levels are highest. (1997-06-23)
Little League Elbow Can Lead To Permanent Injury
Without simple but necessary precautions, (1997-05-02)
Discovery Of Cell Sites May Shed Light On How Bodily Systems Interact
Scientists have located -- and produced a vivid picture of -- specific cells that contain receptors for a hormone-like substance made by the immune system and associated with declines in growth-hormone production in animals with bacterial infections. (1996-10-03)
Dietary Deficiency Increases Susceptibility To Epileptic Seizures
Diets deficient in amino acids -- chemicals that make up proteins -- can significantly increase susceptibility to epileptic seizures in rats, according to a study by researchers at the University of California, Davis. (1996-07-11)
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