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Study Finds Psychotherapy And Anti-Depressants Equally Effective In Treating Severely Depressed Primary-Care Patients
Researchers comparing the effectiveness of treating major depression with either antidepressant medication or psychotherapy noted no difference in the success of the two treatment methods after an eight-month clinical investigation, allowing primary care physicians greater flexibility in selecting a proper treatment for their patients. (1998-11-23)

Anti-Depressants: Miracle Drugs Or Placebos With A Buzz?
A new meta-analysis of 19 drug studies concludes that three- quarters of the beneficial effect of antidepressants may be attributable to the placebo effect and that the remaining 25 percent may be attributable to the fact that the drugs, unlike placebos, have side effects. (1998-07-16)

Mostly In The Mind
Antidepressants may be little better than placebos. The benefits of taking the drugs could be almost entirely due to the psycological boost derived from taking a pill rather than their effects on brain chemistry, say two researchers in the US. (1998-07-08)

Antidepressants Can Lead To Mouth Infections
Persons taking antidepressant medication are at increased risk of developing dental cavities and oral infections, researchers warn. This is because antidepressants cause (1998-06-23)

Psychological Support Can Help Depressed Youngsters
Professor Richard Harrington et al from the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital and the Hope Hospital in Salford, consider ways of treating child depression sufferers. Their study found that psychological treatment, in the form of cognitive behaviour therapy, is effective in treating moderate depression. (1998-05-22)

Depressed Americans Get Half The Care Canadians Do
Americans who suffer from major depression get the treatment and medication management they need less than half as often as do their Canadian counterparts, but only a small fraction received appropriate care in either country ‹ 15 percent of the depressed Canadians and 7 percent of the depressed Americans surveyed. (1998-02-06)

Prozac Proves Successful In Treating Major Depression In Children And Teens
After four years of study, UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas researchers have concluded that the drug Prozac is just as effective for treating major depression in children and teens as it is in adults. (1997-11-13)

Abnormally High Metabolism In An Area Of The Brain May Account For Many Symptoms Of Depression, Say Pitt Researchers
Using positron emission tomography and magnetic resonance imaging, researchers at UPMC Health System have found evidence that many emotional symptoms of depression may be caused by abnormally high metabolism in an almond-sized area in the center of the brain called the amygdala. (1997-10-28)

Increased Serotonin Receptor Binding In Specific Brain Areas Of Suicide Victims
There is substantial evidence implicating altered serotonergic function in depression. While some subtyes of 5- HT receptors have been extensively studied in relation to depression, others have yet to be investigated. In this study, higher 5-HT1D binding was found in globus pallidus of suicides free from antidepressant drug treatment, and was largely restricted to those who died by violent means (1997-06-30)

Melatonin May Ease Insomnia Associated With Depression In Lag Period Before Antidepressants Take Effect
Northwestern University Medical School researchers have launched a study to determine the effectiveness of melatonin to relieve insomnia in the initial weeks of Prozac¨ therapy. They believe the hormone melatonin may not only improve sleep but also diminish depression that has been exacerbated by sleep deprivation (1997-03-13)

Rape Victims Find Relief From Posttraumatic Stress Using The Antidepressant Zoloft.
Antidepressant use reduced depression, anxiety, insomnia and reexperiencing of the trauma in rape victims with chronic posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) participating in the first medication study dedicated soley to that patient group, reports Emory University researchers (1996-11-09)

Depression Linked To Bone Loss
Depression may increase a woman's risk for broken bones. The hip bone mineral density of 24 women with a history of major depression, average age 41, was found to be 10-15 % lower than normal for their age -- equivalent to that of 70-year- old women and increasing risk of fracture by 40 percent over 10 years (1996-10-17)

New Synthesis Method Produces Potential Treatment For Cocaine Addiction, Other Potent Biological Compounds
A breakthrough in basic chemistry achieved by University at Buffalo scientists is being applied to develop a variety of new chemical structures, including a compound to treat cocaine addiction being studied at the National Institute of Drug Abuse. The new method was described today at the national meeting of the American Chemical Society (1996-08-27)

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