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Clinical trial of antibiotic strategies for uncomplicated acute appendicitis
This randomized clinical trial compares the effects of two antibiotic strategies (oral moxifloxacin versus intravenous ertapenem followed by oral levofloxacin) on hospital discharge without surgery and recurrent appendicitis over one year among adults presenting to the emergency department with uncomplicated acute appendicitis. (2021-01-11)

Study: the pandemic's impact on lung cancer
A recent study led by University of Cincinnati Cancer Center researchers shows the impact the pandemic had on lung cancer screening, which experts say could be bad for both screening programs in general and for the overall well-being of patients. The article appears on the website of the Journal of the American College of Surgeons in advance of print. (2020-12-17)

Study reveals distinct genomic landscape for young adults with appendiceal cancer
The first study to compare molecular landscapes of early-onset and late-onset appendiceal cancer has revealed distinct non-silent mutations in the tumors of younger patients, setting the stage for the development of potential therapeutic advances for this rare disease. (2020-12-09)

Emergency department doctors ask: "Where did all the patients go?"
During the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic in New England, emergency department visits for medical emergencies - including psychiatric problems, trauma and heart attacks - declined by nearly a third, raising concerns among clinicians that critically ill patients were not seeking the care they needed for fear of coronavirus infection. (2020-11-30)

Emergency imaging trends in pediatric vs. adult patients for abdominal pain
According to AJR, although pediatric CT use has decreased for the evaluation of abdominal pain (perhaps due to implementing an ultrasound-first strategy for suspected appendicitis), CT use has continued to increase among adults with abdominal pain in U.S. emergency department (ED) visits. Although trends in CT use have previously been reported for children and adults, this study is the first to contrast the two cohorts in the ED setting in a nationally representative sample. (2020-11-20)

Changes in hospital volumes for common medical emergencies during COVID-19
Whether the number of cases at hospitals of common medical emergencies such as heart attack and appendicitis have changed during the COVID-19 pandemic was investigated in this study. (2020-10-26)

Benefits, risks seen with antibiotics-first for appendicitis
Antibiotics are a good choice for some patients with appendicitis but not all, according to study results published today in the New England Journal of Medicine. Although surgery has been the standard treatment for 120 years, CODA, the largest trial of appendicitis treatment, found that study participants assigned to antibiotics reported a quality of life no worse than that of those assigned to surgery, and seven out of 10 safely avoided surgery by 90 days. (2020-10-05)

Research shows benefits/risks of treating appendicitis with antibiotics instead of surgery
NEJM: Results of a first-of-its-kind clinical trial shed light on when antibiotics instead of surgery might be the better choice for treating appendicitis in some patients, according to researchers with UTHealth, who led the Houston trial sites. (2020-10-05)

CODA appendicitis trial shows risks and benefits of treating appendicitis with antibiotics
Antibiotics may be a good choice for some, but not all, patients with appendicitis, according to results from the Comparing Outcomes of antibiotic Drugs and Appendectomy (CODA) Trial reported today in the New England Journal of Medicine. The findings indicated that antibiotics were not worse than surgery when measuring overall health status, allowing most people to avoid an operation in the short term. (2020-10-05)

Study shows antibiotics may be viable treatment option for appendicitis
In the largest randomized US study of appendicitis published today in the New England Journal of Medicine, researchers from Henry Ford Health System and 24 other sites around the US report that seven in 10 patients who received antibiotics avoided surgery and that patients who took antibiotics for symptom relief fared no worse in the short term than those who underwent surgery. (2020-10-05)

Pregnant women have better outcomes after immediate surgery for complicated appendicitis
Pregnant women who underwent immediate surgery to treat a ruptured or abscessed appendix and their fetuses had significantly better outcomes than those whose condition was managed without an operation. (2020-10-03)

Children with cognitive delays are more likely to have CT scan to diagnose appendicitis
Computed tomography (CT) is used at a higher rate than ultrasound in children with developmental and cognitive impairments to diagnose appendicitis, even though CT scans increase radiation risk in smaller bodies. (2020-08-21)

Antibiotics alone successfully treat uncomplicated appendicitis in children
Of 1,068 patients from 10 health centers enrolled in the study, 67.1% of those who elected to initially manage their care through antibiotics alone experienced no harmful side effects and did not later require an appendectomy by their one-year follow-up appointment. Patients in the non-operative group experienced an average of 6.6 disability days, compared to the 10.9 days in the surgery group. (2020-07-27)

Study finds decline in emergent hospitalizations during early phase of COVID-19
Researchers from BIDMC report on the decline of emergent medical, surgical and obstetric hospitalizations at the medical center during the six-week period following the week of the declaration of the COVID-19 public health emergency in Boston in mid-March 2020. Comparing data from the same period in 2019, the authors found a 35 percent decrease in weekly hospitalizations overall and 45 percent decrease in weekly hospitalizations that were not related to COVID-19. (2020-07-23)

Hormone involved in obesity is a risk factor for sepsis
A group of scientists from Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência (IGC), led by Luís Moita, discovered that a hormone that has been pointed out as a treatment for obesity reduces the resistance to infection caused by bacteria and is a risk factor for sepsis. (2020-06-22)

Why is appendicitis not always diagnosed in the emergency department?
A new study examines the factors associated with a potentially missed diagnosis of appendicitis in children and adults in the emergency department. (2020-03-16)

How does long-term quality of life, patient satisfaction compare for appendicitis treatments?
Researchers compared long-term quality of life and patient satisfaction among those patients who were treated with antibiotics or who had their appendix removed for uncomplicated acute appendicitis. Evidence in recent years has indicated antibiotic treatment is a safe and efficient alternative to appendectomy. (2020-02-19)

Elder-friendly care after emergency surgery greatly improves outcomes for older patients
Tailoring care for older patients who have had emergency surgery can reduce complications and deaths, decrease the length of hospital stays and cut down on the need for alternate care at discharge, according to a new study led a University of Alberta researcher. (2020-02-18)

Complications of measles can include hepatitis, appendicitis, and viral meningitis, doctors warn
The complications of measles can be many and varied, and more serious than people might realise, doctors have warned in the journal BMJ Case Reports after treating a series of adults with the infection. (2020-02-17)

Study finds young women in UK face unnecessary surgery for suspected appendicitis
Appendicitis is the most common general surgical emergency worldwide, but its diagnosis remains challenging. A new BJS study examined whether existing risk prediction models can reliably identify which UK patients with a low risk of appendicitis presenting to hospitals with acute right abdominal pain have appendicitis. (2019-12-04)

For children, depression increases hospital use and mortality, Rutgers study finds
Children with depression admitted to the hospital for other illnesses like pneumonia, appendicitis or seizure disorders, stay longer, pay more and are at greater risk of death, a Rutgers New Jersey Medical School study finds. (2019-05-01)

Promising new drug shows potential to stop progression of sepsis
Research into a new breakthrough therapy in the fight against sepsis has shown that the drug has potential to stop all sepsis-causing bacteria from triggering organ damage in the early stages of the condition. (2019-03-07)

Surgery for uncomplicated appendicitis in adults is effective and safe
There has been a growing debate over whether uncomplicated appendicitis should be treated with antibiotics rather than surgery. UCLA research finds that more than 97 percent of the surgeries for appendicitis were laparoscopic, or minimally invasive, and most patients were discharged the same day or the next day. Only 3 percent of the procedures resulted in complications. This indicates that surgery is safe and effective. (2019-02-25)

Surgery, not antibiotics, should remain first-line treatment for appendicitis
Treating appendicitis with antibiotics as an alternative to surgical removal of the inflamed organ was found to be more costly in the long term and result in higher rates of hospital readmissions, according to a study by researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine. (2018-11-14)

Racial and ethnic differences in emergency pain relief for kids with broken bones
Children of all ages are rushed to emergency departments to treat broken bones. However, depending on their race and ethnicity, their pain may be managed differently, according to a multi-institutional study presented during the American Academy of Pediatrics National Conference & Exhibition. (2018-11-02)

What is long-term risk of appendicitis reoccurring in patients treated with antibiotics?
About 60 percent of patients with uncomplicated acute appendicitis who were initially treated with antibiotics did not undergo appendectomy in five years in a follow-up to a randomized clinical trial. The clinical trial included 273 patients who had an appendectomy and 257 patients initially treated with antibiotics for uncomplicated acute appendicitis. (2018-09-25)

Link between appendicitis and allergies discovered
Children with allergies have a lower risk of developing complicated appendicitis, according to a new study from Lund University and Skåne University Hospital in Sweden. The findings, now published in JAMA Pediatrics, could pave the way for new diagnostic tools in the future. (2018-08-07)

Meningococcal meningitis: Stomach pain should be seen as a warning sign
Patients with meningococcal infection generally develop symptoms including a high temperature, vomiting and a stiff neck... but they might also just have a bad stomach ache. This can be so severe that they are sometimes wrongly operated for appendicitis. Teams from the Institut Pasteur decided to investigate the question. And the results speak for themselves: 10% of patients infected by the meningococcal strain that is on the rise in Europe suffer from abdominal pain. (2018-04-26)

Technique developed to improve appendicitis care for pediatric patients
Researchers from Children's Minnesota and HealthPartners Institute have developed a new pediatric appendicitis risk calculator (pARC) to aid in the diagnosis of appendicitis. The calculator was developed as part of a $3.1 million, five-year grant from the National Institutes of Health. (2018-03-13)

Kids' well visits linked to lower appendicitis complications
The study suggests that families with an established relationship with their primary care doctor are more likely to seek emergency care promptly when a child is experiencing painful symptoms. (2018-01-31)

ACA's Medicaid expansion associated with greater likelihood of patients receiving optimal care for serious surgical conditions
Bottom Line: The Affordable Care Act's (ACA's) Medicaid expansion was associated with significant increases in insurance coverage among patients with serious surgical conditions such as appendicitis or aortic aneurysm, and a greater likelihood of these patients receiving timely, optimal care. (2018-01-24)

Medicaid expansion linked with better, more timely surgical care
The Affordable Care Act's Medicaid expansion was linked to better access to surgery and higher quality surgical care, according to a new study from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. The study will be published online Jan. 24, 2018 in JAMA Surgery. (2018-01-24)

What treatment for appendicitis would most patients choose, surgery or antibiotics?
Most people picked surgery over antibiotics if they or their child had appendicitis. (2018-01-10)

Low value surgical procedures should be avoided to reduce costs and improve patient care
Reducing the use of 'low value' interventions that deliver little benefit is vital to cut healthcare costs. (2017-11-08)

Nonoperative treatment of appendicitis is increasing, may raise death risk
About twice as many US adults with appendicitis are being treated without an operation compared with 20 years ago, and nonoperative management of an infected appendix is tied to a higher death rate in the hospital, according to new study findings. (2017-10-26)

General emergency departments use CT to diagnose abdominal pain in children more often
A child with non-traumatic abdominal pain, a common symptom of appendicitis, is more likely to receive a computed tomography (CT) scan in a general emergency department (ED) than if he or she visited a pediatric emergency department, according to a study published in Pediatrics. (2017-09-15)

Risk score may help in the care of patients with suspected appendicitis
A new study indicates that a classification system based on patient symptoms and basic lab tests can reduce the need for diagnostic imaging, hospital admissions, and surgery in patients with suspected appendicitis. (2017-07-24)

Amenable death in Europe: Health care expenditure decreases mortality rates
The June issue of Health Affairs includes an analysis of amenable mortality rates -- rates of deaths that are potentially preventable with available health care treatment options -- in 17 European countries, which found that higher health care expenditure was associated with lower amenable mortality and with smaller absolute inequalities in amenable mortality. (2017-06-05)

Outpatient laparoscopic appendectomy is feasible in a public county hospital
In the first study of its kind, a research team at a large, urban public safety net hospital found that outpatient laparoscopic appendectomy (surgical removal of the appendix) is safe for patients and results in shorter hospital stays and decreased health care costs, according to study results published as an 'article in press' on the Journal of the American College of Surgeons website ahead of print publication. (2017-04-19)

Analysis of antibiotics, appendectomy for uncomplicated appendicitis in kids
An analysis of several studies including 404 pediatric patients suggests antibiotic treatment for acute uncomplicated appendicitis was safe and effective in the majority of patients but the risk that antibiotic treatment would fail increased in patients with appendicolith, a calcified deposit in the appendix, according to a new article published online by JAMA Pediatrics. (2017-03-27)

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