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League tables: doctors warned to think again
A letter in this week's BMJ reports on the dysfunctional effects of league tables in education and suggests that these effects may apply to some of the issues surrounding league tables in the health sector. (2000-12-07)

Short and long gaps between pregnancies can harm women
Women with gaps between pregnancies of less than six months or longer than 59 months are at increased risk of complications during pregnancy, finds a study in this week's BMJ. (2000-11-16)

DFG invites applications for Communicator Award
For the first time the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) has invited applications for a highly endowed personal award for scientists who have done an excellent job in presenting the results of their scientific work to the public. The Communicator Award is endowed with DM 100,000, funded by the Donors' Association for the Promotion of Sciences and Humanities in Germany. (1999-11-02)

IMO becoming recognised as universal lawmaker
Lawyers at Utrecht University have shown that many states now apply International Maritime Organisation (IMO) rules to ships within their economic zones, even if these are flying the flag of a state which is not formally bound to these rules. IMO seems to become a universal law maker, which is gaining control of safety at sea and pollution caused by ships. (1999-06-15)

Animals' Behavior Can Hasten Their Extinction
These days a species' behavior may not be in its best interests because what works in undisturbed habitats may no longer apply in those altered by people. But most plans for conserving endangered species fail to account for behavior, says Michael Reed of Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts. (1999-03-30)

Depression May Be A Risk Factor For Heart Disease In Men
Julia Hippisley-Cox et al from Queen's Medical Centre in Nottingham investigate whether depression occurs before the onset of ischaemic heart disease. They found that men who were depressed were three times more likely to develop ischaemic heart disease. This association did not seem to apply, however, to women. (1998-06-05)

Engineering Our Arteries: Replacements And Assisted Healing
To combat heart disease and problems that arise after angioplasty Rice bioengineer Jennifer West is developing alternatives like bioengineered arteries--including assisted healing that will stop clotting and allow healthy cells to grow. (1998-02-12)

Experiments Show Difficulties Young Children Have With Symbols
Toddlers, especially those under age 3, probably just don't get it when you expect them to realize that something means something else, say University of Illinois researchers using a (1997-10-31)

Children From Divorced Families Only Half As Likely To Go To A Top College, Cornell Research Shows
Children who do not consistently live with two biological parents are only half as likely to ever attend a selective college, even after researchers take into account factors such as income and parent education, according to a new Cornell University study (1996-05-29)

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