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NOAA announces additions to National System of Marine Protected Areas
NOAA announced the inclusion of 82 existing marine protected areas into the National System of Marine Protected Areas. This addition brings the total number of marine protected areas in the national system to 437. Sites in the system remain under the management of the agency that established them, but work voluntarily and cooperatively together to address common management problems, such as adapting to climate change impacts or managing emerging ocean uses. (2013-08-14)

Women in large urban areas at higher risk of postpartum depression
Women living in large urban centres in Canada with more than 500,000 inhabitants were at higher risk of postpartum depression than women in other areas, according to a study in CMAJ. (2013-08-06)

Fires in Manitoba, Canada
There are currently 27 fires in the northeast section of Manitoba. These fires have burned over 126,000 hectares (over 311,000 acres). (2013-07-01)

East Peak fire burn scar, Colorado
On June 22, 2013, the Operational Land Imager on Landsat 8 captured a false-color image of the East Peak fire burning in southern Colorado near Trinidad. (2013-06-26)

Research and development found to be most prevalent in a small number of regions across the country
Businesses perform a large share of their research and development in a small number of geographic areas, two of the largest being the San Jose-San Francisco-Oakland area and the New York-Newark-Bridgeport area. (2012-09-12)

Leaf litter ants advance case for rainforest conservation in Borneo
Studies of ant populations in Borneo reveal an unexpected resilience to areas of rainforest degraded by repeated intensive logging, a finding which conservationists hope will lead governments to conserve these areas rather than allow them to be cleared and used for cash crop plantations. (2011-10-20)

Have we met before?
MPI researchers discover direct connections between the areas of the brain responsible for voice and face recognition. (2011-09-08)

Earth from space: Irene's eye
This week we look at two images taken simultaneously with different Envisat sensors of Hurricane Irene, which struck the US east coast last week. (2011-09-02)

Large numbers of birth defects seen near mountaintop mining operations
Birth defects are significantly more common in areas of mountaintop coal mining and are on the rise as the practice becomes more common, according to a study by researchers at Washington State University and West Virginia University. (2011-06-22)

1 in 5 children in Sweden is overweight
Researchers at the Sahlgrenska Academy -- University of Gothenburg, Sweden -- and Karolinska Institutet have carried out the first ever national study of the prevalence of overweight and obesity in schoolchildren. It reveals that one in five children in Sweden is overweight, and that there is a link between low levels of education and overweight children. (2011-03-07)

Teen girls in most deprived areas 5 times as likely to be assaulted
Teen girls living in the most deprived areas are five times as likely to be assaulted as their affluent male and female peers, reveals research published online in Emergency Medicine Journal. (2010-12-22)

Conserving nature and dollars: Delivering cost-effective biodiversity protection
A more flexible approach to the expansion of protected area systems could ultimately protect much more biodiversity for the same budget according to a new paper in the scientific journal, Nature. (2010-06-30)

Study: ER computer keyboards and bacteria
Keyboards located in triage and registration areas were found to be more contaminated with bacteria than those in other areas of the emergency department at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, according to a new study conducted by the hospital. Findings will be presented June 5 at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine in Phoenix. (2010-06-03)

Alcohol-related death rates much higher in deprived areas of England and Wales
Researchers at the University of Sheffield have found that there are substantially increased death rates from alcohol-related diseases in socioeconomically deprived areas of England and Wales. (2010-05-27)

Human working memory is based on dynamic interaction networks in the brain
A research project of the Neuroscience Center of the University of Helsinki sheds light on the neuronal mechanisms sustaining memory traces of visual stimuli in the human brain. The results show that the maintenance of working memory is associated with synchronization of neurons, which facilitates communication between different parts of the brain. On the basis of interaction between the brain areas, it was even possible to predict the subject's individual working memory capacity. (2010-04-13)

Housing growth near national parks may limit conservation value
The growth of housing near national parks, national forests and wilderness areas within the United States may limit the conservation value that these protected areas were designed to create in the first place, a new study has found. (2009-12-21)

PET imaging before radiation not ideal for determining boost radiation doses
Positron emission tomography imaging of nonsmall cell lung cancer prior to receiving radiation therapy should not be the basis for determining areas that may benefit from higher doses of radiation, according to research presented by investigators at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital at the 51st ASTRO Annual Meeting. (2009-11-03)

Combination therapies may be almost as effective as treated bednets in preventing malaria
Artemisinin-combination therapies could be almost as effective in reducing transmission of malaria as insecticide-treated bednets in areas of low transmission, a study based on data from Tanzania has found. In high transmission areas, long-acting antimalarial regimens may be needed to achieve significant transmission reductions. (2008-11-24)

Study: urban black bears 'live fast, die young'
Black bears that live around urban areas weigh more, get pregnant at a younger age, and are more likely to die violent deaths, according to a study by the Wildlife Conservation Society. (2008-09-30)

Neuroscience research with implications for national security
The intelligence community often monitors global trends in scientific and technological research to identify advances that could affect national security. (2008-08-13)

Prozac may help to curb disease activity in multiple sclerosis
The antidepressant Prozac may help to curb disease activity in the relapsing remitting form of multiple sclerosis, reveals preliminary research published ahead of print in the Journal of Neurology Neurosurgery and Psychiatry. (2008-04-30)

Your neighborhood can affect your health
Research carried out at the Peninsula Medical School, South West England, has found strong links between neighborhood deprivation and the physical and intellectual health of older people. (2008-04-09)

Poor kids 4 times as likely to be seriously injured on roads as rich kids
Rates of serious injury among child pedestrians in poor areas of England are four times as high as those among children in affluent areas, finds research published ahead of print in the Archives of Disease in Childhood. (2008-03-31)

Warming world holds new threats for Aussie wildlife
Climate change is likely to transform many of Australia's natural landscapes, according to a new study by CSIRO scientists. (2008-03-31)

A changing climate for protected areas
On April 6, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change will release a report on how climate change will accelerate extinctions of species. New research in the journal Frontiers in Environment and Ecology concludes that protected areas are necessary for preventing the loss of species due to climate change. It is the first research on the relevancy of protected areas -- a mainstay of conservation efforts -- in adapting to climate change. (2007-04-02)

Marine protected areas not sufficient to protect global biodiversity
Research undertaken at The University of Auckland, and published in the prestigious USA journal Science, shows that the protection of marine habitats is ineffectively managed worldwide to retain biodiversity, and that many so-called (2006-06-22)

Highlands and mare landscapes on the Moon
These two images, taken by the advanced Moon Imaging Experiment (AMIE) on board ESA's SMART-1 spacecraft, show the difference between lunar highlands and a mare area from close by. (2006-05-26)

Worst off will be most at risk under partial smoking ban
A partial as opposed to a full ban on smoking in public places could put those living in the most socially deprived areas of the country at most risk, warn doctors writing in this week's BMJ. (2006-02-09)

NHS failing to provide health care according to need
The NHS needs to do more to provide health care according to need, argue researchers in this week's BMJ. They analysed the availability of primary care according to deprivation and health need in Scotland. Their study was based on a sample population of 5.35 million people served by 1,050 general practices and divided into ten groups of equal size according to deprivation. (2005-12-15)

Finding the mind's eye
Dartmouth professor of psychological and brain sciences Peter Tse has published new results in his on-going investigation of the brain and how it transforms visual stimuli into conscious experience. (2005-11-07)

Pubs in poorest areas of England most likely to be exempt from smoking ban
Pubs in the poorest areas of England are more likely to be exempt from the smoking ban than those in affluent areas, concludes a study published online by the BMJ today. (2005-08-18)

Young people face increasing risk of suicide in Scotland
Suicide rates for young people have increased dramatically in Scotland's most deprived areas, according to research in this week's BMJ. (2004-12-21)

News tips from the Journal of Neuroscience
Highlights from the upcoming Journal of Neuroscience discuss two distinct glutamate signals in bergmann glia, and forming intracortical projections. (2004-10-13)

Advanced breast cancer diagnosis more likely for deprived women
Women living in deprived areas of the United Kingdom tend to have more advanced breast cancer at diagnosis than those living in affluent areas, finds new research on (2004-06-03)

Conservation in Canada
Conservation actions could be more efficient if there is similarity among taxa in the distribution of species. In Ecology Letters, May, an international research team, introduces patterns in the geographic distribution of five taxa used to identify nationally important regions for conservation in Canada. Congruence appeared in geographic distribution of taxa and a measure of the conservation value of areas for taxa. However, few large protected areas exist in the sites of highest conservation value. (2004-05-04)

Mobile phones could be allowed in some parts of hospitals
The use of mobile phones in hospitals is not as hazardous as believed and they could be allowed in selected areas, say doctors at the John Radcliffe Hospital in this week's BMJ. (2003-02-27)

Ecological significance of tool-use in the woodpecker finch Cactospiza pallida
In a paper soon to appear in Ecology Letters, Tebbich and colleagues present the first study on the ecological relevance of tool-use by a bird species. Woodpecker finches acquire a greater proportion of food with this technique than any other animal hitherto studied. (2002-09-06)

Upland Oak Ecology Symposium
Conference Objective: To bring natural resource professionals together to increase our understanding of the history, ecology and status of upland oak forests based upon experimental or empirical findings, with an emphasis upon the Interior Highlands. (2002-04-29)

Deprived areas show greatest increase in teenage pregnancies
From the 1980s to the 1990s rates of teenage pregnancy in Scotland increased more rapidly in areas of greater socioeconomic deprivation, finds a study in this week's BMJ. This finding has implications for allocating resources to achieve government targets in reducing pregnancy rates by 2010. (2001-07-26)

Access to hospital care for breast cancer is not related to social status
Women with breast cancer receive the same quality of NHS care regardless of whether they live in deprived or affluent areas, shows a study in this week's BMJ. (2000-05-25)

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