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Suggesting healthy food 'swaps' to online shoppers may reduce the calories they buy
Suggesting healthy food 'swaps' to online shopping customers may effectively reduce the calories they buy, according to simulation study. (2021-02-17)

Outpatient dietary management of electrolyte disorders during COVID-19
In this essay, the authors describe a 97-year-old patient who learned to titrate condensed chicken soup like a medicine during the COVID-19 pandemic. (2021-02-08)

US counties with more social capital have fewer COVID-19 infections and deaths
US counties with more social capital have fewer COVID-19 infections and deaths - perhaps because these communities have greater concern for the health of others. (2021-02-05)

Could game theory optimize PPE stock management during the COVID-19 pandemic?
Could game theory optimize PPE stock management during the COVID-19 pandemic? (2021-02-01)

Over 34,000 street cattle roam the Indian city of Raipur (1 for every 54 human residents)
There may be over 34,000 street cattle in the Indian city of Raipur (one for every 54 human residents), with implications for road accidents and human-cattle conflict. (2021-01-20)

Antibiotics combinations used regularly worldwide--but 80% of these not recommended by WHO
Fixed dose combinations of antibiotics are consumed in huge quantities globally, but 80 percent of combinations are not on the WHO Essential Medicines List, and 92 percent are not FDA-approved, - with inappropriate combinations risking inefficacy, toxicity, and selection for antimicrobial resistance. (2021-01-20)

Female Bengalese finches have lifelong preference for their father's song to other birds'
Daddies' girls? Female Bengalese finches prefer their father's song to that of other birds throughout their lives - while sons lose this preference as they grow up. (2021-01-20)

Countries led by women haven't fared significantly better in the COVID-19 pandemic
Countries led by women have not fared significantly better in the COVID-19 pandemic than those led by men- it may be just our Western media bias that makes us think they have! (2020-12-31)

Children's emotion inferences from masked faces during the COVID-19 pandemic
Children struggle to discern emotions for mask-wearing faces, though masks are ''unlikely to dramatically impair'' their everyday interactions. (2020-12-23)

Optimal horse racing speed pinpointed by mathematical analysis
Optimal horse racing speed over the course of a flat race pinpointed by mathematical analysis to help achieve the fastest time, including adjustments for racecourse topography (2020-12-02)

Glass beads from medieval sites suggest more complex trade networks
Glass beads from remote medieval sites in Mali and Senegal suggest long distance trade networks may have been more extensive than previously thought -- while a modern bead fragment also implicates a modern grave looter! (2020-12-02)

Videoscope analysis of a Neanderthal skeleton reveals detailed dental information
Videoscope analysis of a well-preserved Neanderthal skeleton from Altamura, Italy reveals detailed dental information, including tooth wear and tooth loss. (2020-12-02)

The epidemiology of muscle-strengthening exercise in Europe: A 28-country comparison
A 28-country comparison of 280,605 adults reveals that just 17% of adult Europeans perform specific muscle-strengthening exercises--e.g.: squats, situps, and pushups--twice or more a week, as recommended by the WHO. (2020-11-25)

Accounting for 'research fatigue' in human studies
An article published in Bioethics examines the topic of research fatigue--or psychological and emotional exhaustion both towards and as a result of participating in research. The article is meant to initiate a conversation about research fatigue experienced by marginalized communities and how the research community should respond to it. (2020-11-18)

'Improvised' decontamination procedures are likely better than nothing for toxic chemicals
If you encounter toxic chemicals, 'improvised' decontamination procedures are likely better than nothing, especially when combining dry and wet removal techniques. (2020-11-04)

Navigating through health care data disrupted by COVID-19 pandemic
The association between the COVID-19 pandemic and health care-related data collection is examined in this Viewpoint article. (2020-10-12)

Barriers and facilitators for social distancing recommendations during COVID-19
Survey of North Americans and Europeans examines motivations and barriers for social distancing; finds men and young people relatively less likely to comply (2020-10-07)

Should we mandate a COVID-19 vaccine for children?
This Viewpoint examines the evidence for vaccination of children against COVID-19. (2020-09-14)

Evidence of direct viral damage to olfactory complex in patients testing positive for SARS-CoV-2
Researchers report the clinicopathologic and autopsy findings observed in the olfactory system of two patients with SARS-CoV-2-positive nasal swabs. (2020-08-13)

Dietary control of the healing of injury-induced inflammation
The purpose of this review is to describe the molecular components of the Resolution Response and how different dietary factors can either optimize or inhibit their actions. (2020-08-10)

Fear of COVID-2019: Emerging cardiac risk
Fear of COVID-19 is an issue stopping patients from accessing needed cardiac care and methods to ameliorate negative outcomes. (2020-07-22)

Life and death, hope and despair in era of COVID-19
The response of a physician to the fear and despair associated with COVID-19 is described in this article. (2020-07-08)

Restructuring a general surgery residency program in epicenter of COVID-19 pandemic
A New York hospital's restructuring of general surgery resident teams and educational infrastructure in response to the COVID-19 pandemic is detailed in this article. (2020-07-07)

Adding an extra entrance to an ants' nest reduces their foraging efficiency
Adding an extra entrance to an ants' nest reduces their foraging efficiency: more ants go foraging, but they are less able to find and distinguish between food sources of varying value. (2020-07-01)

Management of patients with severe mental illness during the COVID-19 pandemic
How to best treat patients with severe mental illness during the COVID-19 pandemic is detailed in this article. (2020-06-24)

Musculoskeletal and rheumatic diseases induced by immune checkpoint inhibitors
Immune checkpoint inhibitors are a new promising class of antitumor drugs that have been associated with a number of immune-related Adverse Events (AEs), including musculoskeletal and rheumatic disease. (2019-01-18)

Fused bis-lactams to spirolactams: New member of the family of ring- contraction reaction
A new ring contraction of fused bis-lactams into spirolactams is presented here. In the presence of a triflate catalyst in various solvents under microwave irradiation, this rearrangement allows a clean conversion of some fused bicycles into spirocycles with good yields. (2019-01-13)

Did sexism play a role in Serena Williams' loss at the US Open?
A new Statistics Views article examines whether sexism played a role in what took place in the final round of the women's singles at the 2018 US Open, when American tennis superstar Serena Williams was fined for three code violations that caused her to be penalized during a game when she criticized the umpire for a controversial call and labeled him a 'thief.' (2018-10-11)

What will become of English in a post-Brexit European Union?
How might the Brexit process affect the status of the English language within the European Union? Without Britain, will English even cease to be a language of the Union? A new article in World Englishes explores these questions. (2017-09-20)

Consensus recommendations on isotretinoin and timing of skin procedures
A new article published by JAMA Dermatology reports on a panel of national experts that was convened and a review of the medical literature that was done to provide evidence-based recommendations regarding the safety of skin procedures performed either concurrently with, or immediately after, treatment with the acne medication isotretinoin. (2017-06-28)

The high plains aquifer: Can we make it last?
he heart of the United States is a highly productive agricultural region. This (2017-05-23)

Reducing cancer-related fatigue
A new article published online by JAMA Oncology analyzed which of four commonly recommended treatments -- exercise, psychological, the combination of both, or pharmaceutical -- for cancer-related fatigue appeared to be most effective. (2017-03-02)

Study examines burden of skin disease worldwide
How much do skin diseases contribute to the burden of disease worldwide? (2017-03-01)

Experts explore how to use and share routinely collected clinical data on a global scale
Researchers are exploring ways to help clinicians and investigators use and share routinely collected medical data (such as information in electronic health records) to improve care and advance clinical research. (2016-11-01)

Talking to terminally ill adolescents about progressing disease
A new review article published online by JAMA Pediatrics uses a hypothetical case scenario to explore the ethics, emotions and skills for talking to terminally adolescents about their progressing disease. (2016-10-17)

Age-specific strategies are needed when caring for older individuals with HIV
A new article highlights the differences between older and younger adults living with HIV, and offers age-specific strategies on how to provide care. (2016-10-04)

Identifying and treating thyroid disorders in kids
Primary care physicians are critical in identifying children and adolescents who have thyroid disorders and early identification and treatment helps to optimize growth and development. (2016-08-29)

US water initiatives will provide new insights on hydrology forecasts
A new article looks at how two recent developments, the Open Water Data Initiative, and the new National Water Center, have created a platform for the open sharing of water data in the United States. (2016-07-11)

A new breakthrough in the synthesis of chiral 3,6-Dihydro-2H-pyrans
Bansal and co-workers have recently succeeded in obtaining a series of phenyl substituted 3,6-Dihydro-2H-pyran derivatives in 68 to 95 percent enantiomeric excess. (2016-05-27)

Changing fruit and vegetable consumption among children and healthy baby food safety curriculum
The Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior announces the 2015 Best Article and Best Great Educational Material awards, which will presented at the Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior annual conference, 'Creativity and Innovation in Nutrition Education,' in Pittsburgh, Pa., July 25-28, 2015. (2015-06-30)

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