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Risk of suicide attempt by children doubles if parent uses opioids
In a tale of two epidemics, researchers from the University of Chicago and the University of Pittsburgh found that children of parents who use opioids have an increased risk of attempting suicide. (2019-05-22)

Parental use of prescription opioids associated with risk of suicide attempt by children
Opioid use by parents was associated with increased risk of suicide attempt by their children in a study that linked medical claims for opioid prescriptions for parents with medical claims for suicide attempts by their children. This observational study included 184,000 children whose parents used opioids and about 148,000 children whose parents didn't. (2019-05-22)

Teen girls more vulnerable to bullying than boys
Girls are more often bullied than boys and are more likely to consider, plan, or attempt suicide, according to research led by a Rutgers University-Camden nursing scholar. 'Bullying is significantly associated with depressive symptoms, suicidal ideation, suicide planning, and suicide attempts,' says Nancy Pontes, an assistant professor at the Rutgers School of Nursing-Camden. 'We wanted to look at this link between bullying victimization, depressive symptoms, and suicidality by gender.' (2019-05-07)

Severe tinnitus associated with suicide attempts in women
Previously, severe ringing in the ears (tinnitus) has been associated with depression and anxiety, and a 2016 study reported an association with increased risk of suicide attempts. This study used responses to a questionnaire from about 72,000 adults in Sweden to examine whether an association with increased risk of suicide attempts might be different between men and women. (2019-05-02)

Additional routine ultrasounds benefit mothers and babies and could be cost-saving
Offering universal late pregnancy ultrasounds at 36 weeks would benefit mothers and babies and could be cost saving. A new study shows that an additional routine ultrasound could eliminate undiagnosed breech presentation of babies, lower the rate of emergency caesarean sections, and improve the health of mothers and babies. (2019-04-16)

Bristol provides first long-term look at predictors of suicide attempts
Academics at the University of Bristol have taken the first long-term look at potential factors that could lead to suicide attempts in high-risk young people. (2019-03-14)

Maternal depression and natural disaster-related stress may affect infants' temperament
A new Infant Mental Health Journal study demonstrates that prenatal maternal depression has important consequences for infant temperament. Furthermore, the negative impact of prenatal maternal depression appeared to be magnified when pregnant women lived through Superstorm Sandy. (2019-02-06)

Child abuse linked to risk of suicide in later life
Children who experience physical, sexual, and emotional abuse or neglect are at least two to three times more likely to attempt suicide in later life, according to the largest research review carried out of the topic. (2019-01-09)

Cessation fatigue predicts which smokers making a quit attempt are likely to relapse
Cessation fatigue increased in the first six weeks of a quit attempt and increased the likelihood of relapse, report researchers at the Medical University of South Carolina in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology. Higher cessation fatigue also predicted worse performance on several other important cessation milestones. Cessation fatigue offers a new target for treatment interventions, using either existing pharmacological therapies or mobile Health technologies designed to reduce the stress of a quit attempt. (2018-11-19)

If your diet fails, try again; your heart will thank you
Risk factors for cardiovascular disease closely track with changes in eating patterns, even only after a month or so. (2018-11-13)

Vapers do not undermine desire to quit smoking
Smokers who regularly spend time with vapers (people who use e-cigarettes) are more likely to try quitting smoking, according to a new study carried out by UCL. The study, published today in BMC Medicine and funded by Cancer Research UK, found that smokers who were regularly exposed to vapers (as opposed to other smokers) were around 20 percent more likely to have reported both a high current motivation to quit and made a recent quit attempt. (2018-11-13)

Those using psychotropic drugs in suicide attempts more likely to have had prescriptions
As prescriptions for psychotropic drugs increase, researchers at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus have found that prescribed access to anti-anxiety and anti-psychotic medications may make it easier for some patients to use the drugs in attempted suicides. (2018-11-12)

Goffin's cockatoos can create and manipulate novel tools
Goffin's cockatoos can tear cardboard into long strips as tools to reach food -- but fail to adjust strip width to fit through narrow openings, according to a study published Nov. 7, 2018 in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by A.M.I. Auersperg from the Medical University of Vienna, Austria, and colleagues. (2018-11-07)

Previously jailed vets at increased risk of suicide
Researchers are now looking at the healthcare services used by people who attempted suicide to find patterns that could help identify who is most at risk before an attempt is made. (2018-10-31)

One in 10 people may opt-out of proposed organ donor system
A new study has revealed that around one in 10 people are considering opting out of a proposed new system that aims to increase organ donation by presuming consent. (2018-10-29)

Pathogens may evade immune response with metal-free enzyme required for DNA replication
New study shows that some bacterial pathogens, including those that cause strep throat and pneumonia, are able to create the components necessary to replicate their DNA using a ribonucleotide reductase enzyme that does not require a metal ion cofactor. (2018-10-18)

Becoming promiscuous to ensure reproduction
Females of a socially monogamous passerine, the Japanese great tit (Parus minor), become more promiscuous after hatchings fail in the first breeding attempt -- apparently attempting to ensure successful reproduction. (2018-10-09)

Rethinking lethality in youth suicide attempts
First suicide attempts are more lethal than previously realized, reports a study of children and adolescents published in the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (JAACAP). (2018-10-04)

Building a flu factory from host cell components
A quantitative proteomic study of how influenza virus affects lung-derived cell lines found that protein synthesis machinery relocates to the autophagosome in infected cells. (2018-09-28)

Exploration of microscopic structure of black holes from the viewpoint of thermodynamics
The microscopic structure of black holes remains a challenging subject. Based on the well-accepted fact that black holes can be mapped to thermodynamic systems, a recent study makes a preliminary exploration of the microscopic structure of the thermo-dynamically stable Schwarzschild anti-de-Sitter (SAdS) black hole completely from the viewpoint of thermodynamics. (2018-09-27)

Is survival associated with time to defibrillation for in-hospital cardiac arrest in pediatric patients?
The time until a first attempt at defibrillation in pediatric patients who experienced cardiac arrest in the hospital wasn't associated with survival or other main outcomes. This is in contrast to children who have a cardiac arrest outside of the hospital setting, or adult patients in or out of the hospital, where worse outcomes are associated with defibrillation delayed more than two minutes. (2018-09-21)

More doctor visits lead to less suicide attempts for fibromyalgia patients
Fibromyalgia patients who regularly visit their physicians are much less likely to attempt suicide than those who do not, according to a new Vanderbilt University Medical Center study published in Arthritis Care & Research. (2018-09-19)

US soldiers who attempt suicide often have no prior mental health diagnosis
The latest study based on data from the Army Study to Assess Risk and Resilience in Servicemembers (Army STARRS) reports that among 9,650 enlisted soldiers with a documented suicide attempt, more than one-third had no prior mental health diagnosis. (2018-08-29)

UC study: Exposure to tobacco smoke significantly impacts teen health
Secondhand smoke linked to poor health, higher absenteeism, increased likelihood to seek medical attention among adolescents (2018-08-21)

New research shows Juvenile diversion programs work, also curb reoffending tendencies
Juveniles who complete diversion programs for their crimes are less likely to continue their criminal activity as adults, according to new research from Case Western Reserve University. (2018-08-02)

Study: Alzheimer's drug may stop disease if used before symptoms develop
Biologists have gained new understanding of how Alzheimer's disease begins, and how it might be halted using a current medication. (2018-08-01)

Ex-smokers crave lost identity, study shows
Ex-smokers may not be able to resist lighting up again in order to recover a sense of 'who they are' -- according to new research from the University of East Anglia. New findings published today in the Journal of Substance Use suggest that smokers who have quit often relapse because they want to recapture a sense of lost social identity. And that many ex-smokers experience quitting as a 'loss'. (2018-07-05)

No clear evidence that nicotine 'preloading' helps smokers to quit
There is insufficient evidence to show that using nicotine patches for four weeks before a quit attempt (known as 'preloading') improves long-term smoking abstinence, finds a trial published by The BMJ this week. (2018-06-13)

Study shows increase in youth suicide attempts
The number of school-age children and adolescents hospitalized for suicidal thoughts or attempts has more than doubled since 2008, according to a new Vanderbilt-led study published today in Pediatrics. (2018-05-16)

Is risk of suicide attempt among soldiers associated with time before, during or after deployments?
Early first deployment and a shorter length of time between deployments were associated with a higher risk of suicide attempt among soldiers with two deployments regardless of previous mental health diagnosis and other military service-related or sociodemographic factors. (2018-04-18)

Self-inflicted gunshot wound survivors may deny suicide attempt, face barriers to care
Researchers have found that more than one-third of patients who denied that their self-inflicted gunshot wound resulted from a suicide attempt most likely had indeed tried to kill themselves, and commonly were sent home from the hospital without further mental health treatment. The findings indicate there are significant barriers to treatment for people who have made suicide attempts, and highlight the need to improve assessment and intervention for survivors of self-inflicted gunshot wounds, especially while hospitalized for their injury. (2018-04-13)

Study debunks fears of increased teen suicide risk from popular flu drug
A new study published by researchers from the University of Illinois at Chicago suggests that the drug oseltamivir -- commonly known as Tamiflu -- does not cause an increased risk of suicide in pediatric patients. (2018-03-13)

Assassination of political leaders connected to increase in social conflict
An increase in social conflict increases the likelihood of assassinations of political leaders, according to new research co-conducted by faculty at Binghamton University, State University of New York. (2018-02-20)

Sexual orientation discordance puts adolescents at greater risk for nonfatal suicidal behaviors
Researchers have now identified sexual orientation discordance -- sexual contact that is inconsistent with the individual's sexual orientation -- as a potential risk factor for adolescent suicidal ideation and/or attempts. They found that discordant students were 70 percent more likely to have had suicidal ideas or to have made suicide attempts compared with concordant students, reports the American Journal of Preventive Medicine. (2018-02-20)

More than five percent of family physicians did not attempt recertification
More than five percent of family physicians did not attempt recertification. (2018-01-09)

Payment incentives to psychiatrists in Ontario do not increase access for new patients
Incentive payments, introduced to encourage community-based psychiatrists to see new patients after discharge from a psychiatric hospital or following suicide attempts, do not increase access, found new research published in CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal). (2017-12-11)

Parenting behaviors linked to suicide among adolescents
A fresh look at a federally sponsored 2012 national study shows a significant link between parent's behaviors and thoughts of suicide among adolescents, according to a presentation given by two University of Cincinnati professors at the 2017 American Public Health Association conference. (2017-12-05)

Academic performance predicts risk of suicide attempt
In a recent Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica study, poor academic performance, measured as grade point average (GPA) at age 16, was a robust and strong predictor of suicide attempt up to middle age. (2017-11-08)

Sperm banking is underutilized by adolescent and young adult cancer patients
Research led by St. Jude Children's Research Hospital found meeting with fertility specialists and parental recommendations play key roles in decisions at-risk male cancer patients make about fertility preservation. (2017-10-04)

If at first adults don't succeed, babies are more likely to try, try again
Babies who observe adults push through failure and repeatedly attempt to achieve a goal are more likely to persist when faced with their own difficult tests, scientists report. (2017-09-21)

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