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Lower High Blood Pressure With Diet, Says American Heart Association
Individuals with high blood pressure should not only put away the salt shaker, but eat more fruits, vegetables and fat-free or low-fat dairy products, according to a statement from the American Heart Association. (1998-08-10)

Long-Term Exercise May Help To Protect Arteries
Researchers have shown that long-term exercise may help fight atherosclerosis, the disease process that obstructs blood vessels and triggers heart attacks and strokes. (1998-07-09)

New Guidelines Stress Early Potent Drug Cocktails, Individualized Therapy
Early intervention with powerful new drug regimens remains the key strategy for longer, healthier lives in people infected with HIV, according to updated recommendations presented by a Brown researcher at the 12th World AIDS Conference and related events in Geneva, Switzerland. (1998-06-27)

US-Cuban Scientific Collaborations Jeopardized By Travel Restrictions
Strained US-Cuban relations and inconsistently-applied travel restrictions are hampering scientific exchanges between the US and Cuba, according to a new report released today by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). The report calls for the US to ease restrictions on scientists traveling to Cuba and to use consistent criteria when granting or denying visas. (1998-03-30)

Drivers Should Pay More Of Environmental Costs, Report Says
Two University of Toronto researchers have examined the effect of (1998-02-23)

Bench-Mark Project Finds Wide Variance In Levels Of Care For Acute Ischemic Stroke Among Academic Medical Centers
While medical professionals may understand how and why a stroke happens, researchers say the wide variation in treatment of stroke patients shows that much professional education is needed to ensure they receive the most up-to- date care. (1998-02-06)

Tick-Borne Disease Found In Deer And Bears
Many Wisconsin deer and some California and Oregon bears carry a tick-borne disease that can be serious or fatal in humans, according to a Johns Hopkins study (1997-05-06)

Page 16 of 16 | 607 Results
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