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Pension security can't be solved by tighter regulations
The lack of pension security in the UK is a scandal, according to ESRC research at the University of Warwick. (2004-03-26)

Social costs of gambling nearly half that of drug abuse, new book concludes
Owing to the widespread expansion of casinos, the cost of pathological and problem gambling has soared to nearly half the annual cost of drug abuse in the United States, an expert at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign says in a new book. (2004-03-19)

Would you trust a phone to spend money?
If you don't even trust yourself with money then maybe this isn't for you. A consortium of companies are to fund the development of new generation 3G cellphones that will spend money on your behalf. Programs called software agents will monitor how you use your mobile and anticipate your next moves. Researchers say the cellphone agents will be able to make travel plans for you such as booking flights and hotels - and even spend your cash. (2003-06-11)

Leaner, meaner carriers
Ship hulls have to withstand incredible stress and strain, yet remain incredibly strong. The newest carriers also must lighten up to meet design goals. A new high strength, low alloy steel is on the market and the Navy thinks it just might be the answer. (2002-09-03)

CEO salaries are checked at companies with a powerful shareholder or threat of bankruptcy
An analysis of CEO salaries in bull and bear markets shows that the most effective checks on profligate executives are a major shareholder's takeover threat, a looming bankruptcy, or a relatively small Board of Directors whose members own company stock, according to a study in a journal of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMSĀ®). (2002-06-12)

Banking on the right decision
British commercial banks acted wisely when they elected not to do business in central and eastern Europe (CEE) after communism collapsed more than a decade ago, according to a new ESRC-funded study. (2001-07-18)

With new long-term care options beckoning, percentage of older Americans in nursing homes is declining, report says
Despite the graying of the American population, the percentage of Americans residing in traditional nursing homes has declined significantly since the mid-1980s, according to a new report from Brandeis University. Increasingly, its author says, older Americans appear drawn to newer long-term care options, including assisted living and care provided within their own homes. (2000-01-20)

Page 4 of 4 | 127 Results
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