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Helpful oxygen carriers
Researchers discover a new biochemical compound that can break down environmental pollutants. (2020-02-18)

Three proteins may play key roles in female fertility and cancer biology
Three proteins regulate each other with surprising twists and turns in female mouse eggs, a finding that may play an important role in female fertility and cancer biology, according to Rutgers-led research. (2018-10-25)

Etosis phenomenon discovered in human blood monocytes
A recent study published online in the Journal of Leukocyte Biology found the first clear demonstration of etosis in human blood monocytes, a type of immune cell. (2017-09-01)

FASEB Science Research Conference: Lysophospholipid and Related Mediators
This is the leading international conference in lysophospholipid biology, attracting participants from all continents. This SRC will focus on the physiological and pathophysiological roles of sphingosine 1-phosphate, lysophosphatidic acid and other lysophospholipids. (2017-02-28)

FASEB Science Research Conference: From Unfolded Proteins
This SRC focuses on the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) and its functions. (2017-02-28)

FASEB Science Research Conference: The Biology & Chemistry of Vision
This SRC is the only meeting of its kind specifically dedicated to the field of photoreceptor biology. The scientific program reflects the multi-disciplinary nature of this field, encompassing classical biochemistry and structural biology as well as modern imaging techniques and molecular therapeutic approaches. (2017-02-28)

Oxford University Press to publish Biology of Reproduction
Oxford University Press is pleased to announce its partnership with the Society for the Study of Reproduction to publish Biology of Reproduction. (2017-02-02)

Dinosaurs' rise was 'more gradual,' new fossil evidence suggests
Researchers have discovered two small dinosaurs together with a lagerpetid, a group of animals that are recognized as precursors of dinosaurs. The discovery made in Brazil and reported in the Cell Press journal Current Biology on Nov. 10 represents the first time that a dinosaur and a dinosaur precursor have ever been found together. (2016-11-10)

New from Garland Science -- now available: 'Cell Biology by the Numbers' by Ron Milo and Rob Phillips
'Cell Biology by the Numbers' is written by Ron Milo and Rob Phillips and published by Garland Science. It is 400 pages with 181 illustrations. (2016-03-14)

US defense agencies increase investment in federal synthetic biology research
A new analysis by the Synthetic Biology Project at the Wilson Center finds the Defense Department and its Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency fund much of the US government's research in synthetic biology, with less than 1 percent of total federal funding going to risk research. (2015-09-16)

The heads of these Brazilian frogs are venomous weapons
It's no surprise that some frogs secrete poison from glands in their skin. But researchers reporting in the Cell Press journal Current Biology on Aug. 6 have discovered the first two species of frog, both living in Brazil, that are actually venomous. Not only do the frogs produce potent toxins, but they also have a mechanism to deliver those harmful secretions into another animal using bony spines on their heads. (2015-08-06)

Jumping spiders are masters of miniature color vision
Jumping spiders were already known to see in remarkably high resolution, especially considering that their bodies are less than a centimeter long. Now, researchers reporting in the Cell Press journal Current Biology on May 18 have figured out how spiders in the colorful genus Habronattus see in three color 'channels,' as most humans do. (2015-05-18)

Penn's Joshua Plotkin to receive 2015 Akira Okubo Prize for Mathematical Biology
Joshua Plotkin of the University of Pennsylvania has been named winner of the 2015 Akira Okubo Prize, awarded jointly by the international Society for Mathematical Biology and the Japanese Society for Mathematical Biology. The award committee granted the award with 'great enthusiasm,' noting that, 'Plotkin's research achievements belie his young age.' (2015-01-26)

These jellyfish aren't just drifters
Jellyfish might look like mere drifters, but some of them have a remarkable ability to detect the direction of ocean currents and to swim strongly against them, according to new evidence in free-ranging barrel-jellyfish reported in the Cell Press journal Current Biology on Jan. 22. (2015-01-22)

New book on 'The Biology of Heart Disease' from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press
'The Biology of Heart Disease' from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press describes how recent advances in genetics, stem cell biology, and developmental biology are transforming the way we understand and treat heart disease. Topics include tissue engineering, genome editing, stem cells, cardiomyocyte reprogramming, chemically modified RNA, and next-generation DNA sequencing. (2014-12-03)

Improving biology education: A numbers game
Math is increasingly important to understanding and investigating the world of biology because quantitative biology, computational biology, and computer-based modeling approaches have emerged as important modes of inquiry. But, says the University of Pittsburgh's Samuel Donovan, teaching methods haven't always kept pace with developments in the field. (2014-10-06)

New book from CSHL Press explores the evolution of sexual reproduction
'The Genetics and Biology of Sexual Conflict' from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press includes discussion of the evolutionary origins of sexual conflict and its relationship to other evolutionary forces: e.g., sexual selection. It will thus be fascinating reading for all geneticists and biologists who are interested in the evolution of sexual reproduction. (2014-09-25)

From the basics to the cutting edge of molecular biology and genomics in one small book
New from CSHLPress, 'Quickstart Molecular Biology' provides an introductory course in molecular biology that is designed specifically for mathematicians, physicists, and computational scientists. The book enables readers to move rapidly from the basics of molecular biology to an understanding of cutting-edge techniques used in cell and developmental biology, genomics, and synthetic biology. (2014-08-07)

ASU researcher leads national effort to transform undergraduate biology education
In an effort to both capture the diversity of biology and condense what is taught, an Arizona State University researcher is leading a grassroots effort to improve biology education throughout the United States. Sara Brownell and colleagues from UW have developed a detailed core concept template called BioCore Guide. The guide is provides an updated blueprint for educators to help them clarify the learning outcomes for undergraduate students majoring in general biology. (2014-06-02)

Scientists discover endogenous dendritic cell-derived interleukin-27 promotes tumor growth
In a new report published in the Journal of Leukocyte Biology, scientists lay the groundwork for the development of novel tumor therapies that may help rid the body of cancer by inhibiting the recruitment of a specific suppressive immune cell type called 'regulatory T-cells.' (2014-05-01)

Price Family Foundation gift will create groundbreaking structural biology institute
A $3 million gift from the Price Family Foundation to the University of Oklahoma and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University will create the first ever anaerobic structural biology program in the United States. (2014-01-29)

Wilson Center awarded European Union grant for synthetic biology work
The Synthetic Biology Project at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars has been awarded a grant to participate in SYNENERGENE, a newly launched consortium of 28 groups supported with $5.3 million from the European Commission's Seventh Framework Programme to engage in the responsible governance of synthetic biology. (2013-11-18)

'Biology of Aging' -- New textbook now available
Garland Science is proud to announce the publication of the new textbook Biology of Aging by Roger B. McDonald. Biology of Aging presents the biological principles that have led to a new understanding of the causes of aging and describes how these basic principles help one to understand the human experience of biological aging, longevity, and age-related disease. (2013-07-11)

ALBA Synchrotron used for first time as a microscope to determine protein structure
A study led by the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona has determined the three-dimensional structure of certain proteins linked to the correct functioning of the cell division process: The LC8 and Nek9 pair. This study, published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry, could have implications for research into diseases related to this process, such as cancer. (2013-04-10)

Bridges experimental and bioinformatics perspectives to delineate protein-DNA interactions
The control of gene expression by protein-DNA interactions is one of the foundations of molecular biology. (2013-02-14)

American Society for Cell Biology 2012 Annual Meeting
Cell biology and medicine will be one of the two (2012-06-07)

Concordia welcomes world's best synthetic biology researchers
What do synthetic fuels, new treatments for malaria and genetic engineering have in common? In a word, biology. To examine the wide-reaching implications of this evolving discipline, Concordia University's Centre for Structural and Functional Genomics presents Building Biology: A Symposium on Synthetic Biology. (2012-05-17)

Queen's professor urges health research to focus on the positive
Political Studies professor Colin Farrelly wants to see more research into remarkable examples of health - such as why some people live 100 years disease-free. (2012-02-29)

New book on mammary gland biology from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press
Studies of mammary gland biology are critically important given the prevalence of breast cancer in the population. As described in a new book from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, (2011-08-15)

Salk Institute named global leader in plant biology research
Thomson Reuters Essential Science Indicators has seeded the Salk Institute as the number one research organization for plant biology in the world. (2011-08-15)

New book on lipid biology by Kai Simons, Max Planck Institute
Written and edited by experts in the field, (2011-07-20)

Remarkable biological complexity of bacterial cells is focus of newly released book
As summarized in a new book from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, (2010-11-24)

Cell Press delivers the news
To enable scientists to easily keep up-to-date with life science focused news and information, Cell Press is delighted to announce the launch of Cell DNA (Daily News Aggregator). (2010-11-12)

ESMO Symposium on Cancer Biology for Clinicians
Knowledge of the molecular basis of complex cancer processes is important for understanding the natural history of malignant diseases and for designing treatment options. (2010-11-11)

Professor Nikolaus Rajewsky becomes EMBO member
Systems biologist professor Nikolaus Rajewsky from the Max Delbrueck Center for Molecular Medicine Berlin-Buch, Germany, has been elected member of the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO). He is one of 63 life scientists from eleven European countries and also from Japan, Taiwan and the USA who were recognized by EMBO for their excellence in research this year. According to EMBO they join almost 1,500 of the world's leading molecular biologists. (2010-10-28)

Carnegie's Winslow Briggs elected Einstein Professor, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Director Emeritus of Carnegie's Department of Plant Biology, Winslow Briggs, has been elected an Einstein Professor by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). The professorship program annually awards 20 distinguished international scientists the honor. The recipients participate in lecture tours throughout China to strengthen international science and technology cooperation and train the next generation of Chinese scientists. (2010-10-14)

Biology groups partner to advance science education policy
The American Institute of Biological Sciences and the National Association of Biology Teachers are pleased to announce a new strategic partnership that will help advance the science and education policy interests of the biological sciences community. Through the arrangement, NABT members will be able to access and utilize a suite of AIBS public policy services and resources. (2010-08-30)

Government funding for synthetic biology on the rise
A new analysis by the Synthetic Biology Project at the Woodrow Wilson Center found that the US government has spent around $430 million on research related to synthetic biology since 2005, with the US Department of Energy funding a majority of the research. (2010-06-08)

Moral issues raised by synthetic biology subject of Hastings Center workshop
A Hastings Center workshop examining moral issues in synthetic biology completed its third meeting as the J. Craig Venter Group announced that it had created the first viable cell with a synthetic genome. (2010-05-20)

SEBM Best Paper Awards for articles published in 2009
SEBM is pleased to announce the winners of the Best Paper Awards for articles published in the journal Experimental Biology and Medicine during 2009. SEBM recognizes the best paper annually in each of three categories: Clinical/Preclinical and Translation Research, Experimental Biology, and Interdisciplinary Research. (2010-03-16)

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