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Alloy with 'memory' helps bones heal faster and more reliably
A metal wire that (2000-05-19)

The future of the world with materials science and engineering
Devices that allow us to 'talk' to fish, machines the size of a human hair, implants controlled by the chemicals in our bodies, and super-light weight space stations could all be a part of our technological future. Launching the new millennium with a preview of some of the materials technologies that will be shaping our tomorrows, Materials World has gathered together the thoughts of four leading materials scientists on what they think the materials technologies of the future will be. (1999-12-22)

Improved biodegradable hydrogels
Two novel biodegradable hydrogels developed by a Cornell University fiber scientists have potential applications for controlling and delivering many kinds of medications inside and outside the body, for anchoring biological substances such as skin and vascular tissues and may even be used to introduce viruses to the body for gene therapy. (1999-11-09)

Rebuilding the body
Biomaterials with built-in receptors that can interact with human cells at the molecular level could be used as scaffolding to help construct new cartilage and skin, according to Dr Richard France speaking at the British Association's Festival of Science in Sheffield, UK. (1999-09-17)

New Coating Process May Prevent Body From Rejecting Medical Implants
University of Washington bioengineers, reporting in the April 15, 1999, issue of Nature, describe a process for coating medical implants with tiny imprints that bind specific proteins. This coating could potentially trigger natural healing rather than the body's typical, and often disruptive, reaction to foreign materials such as medical implants. (1999-04-15)

Implanting Wisdom
Patients in the UK with hip and joint replacements may be suffering unnecessarily with repeated joint failures, dislocations and operations because of a lack of co- ordination and monitoring of implant operations and developmental research. (1998-12-01)

Living Bone Created By University of Toronto Researchers
Three-dimensional living bone created by University of Toronto researchers could one day replace conventional bone grafting techniques. (1998-09-30)

Feature: Biomaterials Are Transforming Medicine
How can doctors deliver drugs in ways less invasive and more controlled than an injection? Robert S. Langer views the question as an engineering design problem. Langer, Germeshausen Professor of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering at MIT, described how researchers are using biomaterials to create engineering solutions to medical problems. (1998-06-25)

New Technology Deposits Bone-Regenerating Materials On The Surface Of Implants
Scientists report a new way to coat the surface of metal implants--used to replace hip, knee, finger, and shoulder joints--with materials that facilitate the growth of new bone. (1998-06-20)

Corporate Gifts Pose Ethical Quandries For Scientists
Close to half of all academic scientists accept research- related gifts from companies, gifts they believe often come with strings attached. According to a study from the Massachusetts General Hospital, the restrictions and expectations placed on gifts may put scientists at odds with the policies of their universities. (1998-04-01)

Common Drug-Capsule Coating Not As Inert As Previously Thought
Polyethylene glycol (PEG) is widely used for drug encapsulation and as a protective surface coating for biomedical applications. Its popularity is partially based on the belief that the material it forms is inert. University of Illinois research weakens that belief. (1997-10-03)

National Science Foundation Awards $900,000 To UB Center To Study Chemical Sensitivities, Airborne Contagions
The Industry/University Center for Biosurfaces, headquartered at the University at Buffalo, has received a $900,000 National Science Foundation grant to expand its research on airborne contagions and their effects on cardiovascular and respiratory health. (1997-09-19)

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