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UT Southwestern scientists develop method of synthesizing antibodies
UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas researchers have discovered a method that may lead to the long-hoped-for efficient and inexpensive production of synthetic antibody substitutes for use in medical diagnostics, biotechnology and biomedical research. (1999-12-28)

Howard Hughes Medical Institute awards $92 million in research support to U.S. medical schools
Forty-one medical schools in 23 states will receive a total of $92 million over the next four years from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. The awards will help the schools combine basic and clinical research. They also will support programs in the rapidly developing field of bioinformatics. (1999-12-14)

Grant to provide training for scientists in Europe and Latin America
A program that has helped train biomedical scientists in Latin America will expand to parts of Europe through a $1.05 million HHMI grant to the U.S. National Academy of Sciences. (1999-12-07)

Whitaker Foundation funds Washington University biomedical engineering facility
The Whitaker Foundation has awarded grants totalling $13 million to the Washington University Department of Biomedical Engineering, a program that is just two years old. The funds will be used to build a new biomedical engineering building and bring up to nine new faculty to the department. (1999-11-04)

Biomedical needs of the workforce topic of NIH speech to American Chemical Society meeting in New Orleans
Dr. John Ruffin, Associate Director of Research on Minority Health at the National Institutes of Health, will speak on (1999-08-23)

HHMI To Award $15 Million In Grants To Support Biomedical Scientists In The Baltics, Central And Eastern Europe And The Former Soviet Union
The Howard Hughes Medical Institute will award $15 million in new grants to support the research of biomedical scientists in the Baltics, Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. The five-year initiative will provide much- needed support to researchers who have struggled with limited resources in recent years. (1999-04-29)

Cutting The Time And Cost Of Developing New Cures: Lord Sainsbury Launches World's First Biomedical Accelerator Mass Spectrometer In York
Identifying promising drugs that could lead to life saving cures in the future can take eight to ten years and cost as much as £200 million. The AMS can investigate large numbers of drugs for pharmaceutical companies, significantly speeding up drug development by quickly identifying the most promising. In some cases it may cut development time by up to six months. (1998-11-20)

Whitaker makes largest individual grants ever totaling more than $30 million
The Whitaker Foundation has made its first two Leadership Awards totaling more than $30 million to The Johns Hopkins University and the University of California, San Diego - the largest individual grants in its 23-year history. (1998-10-14)

University Of Kentucky Biomedical Engineer Awarded Grant To Improve Joint Replacements And Dental Implants
David Puleo, Ph.D., associate professor of biomedical engineering, University of Kentucky College of Medicine, conducts research into improving the security of dental implants and joint replacements. He is one of 27 national recipients of a biomedical engineering research grant from the Whitaker Foundation, a nonprofit foundation that focuses on improving medical care. (1998-09-22)

Brain And Psyche: The Neurobiology Of The Self
The Whitehead Institute will hold its third annual press seminar, (1998-06-03)

Can Patents Stifle Innovation In Biomedical Research?
Biomedical research has been shifting from a commons to a privatization model. Federal patent policy in biomedical research imposes social costs overlooked in the public debate. Granting too many patent rights in pre-market or (1998-04-30)

Duke Receives $1 Million Whitaker Foundation Award To Create 'Virtual' Imaging Machines
Just as airplane pilots train on flight simulators, engineers and physicians will be able to (1997-11-25)

Whitaker Awards $6.8 Million For Biomedical Engineering Education
The Whitaker Foundation has awarded $6.8 million in grants to improve biomedical engineering education at six universities in the United States and one in Canada. (1997-11-24)

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