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Art & science from Israel on view in the US
The San Jose Museum of Art, in collaboration with the American Committee for the Weizmann Institute of Science (ACWIS), is presenting noted artist Catherine Wagner's photography exhibition featuring over 30 large-scale, black-and-white photographs. Catherine Wagner: Cross Sections, is on view from November 3, 2001 through January 20, 2002. (2001-11-06)

New discoveries in the process of bone, shell growth
New research on the process biological organisms use to modify crystal shape and growth, forming such complex structures as bones, eggshells and seashells, is detailed in the most recent issue of the science journal, Nature. Christine Orme of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory is the lead author of the article, titled (2001-06-26)

Impurities in biominerals reveal key to understanding climate change, will lead to novel materials
The calcium carbonate skeletons produced by ocean organisms contain important clues to Earth history. By observing the microscopic growth of calcium carbonate crystals using the atomic force microscope, researchers have observed for the first time the fundamental physical processes that help govern climate change and ocean chemistry through the formation of biominerals. (2000-11-08)

Microbial marathon at joint genome institute
High-quality genomic draft sequences of a record-breaking number of economically and environmentally important bacteria were produced and made public during October, the first Microbial Month at the Department of Energy's Joint Genome Institute. (2000-11-01)

Distance between atoms is key to iron protein function
Geometry is destiny in the molecular world where small structural changes can mean big functional differences. According to University of Michigan chemist James Penner- Hahn, this is especially true for non-hem diiron proteins that use iron and oxygen to regulate important biological functions. (1999-12-29)

Page 3 of 3 | 85 Results
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