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Researchers Display Technology That Assists People With Disabilities
Approximately 10 research projects aimed at reducing barriers that prevent people with disabilities from full participation in mathematics and science education will be on display Tuesday, October 20, at the National Science Foundation's Exhibit Center in Arlington, Va. The researchers responsible for these projects all funded by NSF's Program for Persons with Disabilities will discuss and demonstrate their state- of-the-art technology. (1998-10-19)

Computer Interface To Help Deaf-Blind Community
Krista Caudill, a deaf and blind undergraduate researcher at the University of Delaware, is helping to design a portable computer that will (1998-07-30)

Jefferson Researchers Provide Leads To Potential Parkinson's Treatment
A naturally occurring substance in the cell's membrane may improve symptoms in Parkinson's disease patients and perhaps even help slow down the progression of Parkinson's, according to studies by researchers at Jefferson Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. (1998-06-22)

International Study Raises Hopes For Heart Transplant Patients
Preliminary six month findings of a multicenter international study indicate that the organ rejection drug, Neoral, offers significant benefits to heart transplant recipients. This two-year study compares Neoral with conventional Cyclosporine A in 380 heart transplant recipients. Patients receiving Neoral experienced significantly fewer infections and a reduced number of rejections requiring antibody therapy. (1998-04-18)

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Enhances Short-Term Brain Plasticity
For the first time, scientists studying how the brain reorganizes itself have shown that they can modify this process using a technique called transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). The finding suggests new ways to help people recover normal function after stroke, amputation, and other injuries. (1998-01-29)

Tiger Beetles Go Blind At High Speeds
Entomologists have long noticed that tiger beetles stop-and- go in their pursuit of prey. But up to now, scientists have had no idea why this species of beetle attacks its food in fits and starts. Why do they stop and go? During hot pursuit of prey, the tiger beetles go blind. (1998-01-16)

Can America Be Colorblind? Research Findings Suggest Not
A paper released today by the American Psychological Association at its 105th Annual Convention in Chicago states that a color-blind approach to equal opportunity for all Americans will fail. This conclusion is based on research findings that skin color, ethnicity and gender figure prominently in American's attitudes and behaviors toward each other. (1997-08-14)

Researcher Closing In On Birth Control Pill For Men
It's often been said that love is blind. Now a scientist is hoping that he has found a way to apply that old saying to a new method of family planning. Joseph Hall, a biochemist at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, is unlocking the secrets of sperm, and closing in on a possible birth control pill for men. (1997-06-18)

Miraculous High-Tech Glasses Could Help Millions See Better
Her new glasses are no miracle, but donĂ¢t try telling that to Jenna Meck, a visually impaired 21-year-old junior at Meredith College in Raleigh. She says the battery-powered, self-focusing, computer-controlled telescopic glasses are the next best thing. (1997-02-06)

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