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Rickets making comeback among breastfed infants, especially blacks, N.C. doctors find
North Carolina researchers have discovered new evidence that nutritional rickets, a bone-weakening condition in infants and children caused by too little vitamin D, is making a comeback, especially among breastfed black children. (2000-08-09)
Inexpensive AIDS drug still reduces HIV transmission from mother to child after one year
A team of scientists from the United States and Uganda reported today that the inexpensive AIDS drug nevirapine, when given to both mother and child around the time of birth, greatly reduces mother-to-infant transmission of HIV up to a year after the medicine was given. (2000-07-12)
Multifaceted intervention program helps prevent asthma in high-risk infants
An intervention program resulted in a modest but significant reduction in the risk of possible or probable asthma and rhinitis without apparent colds at the age of 12 months in high-risk infants. (2000-07-12)
Study: Shorter hospital stays not reducing breastfeeding
Shorter hospital stays following childbirth have raised concerns, including the possibility that new mothers may be less likely to breastfeed their infants. (2000-05-15)
OHSU researchers show premature infants benefit from formula enriched with fatty acids
OHSU researchers show that infant formula enriched with two fatty acids, DHA and AA, can improve the visual and neurolgical development in preterm infants. (2000-04-13)
Breastfeeding reduces infectious disease infant mortality
The observation of mother-to-child transmission of HIV-1 through breastfeeding has resulted in policies that recommend avoidance of breastfeeding by some HIV-1 infected women. (2000-02-02)
Warming babies' bottles in boiling water increases risk of scalding in young children
Using a bowl of boiling water to heat a baby's bottle increases the risk of scalds in young children, say a team of plastic surgeons and a paediatrician in a (2000-01-20)
Zinc reduces pneumonia by 41%, and diarrhea by up to 25%
Pneumonia and diarrhea claim the lives of millions of children each year. (1999-12-06)
Study finds HIV breastfeeding risk highest in early months after birth
An infant's risk of becoming infected with the AIDS virus through breastfeeding is highest during the first few months of life, according to a new study conducted among HIV- infected mothers and their babies in the African nation of Malawi. (1999-08-24)
Researchers identify a simple, affordable drug regimen that is highly effective in preventing HIV infection in infants of mothers with the disease
A joint Uganda-U.S. study has found a highly effective and safe drug regimen for preventing transmission of HIV from an infected mother to her newborn that is more affordable and practical than any other examined to date. (1999-07-14)
New Findings On Asthma And Breastfeeding, Obesity And Asthma And Snoring And Pre-eclampsia At ALA/ATS Meeting
New findings on breastfeeding and asthma, obesity and asthma and snoring and high blood pressure in pregnancy were discussed here today by an expert panel at the American Lung Association/American Thoracic Society International Conference. (1999-04-26)
Effects Of Anesthesia On Labor And Delivery On Breastfeeding
The use of general anesthesia or pain-relief agents given during labor, delivery or the postpartum period should not interfere with breastfeeding, says a Penn State researcher. (1998-10-20)
Baby Milk Manufacturers Are Breaking The Rules
Baby milk manufacturers are breaking the international code of marketing breast milk substitutes, adopted by the World Health Assembly in 1981 says Anna Taylor, Interagency Group on Breastfeeding Monitoring. (1998-04-10)
Mother's Milk: Nutrition And Nurture For Infants -- And The Best Defense Against Disease
Breast-fed babies experience fewer and less serious incidences of disease and allergy than formula-fed babies. (1997-07-31)
Page 18 of 18 | 694 Results
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