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Smart Concrete May Mean Less Road Closures
Engineers at the University of Toronto turned a bridge into a smart structure by lining the bridge's columns with fibre- optic sensors and wrapping them with a synthetic material that holds the structure together while the sensors precisely measure possible corrosion that may be occurring underneath, meaning less road maintenance in general and ultimately less road closures. (1998-04-29)

Strengthening The Link Between Service And Science-Learning
Service learning is a relatively new educational concept with old roots and provides a mechanism to bridge the gaps between science, universities and communities. (1998-03-31)

New Dinosaur Finds In Antarctica Paint Fuller Picture Of Past Ecosystem
A team of Argentinean and U.S. scientists has found fossils of a duck-billed dinosaur, along with remains of Antarctica's most ancient bird and an array of giant marine reptiles, on Vega Island off the eastern side of the Antarctic Peninsula. (1998-02-06)

Bering Land Bridge Conference In Colorado Slated For Sept. 20
Scores of scientists from around the world will be in Colorado Sept. 20 to Sept. 23 for a conference on the prehistoric environment of the Bering land bridge, believed to be the migration corridor for the earliest North Americans. (1997-09-12)

Low Oxygen, Key To Fetal Development, Also Offers Cancer Clues
Oxygen levels act as a switch controlling placental development, scientists show in a paper published in the September 12 issue of the journal Science. The finding could also shed light on cancer, since both cancer and placental development involve invasion of tissue by cells. Hypoxia is important in both processes. (1997-09-11)

Speedy Land Travelers Or Seagoing Sailors?Temple Archaeologist Investigates Earliest Americans
Were the first Americans coastal sailors or speedy bands of land-bound hunters? Temple University archaeologist Anthony Ranere believes that the archaeology profession may have prematurely jettisoned the ³late entry, fast movement model,² in which ancient hunters raced to the tip of South America in only 1,300 years. (1997-08-05)

Civil Engineers Find New Recipe For Concrete: High Performance Mix To Be Used In National Showcase Bridge
A high-performance concrete mix developed by University of Cincinnati civil engineers will be used in a national showcase bridge to be built in east central Ohio later this year. Tests indicate the new concrete mix is significantly stronger and more durable than conventional mixes (1997-05-28)

Rivers Deliver Record Flow to the Cheseapeake Bay in 1996
Total freshwater inflow into the Chesapeake Bay during 1996 was the highest ever recorded, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. USGS scientists said that rivers and streams carried a combined average flow of 87.5 billion gallons of water per day (bgd) into the Bay during the past year, about 1.7 times the long-term normal. Previous record high was 85.1 bgd in 1972, the year of Hurricane Agnes (1997-01-03)

Cincinnati Bridge Becomes National Safety Test Site
An abandoned bridge near the University of Cincinnati campus has become a national test site for engineers trying to determine when highway bridges are no longer safe. Three new sensing and monitoring technologies are already being used on the bridge, including a novel photographic system which is both portable and relatively inexpensive (1996-09-09)

Tire Chip Research Focuses On Fire And Ice
A University of Maine engineer is turning used car and truck tires into a useful construction material. In the meantime, he has became the Federal Highway Administration's troubleshooter on several tire chip projects gone wrong (1996-08-02)

New Study Confirms Bering Land Bridge Flooded Later Than Previously Believed
A new study confirms the Bering Land Bridge that carried ancient wanderers from Asia into North America was not inundated by rising seas until about 11,000 years ago, according to a University of Colorado at Boulder researcher (1996-07-03)

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