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Future Of West Tied To Saving, Not Extracting, The Land
The mythical road to riches in the American West has always been tied to a deeper coal mine, a bigger clear-cut, a greater take from the earth. But the road to economic stability for the west today, argues a University of Wisconsin-Madison rural sociologist, is one that takes an ironic twist to the frontier axiom that (1999-01-23)

Book By Shipman Wins Phi Beta Kappa Award In Science
A book written by Pat Shipman, adjunct professor of anthropology at Penn State, has received the 1998 Phi Beta Kappa Award in Science. Her book, Taking Wing: Archaeopteryx and the Evolution of Bird Flight, published by Simon and Schuster in 1998, was selected from twenty-two books nominated for the prize. (1998-11-17)

Teaching Great White Sharks To Link People With Food Is A Recipe For Disaster
South African conservationists are worried that the antics of unscrupulous shark-diving tour operators could lead to tourism-linked great white shark attacks. Dive operators are leading the sharks to associate food with items such as surfboards or children's toys, used to attract the sharks near to the boats. (1998-10-21)

The Genetic Basis Of Childhood Schizophrenia
An international team of investigators have discovered that nucleotide repeats may be an element in the genetics of childhood-onset schizophrenia. Schizophrenia starting in childhood is a severe mental illness; however, very few studies have addressed the biological basis of this disorder. This is one of the first findings in the genetics of childhood schizophrenia. (1998-07-30)

1970s Shale Hills Watershed Study Finds New Life
A research project completed more than 20 years ago, may become the touchstone for understanding the small-scale hydrology of watersheds, according to a team of Penn State researchers. (1998-05-29)

Monterey Bay Aquarium And Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute To Host Eighth Deep-Sea Biology Symposium
An international symposium cosponsored by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) and the Monterey Bay Aquarium will feature more than 150 scientific presentations on the deep sea. The symposium will be held September 22 through September 26 at the aquarium's oceanside setting in Monterey, California. (1997-09-05)

Newly Discovered Bacteria Produce Magnetic Material
Novel bacterial that produce magnetic material and could remove heavy metals from contaminated soils and groundwater have been discovered by microbiologists from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory (1996-09-17)

Michigan's Antrim Shale Is Full Of Bugs, Say U-M Geologists
Research on the Antrim Shale deposits in northern Michigan shows that, under the correct conditions, microbial activity can generate significant volumes of natural gas in organic- rich shales at shallow depths between 300 and 1,800 feet. Published in theSept. 12 issue of Nature (1996-09-16)

Page 16 of 16 | 608 Results
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