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Programmed death boosts business
As credits crunch, recession bites and business struggle to stay primed, researchers in Spain suggest that a more surgical approach to management and business practice is needed if a company is to survive. Writing in the International Journal of Management Practice from Inderscience Publishers, the team explains how businesses could take a cue from nature to them restructure. (2008-05-08)

ACP says Medicare cuts will hurt physicians in small practices
Noting that many physicians across the country who lead small practices are at a business breaking point, David M. Dale, MD, FACP, president of the American College of Physicians testified today before the House Small Business Committee. Dr. Dale emphasized that practices are medicine's small businesses, where much of their revenue is tied directly to Medicare's flawed reimbursement rates and formulas. (2008-05-08)

IEEE Homeland Security Conference Business Panel to feature experts on technology commercialization
The 2008 IEEE International Conference on Technologies for Homeland Security will feature a (2008-05-07)

Howe School conference: 'The Rebirth of Location-Based Services -- The Next Great Idea,' May 12
The Howe School of Technology Management at Stevens Institute of Technology and the investment bank of Kaufman Brothers will host the May 12 conference, (2008-05-05)

In a global economy, trust is a critical commodity
In the global economy, corporate collaboration is becoming a necessity, making trust critical to the success of joint business ventures. A University of Missouri study examined the effects of trust at three distinct organizational levels and found that business executives should strive to build and maintain trust to improve performance. Building that trust may include consideration of staffing, special compensation and adjusted management processes. (2008-05-01)

Aquaculture concept leaves judges 'goggle eyed'
Ronald Hoenig and Aaron Welch, graduate students at the University of Miami Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, won first place in the High-Potential Venture category at this year's 6th Annual Leigh Rothschild Entrepreneurship Competition. They won for their sustainable aquaculture concept designed to produce and sell valuable bait fish, known locally as the (2008-04-28)

ENDO 08: Latest news on hormones, steroids, obesity, diabetes and more
The Endocrine Society's 90th Annual Meeting -- ENDO 08 -- will be held at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco, Calif., June 15-18, 2008. (2008-04-23)

BP funds scholarship for University of Houston to help fill industry ranks
A $750,000 grant from one of the world's largest energy companies, BP America, will help the University of Houston recruit and offer scholarships to students in engineering, sciences, mathematics and business. (2008-04-23)

Data mining personnel
Research to be published in a forthcoming issue of the International Journal of Business Information Systems, an Inderscience publication, researchers in India explain how personnel data mining could improve businesses. (2008-04-22)

What Aristotle could teach your business
Public scandals, such as the Enron affair, the sub-prime mortgage problem, and the ensuing global credit crunch have led to dwindling confidence in the business world. A transatlantic study to be published in the International Journal of Business Excellence, an Inderscience publication, suggests that relearning the ancient notion of virtue could help bring business and society closer. (2008-04-15)

Entrepreneurial strategies have different implications for different actions
A new study published in the Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal illustrates the important implications that both Discovery Theory and Creation Theory have on the effectiveness of a variety of entrepreneurial actions within different contexts. (2008-04-03)

CIESE conference: Encouraging Students Towards STEM and IT Careers, April 1
The Center for Innovation in Engineering and Science Education at Stevens Institute of Technology will host the one-day conference for guidance counselors, (2008-03-28)

Stevens, IIT Delhi and University of Alabama host US-India Day, June 16
Stevens Institute of Technology, IIT Delhi and the University of Alabama will jointly host US-India Day as part of a three-day conference on flexible enterprises. (2008-03-25)

Money buys happiness when you spend on others: UBC and Harvard research
Researchers at the University of British Columbia and the Harvard Business School have found that it's possible to buy happiness after all: when you spend money on others. (2008-03-20)

Stevens' College of Arts and Letters to host annual symposium on Science, Technology and Values
The College of Arts and Letters at Stevens Institute of Technology will host an annual symposium that will bring together scholars from around the world to discuss various issues at the intersection of science, technology, and values. This year's conference, which is being organized by the program in philosophy and co-sponsored by the Howe School of Technology Management and the Center for Science Writings, will have as its theme (2008-03-17)

Center for Science Writings presents A Force of Nature: The Frontier Genius of Ernest Rutherford
The Center for Science Writings at Stevens Institute of Technology presents, (2008-03-07)

Trading on social responsibility
Two of the leading lights in the academic world of international management recently revealed their inner thoughts on a wide range of economics, business and social issues in the European Journal of International Management from Inderscience Publishers. (2008-03-07)

Certain factors influence entrepreneurial climate, MU study finds
A professor at the University of Missouri found entrepreneurial climate is directly associated with entrepreneurs' perceptions of fair treatment, level of local patronage, and the availability of business networks and high-speed internet. Positive perceptions of these factors reflected a successful environment. Other factors such as community quality of life, proximity to metro areas, local government support and the availability of business services and financial resources did not have a significant effect on entrepreneurs' success. (2008-03-07)

'Smart money' identifies superior mutual funds
A new study published in the Journal of Finance explores the economic significance of (2008-03-06)

Go with your gut -- intuition is more than just a hunch, says Leeds research
Most of us experience (2008-03-05)

Howe School conference: The Rebirth of Location-Based Services -- the Next Great Idea, May 12
The Howe School of Technology Management at Stevens Institute of Technology and the investment bank of Kaufman Brothers will host the May 12 conference, (2008-02-29)

Energy conference to highlight role of ethics, responsibility
As global energy consumption rises, the ethical stakes of environmental action -- or inaction -- may be rising with it. Experts from academia, business and the environmental community will converge on the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, this April to discuss these issues and more. (2008-02-26)

European research project to shape next generation Internet TV
P2P-Next, a pan-European conglomerate of 21 industrial partners, media content providers and research institutions, has received a 14 million euro grant from the European Union. The grant will enable the conglomerate to carry out a research project aiming to identify the potential uses of peer-to-peer technology for Internet television of the future. (2008-02-19)

Center for Science Writings presents: 'Big Fat Lies: The Truth about Diet, Exercise and Obesity'
The Center for Science Writings at Stevens Institute of Technology presents, (2008-01-30)

Springer launches Springer Protocols
Springer Science+Business Media has announced the release of Springer Protocols, a protocol database of more than 18,000 searchable online protocols in life sciences and biomedicine. The protocols provide step-by-step (2008-01-24)

Solar energy technology licensed
Making solar energy cheaper and more efficient is the aim of a new licensing deal between the University of California, Davis, and Q1 NanoSystems. The university and the company, based in West Sacramento, Calif., have agreed terms for exclusive licensing of a package of jointly-owned intellectual property stemming from inventions both on and off campus. (2008-01-16)

Humana Press journals now available on SpringerLink
SpringerLink, Springer's electronic content platform, has integrated the complete journal portfolio of Humana Press. The portfolio is made up of 24 high-quality peer-reviewed journals in life sciences and clinical medicine. All journals are indexed by the major abstracting services. (2008-01-14)

Biofuels beyond crops: The future of green energy
This UC-San Diego symposium brings together scientists and industry experts in the field of green energy. (2008-01-07)

EUREKA's role in the ERA debated at Slovenian EU Permanent Representation
At the dawn of Slovenia's EU Presidency, EUREKA and its Slovenian Chairmanship team have emphasised the important role the initiative plays within the European Research Area, particularly responding to the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises. In collaboration with the Slovenian Permanent Representation in Brussels and the Slovenian Business and Research Association, EUREKA organised an interactive discussion on its contribution to the ERA. (2007-12-20)

Stevens' Center for Maritime Systems acquires advanced research equipment from DURIP
The Center for Maritime Systems at Stevens Institute of Technology recently acquired three pieces of advanced research equipment through a $522,450 grant from the Defense University Research Instrumentation Program. The first piece of equipment, the Computerized Numerically Controlled machine, was installed on Thursday, Dec. 6, 2007, and will be used for constructing ship models, appendages and other hydrodynamic research equipment. (2007-12-20)

Luftman's research published in MIS Quarterly Executive
Stevens Institute of Technology Professor Dr. Jerry Luftman has published the article, (2007-12-13)

3rd European Conference on Sensory and Consumer Research in September 2008
Elsevier, the world-leading publisher of scientific, technical and medical information products and services is pleased to announce that it will hold the Third European Conference on Sensory and Consumer Research on Sept. 7-10, 2008. (2007-12-11)

Manoochehri to co-chair ASME conference in August 2008
Dr. Souran P. Manoochehri, associate dean for research and technology at Stevens Institute of Technology's Schaefer School of Engineering and Science, will serve as general conference co-chair at the American Society of Mechanical Engineers' annual conference. The ASME will host its 2008 ASME International Design Engineering Technical Conference and Computers and Information in Engineering Conference, from Aug. 3-6, at the New York Marriot at Brooklyn Bridge in New York City. (2007-12-06)

Stevens' Howe School presents Law and Entrepreneurship Conference, Dec. 10-11
Stevens Institute of Technology's Law & Entrepreneurship Program will hold a two-day conference on (2007-11-30)

How to get a man to enjoy a chick flick
Is there any way to get a man to savour a melodramatic, so-called (2007-11-27)

Stevens' ASEM undergraduate chapter wins Founders Award at ASEM annual meeting
Stevens Institute of Technology's American Society for Engineering Management undergraduate chapter won the Founders Award for best chapter at the ASEM's annual meeting and conference. (2007-11-20)

Stevens Howe School professors receive Bright Ideas Awards
Four professors from Stevens Institute of Technology's School of Technology Management have received the Bright Ideas Award from the New Jersey Policy Research Organization and the Stillman School of Business at Seton Hall University. Sherwat Ibrahim, M. Hosein Fallah and Richard R. Reilly received the Bright Ideas Award for Innovation, and Christine Bullen received the award for Information Technology. (2007-11-19)

First International Conference on Abrasive Processes in September 2008
Elsevier, world-leading publisher of scientific, technical and medical information products and services is pleased to announce that it will hold the First International Conference on Abrasive Processes in Cambridge, on Sept. 21-25, 2008. (2007-11-15)

Springer titles to be preserved by Portico
Portico is pleased to announce the signing of an agreement with Springer to preserve 824 titles from its online journals collection. Additional journals published with partner societies and other third parties will be incorporated into the agreement over time. Through this agreement with Portico, Springer ensures that its online journals are preserved and available for future scholars, researchers and students. Springer has also agreed to make an annual financial contribution to Portico. (2007-11-14)

New operations research paper tackles problems facing confidential databases
As database managers for Web sites like the New Zealand census bureau have begun releasing a wide variety of information online, new operations research techniques are helping to balance the public's right to know with the need to maintain online security, according to a new study in Operations Research, a flagship journal of The Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences. (2007-11-13)

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