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British TV Medical Dramas Are More Realistic Than Their American Counterparts
Dr. Patrick Gordon and colleagues from South Cleveland Hospital, Middlesbrough report that the overall survival rate of patients after CPR in British television medical dramas seems to be more realistic than in American programmes, such as ER, Chicago Hope and Baywatch which tend to portray over- optimistic survival rates (over three-quarters of patients pull through). (1998-09-18)
OHSU Study Shows Bright Pink Form Effective In Helping Patients Communicate End-Of-Life Care Wishes
A bright pink form developed and widely distributed in Oregon has been effective in helping terminally ill patients set limits on aggressive life-extending treatments.Results of a study on the Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment form are being published this week. (1998-09-02)
Casinos And Airplanes Better Equipped Than Most Doctor's Offices To Handle Cardiac Arrest
Compact devices that shock the heart into a correct rhythm to treat cardiac arrest are found on many firetrucks, police cars and even in casinos. (1997-11-12)
Blunt Blows From Baseballs, Hockey Pucks Cause Sudden Death In Young Athletes
Young athletes who drop dead without warning of unsuspected heart defects are widely publicized. (1997-11-12)
Mouth-To-Mouth Ventilation's Role In CPR Questioned
An expert panel suggests that in adult cardiac arrest, mouth- to-mouth ventilation as a part of CPR rarely helps and may even harm the patient. (1997-09-16)
Magnesium In CPR Benefits Brains, Not Hearts
Researchers have discovered that the use of magnesium during cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) appears to benefit the brains of patients, not their hearts.Physicians at Duke University Medical Center found that an injection of magnesium during CPR does not help restart the heart, as was commonly believed, but seemed to protect neurological functioning in those who recovered. (1997-03-18)
New Kind of Chaperone Discovered: AIDS Hormone Detection
A new kind of molecular chaperone has been disovered by research teams at Northwestern University and the University of Regensberg. (1996-12-05)
Study Finds TV Portrayals Of CPR Are Misleading
A study of three popular television programs, reported in the June 13 issue of The New England Journal of Medicine, has found that TV portrayals of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) are two to five times more successful than real-life situations, according to researchers at the Durham VA Medical Center, Duke University Medical Center and the University of Chicago (1996-06-13)
Page 11 of 11 | 408 Results
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