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Parkinsons brain implant treatment leaves no damage
A postmortem study at the Hospital of the Univeristy of Pennsylvania demonstrates that deep brain stimulation (DBS) used to suppress tremors in Parkinson's disease causes no anatomical damage to the brain. DBS, which involves brain implantation, has become the treatment of choice when tremors are essential and medically intractable. (2000-09-10)

About half of voters prefer candidates of particular gender
Slightly more than half the people in a recent study said they were inclined to vote for candidates of a particular gender in a race between two equally qualified contestants. A survey found that 63 percent of women had a gender preference, as did 51 percent of men. (2000-08-31)

Want to increase voter turnout? Give them a candidate to hate
It will take more to get Americans to the polls this Election Day than a presidential candidate they really like. A new study suggests people will be more likely to vote if they actively dislike George Bush or Al Gore. (2000-08-31)

This year's presidential race could forever change campaigning
While the outcomes of this summer's political conventions are predictable, the same cannot be said for the campaigns each candidate will wage this fall. The just-completed Republican convention sets the stage for a presidential campaign that will leave the public exhausted, tired of negative advertisements and vowing to find new ways -- such as the Internet -- to learn about the candidates and talk with fellow voters. (2000-08-03)

Men, women treated differently for heart attacks
University of Washington researchers found gender-based differences in treatment of elderly patients suffering an acute myocardial infarction. Women are less likely to receive early treatment following a heart attack and are more likely to be assigned a do-not-resuscitate order during their hospital stay. There are other differences as well. (2000-07-04)

DFG approves 14 new research training units
The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) is setting up 14 new Research Training Units. One of the new units aims at providing a novel type of academic qualification for medics. (2000-04-17)

AVAX Technologies' Australian joint venture signs contract manufacturing agreement
AVAX Technologies' Australian subsidiary, AVAX Australia Pty. Ltd., signed a contract manufacturing agreement with Bio Enterprises Pty. Ltd., Sydney, for the manufacture of AVAX's autologous cell vaccine M-Vax™ for the Australian market. AVAX recently received notice from Australia's Therapeutic Goods Administration that M-Vax for Stage III melanoma may be made available for commercial sale, subject only to licensure of a manufacturing facility. (2000-04-12)

New class of drugs for erectile dysfunction unveiled
Scientists at Bristol-Myers Squibb have identified a promising new class of drugs that may yield strong candidates for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (also known as impotence) that may be more potent and have fewer side effects than the popular Viagra®, they say. (2000-04-05)

Psychological test of unconscious candidate preference shows surprising results
A new website that measures candidate preferences shows a lack of association between people's conscious and unconscious preference for presidential candidates. The University of Washington-Yale website shows test takers have a conscious preference for underdogs John McCain and Bill Bradley, but unconsciously lean toward Al Gore and George Bush. (2000-02-23)

Northwestern mathematician to discuss voting paradoxes at AAAS meeting
Northwestern mathematician Donald G. Saari will present his research on voting paradoxes Friday, Feb. 18, at 4:35 p.m. at the 2000 AAAS Annual Meeting in Washington. He contends that in elections with three or more candidates the outcomes of such races may not accurately reflect voters' true wishes. (2000-02-13)

Revolutionary treatment for inoperable lung cancer
The Indiana University School of Medicine will be the first site in the nation to investigate a new non-invasive therapy that may help patients with medically inoperable, early-stage lung cancer. The new procedure, stereotactic body radiotherapy, utilizes intensity modulated photon radiation, 3-D imaging and stereotactic body mapping. (2000-02-03)

Winner of New Hampshire's primary may not be true choice of the people
With five Republican candidates vying to win the Feb. 1 presidential primary, the highly anticipated outcome may not accurately reflect voters' true wishes -- a paradox that can result from elections decided on a simple plurality where one person casts one vote, says Donald Saari, Pancoe Professor of Mathematics at Northwestern University. (2000-01-26)

Human Genome Sciences and Abgenix enter a broad collaboration to create fully human antibody therapeutics
Human Genome Sciences, Inc. (Nasdaq: HGSI) and Abgenix, Inc. (Nasdaq: ABGX) announced a collaboration and technology exchange to identify dozens of novel human antibody drug candidates for development and commercialization. Under this multi-year agreement, HGS has the right to use Abgenix's XenoMouse (TM) technology to generate fully human antibody drug candidates using HGS' proprietary novel targets. (1999-11-30)

Abgenix and Chiron enter Xenomouse Technology Collaboration, targets antibody products for autoimmune disease and cancer
Abgenix, Inc. (Nasdaq: ABGX) signed a research license and option agreement with Chiron, Inc. (Nasdaq: CHIR) under which Chiron will use Abgenix's XenoMouse (TM) technology to generate fully human monoclonal antibodies to an undisclosed antigen in the field of autoimmune diseases. Under a separate agreement, Chiron may use XenoMouse to generate antibodies on up to four cancer targets. (1999-11-30)

Avax Technologies and Neptunus International Holdings Limited execute joint venture agreement to market AC Vaccine™ Technology
AVAX Technologies executed a joint venture agreement with NIHL in Australia under the subsidiary AVAX Australia Pty. Ltd who will manufacture and market AVAX's autologous cancer vaccine for melanoma M-Vax™ in Australia and New Zealand. AVAX Australia has received $3.6 million AUD and will receive an additional $0.4 million AUD within thirty days from NIHL for the purchase of a 20% interest in the joint venture. (1999-11-30)

DFG invites applications for Communicator Award
For the first time the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) has invited applications for a highly endowed personal award for scientists who have done an excellent job in presenting the results of their scientific work to the public. The Communicator Award is endowed with DM 100,000, funded by the Donors' Association for the Promotion of Sciences and Humanities in Germany. (1999-11-02)

Abgenix Reports Positive Survival Data From A Phase II Trial Of ABX-CBL In Graft Versus Host Disease
Abgenix reports additional results of a Phase II clinical trial of ABX-CBL in graft versus host disease at ASCO. ABX- CBL is a proprietary in-licensed mouse antibody that binds to the CBL antigen. The CBL antigen is upregulated on activated immune cells, including T cells, B cells and natural killer cells. (1999-05-18)

Unveiling The Milky Way
Researchers have produced the largest, highest-resolution radio image ever of the Milky Way's center. (1999-02-01)

Ten Young Researchers Each Awarded $1 Million By McDonnell Foundation
(St. Louis, MO) - Ten early career researchers, whose work could shape our knowledge of the world around us, are now each the recipient of a $1 million research fellowship awarded to their sponsoring institution, by the McDonnell Foundation. (1999-01-28)

Relief Organisations Neglect Moral Support for Workers
Relief organisations are neglecting the psychological welfare of their field workers involved in complex humanitarian emergencies, says a report published in this week's BMJ. The authors recommend implementing a coordinated approach to their workers' training and management. (1999-01-08)

Novel Viral Vaccine Protects Aids In Animal Model
BioStratum has developed a viral vaccine that prevents AIDS in a monkey model whose course of infection very closely resembles the human form of the disease. BioStratum is forming a subsidiary, TheraVax to develop the vaccine into a therapeutic form that can be used to reduce the need for continued heavy doses of anti-HIV drug cocktails. (1998-11-11)

UB Researcher Developing Method That Employs "Evolution" To Identify New Drug Leads
A new drug-discovery method being developed by University at Buffalo researchers may be able to turn chemical libraries, arrays of compounds synthesized in the lab, into molecular (1998-05-22)

DFG To Set Up 32 New Postgraduate Research Groups - First "Virtual Research Group"
The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) has decided to set up 32 new postgraduate research groups from a total of 90 applications. Under this programme the DFG has been promoting - since 1990 - especially qualified doctoral candidates of all scientific disciplines, ranging from natural sciences and the humanities to biosciences and engineering sciences. (1998-05-15)

Heart Laser Surgery: An Alternative To Transplantation
Heart laser surgery replaces transplantation in patients with severe coronary artery disease. Patients receiving Transmyocardial Revascularization (TMR) experienced survival rates of 85% which compares favorably with survival at 1 year post transplant. TMR offers an alternative to transplant patients without the side effects of immunosuppression therapy and mortality associated with waiting for a transplant. (1998-04-17)

Sports Science: Bad knees? New UD Technique Reveals Who Can Safely 'Play Now And Get Fixed Later'
A new screening method helps determine which athletes with torn knee ligaments can safely delay surgery to complete a sports season, University of Delaware researchers reported today. (1998-03-19)

Chemist Turns To Self-Assembly To Create New Drugs
Using metal atoms as molecular matchmakers, University of Rochester chemist Benjamin Miller has devised a new way of forming a nearly endless variety of potential drugs, then plucking out the most promising candidates for further study. (1998-02-26)

How Important Are Medical Students' Final Examinations?
Students with the most clinical experience are not those who perform best in their finals, say McManus et al. If it is important in medical training for students to obtain as much clinical experience as possible, then final examinations require restructuring to assess and reward experience. Medical school recruitment should stress the need for deep learning abilities in addition to assessing potential candidates on their A level grades. (1998-01-30)

First Maryland Patient Gets New Device To Control Seizures
A 27-year-old Carroll County woman finally hopes to gain some control over her epileptic seizures with a new device implanted in her chest that sends electrical impulses to her brain via a nerve in her neck. In a surgical procedure at the University of Maryland Medical Center on December 15, Erinn Elizabeth Farver became the first person in Maryland to receive the new device, called a vagus nerve stimulator. (1997-12-17)

Women And Employees With Working Spouses Given Fewer Chances For Job Relocations, According To New Study
Women and employees with working spouses may be offered fewer chances to relocate because of a not-so-subtle bias among among employers, according to a new study by a psychologist at the University of Georgia. (1997-11-07)

New Theory, Technologies Expected To Step Up Detection Of Black Holes
Two University of Colorado at Boulder astrophysicists believe a theory they developed with Stanford University researchers may help pinpoint more black hole candidates in distant space when used in concert with a unique NASA satellite (1997-02-24)

House Incumbents Use Large Campaign Funds To Deter Challengers
U.S. House members prevent high-quality challengers from opposing them in elections by raising large campaign war chests. Every $100,000 an incumbent collects decreases by 16 percent the chance that a high-quality challenger will enter the race. This is the first academic study showing that an incumbentâs fundraising can discourage challengers (1996-07-12)

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