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Walking Speed Affects Post-Menopausal Women's Health
Different walking speeds get different health effects in post-menopausal women. Slow walkers burn more fat and increase sensitivity to insulin. Fast walkers secrete more growth hormone for strong bones and lean body mass, says University of Michigan pilot study. (1997-11-17)

Fish Diet Better Than Vegetarian Fare At Lowering Lipoprotein (A) -- One 'Bad' Fat
Eating fish -- lots of fish -- is better than a vegetarian diet in reducing the level of one heart-imperiling fat in the blood, an international research group reported today at the American Heart Association's 70th Scientific Sessions. (1997-11-11)

Researcher Figures Out How Tannins Block Nutrition
A Purdue University animal scientist Layi Adeola has figured out why livestock have trouble gaining weight on a diet of tannin-rich sorghum. His work eventually may help livestock, and people, get more nutrition out of lower-cost, tannin-rich grains. (1997-10-01)

American Association Of Cereal Chemists To Hold 82nd Annual Meeting
The world's largest gathering of cereal industry professionals will convene their 82nd Annual Meeting in San Diego, California, October 12-16, 1997, at the San Diego Convention Center. (1997-09-25)

Fiber In Diet Not Enough; American Heart Association Calling For Higher Intake To Fight Heart Disease
Americans are getting about half as much fiber in the diet as they need, according to a new report from the American Heart Association that appears today in its journal Circulation. Eating enough fiber-rich foods is part of a diet to lower blood cholesterol and the risk of heart disease, says Linda Van Horn, Ph.D., R.D., author of the article. (1997-06-16)

Eating After Exertion May Be A Key To Speeding Body's Recovery
A post-exercise meal containing amino acids and carbohydrates may speed your body's recovery and enhance peak-performance levels, according to University of Illinois scientists (1997-03-13)

Imbalances In Diet Can Reduce Testosterone, Muscle Strength
Imbalances in the diet can reduce levels of testosterone, a hormone necessary to increase the size and strength of muscles (1997-03-11)

Athletes Need Both Fat, Carbohydrates
One of an athlete's favorite beliefs -- fat is bad food, carbohydrates is good -- needs to be reexamined in the light of facts, according to the Penn State Sports Medicine Newsletter. (1997-03-11)

Creatine Plus Carbohydrates May Help Performance
The bad publicity surrounding steroids shold not blind athletes to the potential of a natural substance, creatine, to boost performance, particularly when taken with extra carbohydrates (1997-01-21)

UW Research May Lead To Contraceptive Gel To Prevent Chlamydia--The Most Prevalent Sexually Transmitted Disease
A University of Washington study may point the way to development of a contraceptive gel to prevent transmission of Chlamydia trachomatis, the most common cause of sexually transmitted disease. The findings, reported in the mid-December Journal of Clinical Investigation, identify the structure by which chlamydia bacteria attach to and infect cells. (1996-12-18)

Gut Microbes Have Surprising Powers Of Communication, Study Finds
Bacteria that make their home in the gut have unsuspected powers of communication that can influence their environment, a new study finds. Intestinal cells respond by making a favorite food for the microbes, researchers in St. Louis and Stockholm report in the September 6 issue of Science. (1996-09-06)

Sugar Does Not Cause Weight Gain, Mood Alterations
Healthy people can lose weight on a high-sugar, low-fat diet without experiencing mood changes or adverse health effects as long as they reduce their total caloric intake, according to a study at Duke University Medical Center. (1996-04-29)

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