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Wildlife Dying At The Doorsteps Of World's National Parks, Study Says
Hunting, collisions with automobiles and trucks, and diseases from domestic animals are killing grizzlies, tigers and other large predators at alarming rates when they leave the confines of national parks, according to a study by the Bronx Zoo-based Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and Cambridge University, and published in today's issue of the journal Science. (1998-06-25)

Many Dog Foods About Equal In Nutritional Value, Researchers Say
When it comes to feeding dogs, owners can look beyond the debate over food made with fresh meat, animal by-products or plant material. Pet nutritionists at the University of Illinois say that small-intestine digestibility and nutritive value are essentially equal, so the choice becomes what the master desires. (1997-10-31)

University of Cincinnati Biologists Find First Terrestrial Ecosystem That Survives Without Sun's Energy
University of Cincinnati biologists report in the June 27, 1996 issue of Science that an unusual Romanian Cave ecosystem survives and thrives without the sun. The system is most similar to deep sea hydrothermal vent communities. The news summary includes a (1996-06-27)

Page 10 of 10 | 363 Results
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