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Human Ancestors Went Out Of Africa And Then Came Back: NYU/SUNY-Albany Research Team Proposes Controversial New Model for Evolution of Humans
SUNY-Albany biologist Caro-Beth Stewart and NYU anthropologist Todd R. Disotell have proposed a controversial new model for the evolution of apes and humans, which together are called the hominoids. (1998-08-04)
Earlier Human Speech?
Duke University Medical Center anthropologists have offered anatomical evidence from skulls suggesting that human vocal abilities may have appeared much earlier in time than is suggested by the first archaeological evidence for speech. (1998-04-27)
Purdue Finding May Snuff Out The Sniffles
Purdue University scientists have unlocked the secrets of a receptor that the common cold virus uses as an entryway to infect human cells. (1998-04-14)
Similarities Found In Human, Chimp Brains; Columbia, Mount Sinai, NIH Scientists Find Region That Controls Language Identical In Both Species
Neuroscientists have found that a region of the brain thought to control language is proportionately the same size in humans and chimpanzees, disproving a theory that the brain section was enlarged only in humans. (1998-01-08)
One Chimp Can Perceive States Of Awareness In Others
Researchers discovered that chimpanzees may determine whether their partners know they are in, suggesting that chimps decide how ignorant or informed their peers are about an unexpected situation. (1997-08-29)
Scientists Create Hepatitis Infection
Scientists have infected animals with hepatitis C by inoculating them with copies of the virus's genetic material. (1997-07-24)
DNA Shows Neandertals Were Not Our Ancestors
A team of U.S. and German researchers has extracted mitochondrial DNA from Neandertal bone showing that the Neandertal DNA sequence falls outside the normal variation of modern humans. (1997-07-10)
Chimpanzees Protected From HIV-1 Infection By New DNA Vaccine
Using an innovative DNA-based vaccine, a research team led by University of Pennsylvania Medical Center scientists has successfully protected chimpanzees against massive doses of HIV-1, the virus that causes AIDS. (1997-04-30)
Sense Of "Self" And Ability To Play May Depend More On Social Background, According To New Study With Chimpanzees
A sense of self and the enjoyment of play may have more to do with rearing history than was previously thought, according to a new study by a graduate student at the University of Georgia (1997-04-07)
Clear-Cutting In Central Africa
The U.S. must play a key role in saving central Africa's tropical forests, now in sudden peril due to an unprecedented land rush by high-volume logging companies, according to Michael Fay, a conservation biologist with the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) headquartered at the Bronx Zoo. (1997-03-21)
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