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Protein Strengthens Link Between Addiction And Long-Term Memory
Johns Hopkins scientists have discovered a new protein, called Homer, that becomes active in rat brain cells during exposure to cocaine and during a lab model of long-term memory creation (1997-03-27)

Harvard Researchers Topple Old Premise On Drug Discovery
For the past forty years, drug discovery efforts were guided by a basic principle: any compound considered for work in the brain needed to have a nitrogen atom built into its structure. Harvard Medical School researchers report in the December issue of Synapse that the nitrogen isn't indispensable after all. (1996-12-01)

Cocaine Self-Administration Alters Gene Expression
Scientists at Yerkes Primate Research Center of Emory University reveal at this week's Society for Neuroscience meeting that cocaine significantly alters the activity of nearly 20 genes in the brain, many of which have never before been identified (1996-11-22)

PET Scans Show Link Between Cocaine And Heroin Addictions
Researchers at Johns Hopkins and the National Institute on Drug Abuse have the first direct evidence that the brain's own natural opiate system is deeply involved in cocaine addiction and craving. (1996-11-06)

Neutron Technique May Help Coal, Cement Industries
A nonintrusive inspection technique, developed by DOE's Oak Ridg National Laboratory and Western Kentucky University researchers, can analyze the content of coal and cement and detect explosives and drugs (1996-10-17)

Brookhaven National Lab Named Drug Addiction Study Center
The biochemical origins of drug addiction, and possible ways to block those addictions, will be the focus at a new study center using PET imaging at the U.S. Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory.To be funded by White House Drug Policy Office, NIH Drug Institute & DOE (1996-10-15)

New Synthesis Method Produces Potential Treatment For Cocaine Addiction, Other Potent Biological Compounds
A breakthrough in basic chemistry achieved by University at Buffalo scientists is being applied to develop a variety of new chemical structures, including a compound to treat cocaine addiction being studied at the National Institute of Drug Abuse. The new method was described today at the national meeting of the American Chemical Society (1996-08-27)

Maternal Exposure To Crack Cocaine Produces Stressed Newborns
New testing techniques help resolve confusion about infants born to women who smoke crack cocaine during pregnancy. Crack produces excitable, stressed infants but might not cause hemorrhages, lesions and brain damage as previously thought (1996-08-14)

Gene-Altered Mouse May Provide New Insights To Parkinson's Disease, Substance Abuse And Schizophrenia
Researchers at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute at Duke University Medical Center have deleted the gene for a crucial molecular component of a mouse's nervous system and created an animal that, in essence, mimics a person constantly high on illicit drugs (1996-04-29)

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