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Researcher wins $2.6 million grant for depression care study
With the nation's economic crisis contributing to greater workplace stress, providing effective mental health care for employees may be more important than ever. (2009-03-17)

Researchers predict click-through behavior in Web searches
In the world of search engines, clicks mean cash, and in a sluggish economy, companies can benefit by maximizing click-throughs to their Web sites from search engines. (2009-03-11)

Technological competence not sufficient for success in the digital gaming machine industry
The shift from electromechanical to digital technology generated a lot of opportunities for the gaming industry, but it simultaneously created a new set of prerequisites for success. Technological competence is not sufficient, it is also necessary to understand how the changed market functions, according to Mirko Ernkvist at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. (2009-03-03)

New design means cheaper, more sustainable construction
People are always looking for ways to make something less expensive and more environmentally friendly -- and a team of researchers from North Carolina State University has figured out how to do both of those things at once when raising the large scale buildings of the future. (2009-03-03)

World Health Care Congress to convene preeminent leaders for 3 days on rebuilding health care
The World Health Care Congress will gather top CEOs from health care, business and government for discussion, analysis and announcements on the present and future of health care. (2009-03-02)

AZTI-Tecnalia coordinates a platform promoting the use of zebrafish in scientific research
AZTI-Tecnalia is coordinating the First Spanish Technological Platform on the promotion of zebrafish as an animal model in all fields of scientific research. (2009-02-18)

Global effort to extract more oil and gas
A University of Adelaide petroleum geologist is spearheading an international project to extract more oil and gas from the ground, potentially saving companies billions of dollars. (2009-02-17)

Cheap love costs the Earth
Ecology and conservation biologist at the University of Leicester, Dr. David Harper, who has conducted research for over 25 years at Lake Naivasha in Kenya, today warned that cut-price Valentine roses exported for sale in the UK were (2009-02-13)

Basic research critical to America's economic recovery
The Science Coalition today urged Congress to move swiftly to pass economic recovery legislation that includes strong funding for key science agencies including the National Science Foundation, the Department of Energy Office of Science, NASA and National Institute of Standards and Technology. While the House-passed version of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act included vital investments for these agencies, those funding levels were decreased in the Senate-passed version. (2009-02-11)

Concerns over EC plans to allow drug firms to talk directly to patients
Plans by the European Commission to allow drug companies to give information on prescription drugs to the public is troubling for the future objective use and funding of medicines, warn medical students in a letter to this week's BMJ. (2009-01-27)

GEN reports on growing reliance on microfluidics technology
Biotechnology companies are building on what they have learned about microfluidics techniques over the past decade and are expected to drive this market toward $1.9 billion in three years, reports Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News. (2009-01-22)

Microbes fuel energy debate
Microbes may well be the answer to our global energy crisis. By fermenting biomass to produce biofuels, they offer a possible climate-friendly solution to the anticipated shortfall in fossil fuel supply. A review by Professor Arnold Demain from Drew University in New Jersey on how microbes could be used to salvage the energy crisis has just been published online Springer's Journal of Industrial Microbiology & Biotechnology. (2009-01-22)

Moves to make more prescription drugs available over the counter won't help patients or doctors
Government plans to make certain prescription-only drugs for common problems available over the counter have overwhelmingly been given the thumbs down by healthcare professionals, reveals a survey of readers of the influential Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin. (2009-01-13)

The UK government's obesity initiative and ill-judged partnerships
An editorial in this week's Lancet criticizes the strategy of the three-year anti-obesity initiative launched by the UK government in the new year. The campaign aims to make the UK the (2009-01-08)

Logical reversal
During an economic downturn companies, particularly in the computer sector, could gain an advantage of their competitors by adopting reverse logistics, according to researchers writing in the International Journal of Environment and Sustainable Development. (2009-01-07)

Nutritious fast-food kids' meals are scarce, researchers find
Only three percent of kids' meals served at fast-food restaurants met federal dietary guidelines in the first study to examine the nutrient quality of such meals in a major US metropolitan market. The small percentage of meals that did meet dietary guidelines included fruit as a side dish and milk, and nearly all were deli-sandwich meals. (2008-12-22)

Stevens' professor Lynn receives 2009 Research Publication Award
Stevens Institute of Technology professor Gary S. Lynn was recognized as one of the most prolific scholars in the world for his research on technology innovation by the International Association for the Management of Technology. The award is based on his research in the area for the past five years. This is the second time Dr. Lynn won this award. The first time was in 2003. (2008-12-17)

Iowa State Biobased Industry Center studies carbon emissions, other industry issues
Iowa State University's new Biobased Industry Center will support interdisciplinary research of the biorenewables industry and its economic, policy, business, social and workforce issues. The center is now sponsoring four studies, including three studies related to carbon emissions. (2008-12-12)

Drug marketing techniques may be risking patient safety
With new drugs being reviewed by regulatory agencies and then released onto the market faster than ever before, patients' safety is being compromised, warns a study published on today. (2008-12-02)

Professor Luftman and SIM release full results of annual IT industry survey at SIMposium 2008
The current economic crisis is forcing companies to quickly evaluate and modify their business models, but unlike previous economic downtrends, the information technology organizations are not feeling the cuts as quickly as in the past, according to a newly released survey. (2008-11-26)

Expert says layoffs could worsen economic woes
Widespread layoffs that stem corporate financial losses but leave workers out in the cold would deepen the looming recession that sparked them, a University of Illinois labor expert warns. (2008-11-24)

International dairy award goes to researcher from Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Copenhagen
Professor Ylva Ardo, Faculty of Life Sciences, has been granted the prestigious 2008 IDF Award for her significant contribution to dairy research worldwide. Professor Ardo is the first woman and the first researcher from Scandinavia to receive the award. The award was presented during the IDF Open Forum on Present and Future Work, at the International Dairy Federation World Dairy Summit in Mexico. (2008-11-19)

Affordable medicine plan goes global
The Health Impact Fund, an innovative plan to get new life-saving drugs into the hands of millions of people around the world who need medicines but can't afford the massive costs will be unveiled to key decision makers in London and Washington over the coming weeks by authors from University of Calgary, Yale and Princeton. (2008-11-14)

Researchers find new way of measuring 'reality' of virtual worlds
A research team, led by North Carolina State University's Dr. Mitzi M. Montoya, has developed a new way of measuring how (2008-10-29)

How drug companies covertly promote off-label drug use
In an article in this week's PLoS Medicine, two physician researchers describe the techniques that drug companies use to covertly promote off-label use, even when such promotion is illegal. (2008-10-27)

Reducing CEOs' option-based compensation decreases risky investments
A recent University of Missouri study provides evidence that decreasing stock option-based compensation of chief executive officers after companies' earnings restatements results in a decrease of risky investments and improved profitability. (2008-10-22)

Missing person
Dutch-sponsored researcher Krisztian Balog has developed a computer program that speeds up the process of finding the right person in an organization's network. This technique can also make it easier to search for specific people on the Internet. (2008-10-15)

Rochester companies, researchers highlighted during OSA Frontiers in Optics Annual Meeting
Innovations from dozens of local companies will be highlighted during the Optical Society's Annual Meeting, Frontiers in Optics 2008, scheduled for Oct. 19-23 at the Riverside Convention Center in Rochester. The meeting will take place alongside Laser Science XXIV, the annual meeting of the American Physical Society's Division of Laser Science. (2008-10-15)

Science survey ranks top biopharma employers
Science's annual survey of Top Employers polls employees in the biotechnology, biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical and related industries. Respondents to the web-based survey are asked to rate companies based on 23 driving characteristics, including financial strength, easy adaptation to change, and a research-driven environment. (2008-10-09)

Rice research gets high marks
Rice University has leapt to the forefront of American research universities for the impact on industry of its accumulated patents, according to a company that analyzes intellectual property. (2008-10-08)

Should companies with unhealthy products be regulated to protect health?
Should businesses that sell products which are responsible for a huge numbers of deaths, illness and injury, such as tobacco and junk food, be held accountable and made to improve public health? Two experts debate the issue on today. (2008-10-02)

New recommendations for better corporate portfolio management
Distinguished panel explores obstacles and best practices. (2008-09-25)

Tobacco companies paid movie stars millions in celebrity endorsement deals
Tobacco companies paid the Hollywood A-listers of the 1930s and 1940s millions of dollars in today's money to endorse particular brands of cigarette, under contract, reveals research in Tobacco Control. (2008-09-24)

Political views affect firms' corporate social responsibility
Firms in Democratic states tend to have a higher corporate social responsibility rating than those in Republican ones. (2008-09-17)

The language of luxury
Virtually every population in the world has at least one thing in common: multinational companies are vying for their attention. From General Mills in India to Godiva Chocolate in Paraguay, advertising is one of the most significant expenditures companies make the world over. University of Minnesota researcher Rohini Ahluwalia asks (2008-09-17)

3-D technology signals global growth for Durham University spin-out firm
Durham University spin-out company Reinnervate, which is revolutionizing the way cells are grown in the laboratory, is preparing for commercial manufacture and global sales after securing £750,000 funding in a deal led by NorthStar Equity Investors, a venture capital firm specializing in early-stage high-growth technologies. (2008-09-11)

Putting a 'Korset' on the spread of computer viruses
A Tel Aviv University invention stays one step ahead of anti-virus software. (2008-09-09)

A reputation for innovation
Louisiana Tech University continues to outpace the national average in several measures of innovation productivity and delivering new ideas to the marketplace. (2008-09-09)

Candy-coating keeps proteins sweet
Researchers at NIST have developed a fast, inexpensive and effective method for evaluating the sugars pharmaceutical companies use to stabilize protein-based drugs for storage at room temperature. (2008-08-19)

FSU, Magnet Lab researchers license critical petroleum data
As gas prices soar, scientists at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory at Florida State University are marketing research that will enable petroleum companies to locate, analyze and process crude oil much faster, cheaper and more accurately. (2008-07-31)

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