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By Counting To 10, Neurologists May Be Able To Count On Better Diagnosis For Stroke Patients
Concerns about excessive bleeding in the brain -- a consequence of using a clot-dissolving drug in some stroke patients -- have led researchers to develop a 10-point system that neurologists may be able to use to take the guesswork out of when to use this drug. (1999-02-06)

More Primary Care Physicians Now Treating Depression
Contrary to criticism in scientific literature, most primary care physicians do a good job of diagnosing and treating depression, according to a national survey. However, obstetrician-gynecologists, who provide primary care for many women of child-bearing age -- a group at high risk for depression -- lag behind, probably because they get less specialized training in depression. (1999-01-14)

For High-Volume Chest Pain Centers, Aggressive Use Of Nuclear Imaging Technology Saves Money, Shortens Hospital Says
Hospital emergency departments that see many potential heart attack patients could reduce health care costs and patient stays by using nuclear imaging technologies in a more aggressive manner to identify patients at the highest risk for heart attack, a pilot study has shown. (1998-11-10)

The European Medicines Evaluation Agency: Open To Criticism
Dr. Kamran Abbasi, Assistant Editor of the BMJ and Dr. Andrew Herxheimer, of the UK Cochrane Centre, argue that the European Medicines Evaluation Agency needs an independent and more thorough system of data collection and appraisal so that doctors and patients can have greater confidence in the drug licensing system. (1998-10-02)

UF Psychologists: Computer Anxiety New Illness Of High-Tech Age
To the fear of math, flying and other stressful problems of modern high-tech life add 'computerphobia,' say University of Florida psychologists. Just as a single bad experience can discourage people from balancing a checkbook, calculating a tip or doing other simple math tasks, it also can lead to computer anxiety, said UF psychologists who have seen some computer-anxious students. (1998-07-30)

Study Finds Dramatic Distorting Effect Of Law Enforcement Feedback To Eyewitnesses In Criminal Cases
A new study published in the American Psychological Association's Journal of Applied Psychology finds that informing eyewitnesses that they've made the correct choice when viewing a line-up or photospread can dramatically distort their memories of how confident they really were in making their choice. The result: a more credible, but possibly completely innaccurate witness. (1998-05-31)

Communication Between Doctors And Asthma Patients Is Key
Good communication between patient and doctor is as important to staying out of the hospital as getting the right asthma medicine, a new study by a University of Michigan research shows. (1998-05-13)

Confident Committee Not Always Best At Solving Problem, Scholars Say
A decision made with beaming confidence by a committee may not necessarily be the best solution, University of Illinois researchers have found. One may need to consider the type of problem and individual influences within the group. (1997-10-03)

False Identification: New Research Seeks To Inoculate Eyewitnesses Against Errors
More than 75,000 people become crime suspects each year in the United States based on being identified from lineups and photo spreads. Some identifications will be false and lead to mistaken arrests and imprisonments (1997-01-03)

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