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Revealing the origins of morality -- good and evil, liberal and conservative
In a review to be published in the May 18 issue of the journal Science, a University of Virginia social-psychologist, discusses a new consensus scientists are reaching on the origins and mechanisms of morality. (2007-05-17)
Public wants young offenders tried in juvenile courts despite policymakers' get-tough stance
The juvenile justice system emerged a century ago out of the belief that young offenders were less culpable and more salvageable than their adult counterparts, but today, that system is under attack by get-tough policymakers claiming wide public support that Florida State University criminologists in Tallahassee, Fla. say simply doesn't exist. (2007-02-19)
Most US adults in favor of more balanced approach to sex education in schools
The majority of US adults, regardless of political affiliation, support a more balanced approach to sex education in schools, including teaching children about both abstinence and other methods of preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, according to the results of a national survey published in the November issue of Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, one of the JAMA/Archives journals. (2006-11-06)
White on white: Nation's first ever 'whiteness' survey provides new insight on race
What whites think about their own race is the focus of a first-of-its-kind national survey by researchers in the University of Minnesota's department of sociology. (2006-09-06)
New analysis of networks reveals surprise patterns in politics, the web
A new computer analysis technique developed at the University of Michigan that separates networks into communities yielded some surprises when used on real-world networks like political books, blogs, and metabolic systems. (2006-05-24)
Survey links altruism and romantic love
In the nation's first survey of altruistic love, scholars have found that people who have strong feelings of love for people in general are more likely to have strong romantic relationships. (2006-02-09)
Government plans for NHS more aggressive than Tories ever were
The Government's use of private health care in the NHS is a much more open and aggressive version of the (2005-11-10)
AAAS 'respectfully declines' invitation to controversial Kansas evolution hearing
AAAS on Monday declined an invitation from the Kansas Board of Education to appear at a May hearing on teaching evolution in public schools after concluding that the event is likely to sow confusion rather than understanding among the public. (2005-04-12)
MRSA: Political point-scoring over hospital cleanliness ignores the real issue
Political point-scoring over policies to control MRSA (meticillin-resistant Staphlococcus aureus) confuses cleanliness with the real failure in UK hospitals - poor hand hygiene and inadequate use of gloves, states an editorial in this week's issue of THE LANCET. (2005-03-31)
Study: Post-9/11 TV news drove liberals toward a harder line
Liberals who gleaned most of their news from television in the days after the Sept. (2005-03-09)
British conservatives should beware of Australian health service reforms
Australia is held up as a model of how to increase use of private health care in the United Kingdom. (2005-02-10)
Devolution has meant more producer-driven policies in Cardiff and Edinburgh
The national Labour party has given considerable freedom to the Scottish and Welsh Labour parties to develop distinctive policies in their devolved administrations, contrary to expectations that policy would be controlled from London. (2004-05-10)
New biography details adventures of 'Fritz Muller, A Naturalist in Brazil'
While studying non-toxic butterflies that have evolved to mimic toxic butterflies, David West became familiar with Fritz Muller, a pivotal figure in the history of Darwinism and the development of the theory of evolution. (2003-06-16)
Traditional local campaigning can boost polling day turnout
Strong local political party campaigns play an important role in influencing electoral turnout in all safe and marginal constituencies on polling day. (2003-05-01)
Think political news is biased? Depends who you ask
Are the news media politically biased against people with (2003-04-16)
States with higher proportions of black citizens more likely to have death penalty, study finds
States with larger proportions of African Americans are more likely to have the death penalty on the books than states with smaller black populations, according to a new study. (2002-03-04)
Candidates in the Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly elections
During the Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly elections, political parties began to use a variety of ways to choose candidates and to ensure the adequate selection of women.This produced differing results and caused considerable conflict within the politcial parties, according to new ESRC-funded research. (2001-05-01)
New Study Finds Reporters Liberal, But Not Biased Against Governers
Are reporters who cover state politics liberal? Are they biased in their reporting, as conservatives have charged?Well...yes and no, according to a University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill political expert who has studied those questions. (1996-12-31)
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