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Duke Mathematician To Describe Hopes For String Theory
Duke University mathematician David Morrison says he is applying his expertise in algebraic geometry to the exotic field of string theory in a quest for simplicity. (1998-02-16)

The Role Of Models: From Anthropology To Particle Physics
Aristotle is a good example of how physicists use models to learn how the world works. His mistake was in accepting the model as truth without comparing it to events in the real world. Our job as scientists is to test many models to see which model nature selected in real life. (1998-02-15)

"When Will It All End"?: A Carnegie Mellon Astrophysicist's Answer To The Ultimate Fate Of The Universe
When will it all end? (1998-02-12)

Pathfinder Photos Show Role Of Water On Mars
After studying more than 9,500 images taken during the acclaimed Mars Pathfinder mission, scientists report in Science (Dec. 5) that surface photographs provide strong geological and geochemical evidence that fluid water was once present on the red planet. (1997-12-04)

Four-Year, Nationwide Study Sharp Race andGender Differences in Incidence of ''AcademicDisidentification'
African American boys, compared with Whites, Hispanics and African American girls, are (1997-12-01)

SFU Business Scholar Wins U.S. Award For Competition Research
The American Society for Competitiveness (ASC) has presented its prestigious 1997 Award for Advanced Global Competitiveness Research to international business scholar Rosalie Tung of Simon Fraser University. Tung has gained worldwide recognition for her research on international human resource management and cross-cultural management. (1997-11-28)

New Book Reviews The Evolution Of Home Economics
A new book from Cornell University Press, (1997-09-29)

Professor Explores The 'Talk Of Therapy'
What's occurring at the (1997-09-18)

National Poll: Americans' Skepticism About Their Government Is Increasing
Sixty-six percent of Americans believe people are more angry with the federal government than they used to be and only 25 percent believe the government is making their lives better, according to a recent national poll at Ohio University. (1997-09-02)

UB And IBM Researchers Report First Experimental Proof Of Maverick Theory Of High-Temperature Superconductivity
Using a thallium thin film fabricated at the University at Buffalo, researchers at UB, IBM and Université Paris-sud have the first irrefutable proof that d-wave theory is entirely responsible for high-temperature superconductivity. Their findings will be reported in the May 29 issue of Nature. (1997-05-28)

SFSU Researchers Discover New Planet With Oblong Orbit
A remarkable new planet around a solar-like star (16 Cygni B) has been discovered by Drs. Geoff Marcy and Paul Butler of SFSU, and Drs. Bill Cochran and Artie Hatzes of the University of Texas -- two teams working independently. This planet orbits its star with the most extreme (1996-10-22)

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