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New drug relieves symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome in females
A Mayo Clinic-led study found that a new drug called alosetron (ah-loss'-e-tron) improves pain relief and bowel function in women with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). It specifically helped patients who experienced diarrhea or altered bowel habits, not patients with constipation. (1999-10-31)

New Treatment Successful With Hepatitis C
An inexpensive new treatment for hepatitis C, a disease that afflicts 1-2 percent of the population, is more effective than the standard therapy, according to a recent study. (1998-05-22)

Identification Of Brain Areas Could Help Eliminate Side Effects Of Pain Medication
Researchers at Penn State's College of Medicine have identified a set of neurons in the brain that may contribute to some of the undesirable side effects of pain medication. (1998-05-08)

UPCI Researchers Find Drug Improves Cancer-Fighting Ability Of Vitamin D
A steroid drug enhances the ability of a vitamin D analogue to kill cancer in animals while reducing a life-threatening buildup of blood calcium associated with this treatment, according to University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute researchers, who are now using a steroid with 1,25-D3 to treat advanced cancer in patients. (1998-01-20)

Popular 'Cure-All' Tea Can Cause Toxic Reactions
Kombucha tea, a popular alternative health beverage that has been touted as a cure for everything from wrinkles to cancer, has landed at least four people in the hospital with dangerous side effects ranging from nausea to jaundice. (1997-10-08)

Finished Your Lunch? Now Eat The Wrapper
CSIRO scientists have discovered that the kind of 'resistant starch' now being used to make environmentally-friendly packaging can also boost health-giving bacteria in the human bowel. (1997-09-08)

Cancer-Pain Remedy Wins Orphan-Drug Status
The FDA has granted orphan drug status to methylnaltrexone, a medication invented at the University of Chicago that blocks the troubling side effects of morphine without decreasing pain relief. Orphan status benefits those who develop drugs to treat rare diseases. Clinical trials will begin at two sites later this year (1996-07-15)

Page 10 of 10 | 367 Results
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