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Global aluminium waste headache solved
An Australian research team has solved one of the world's big industrial waste headaches - what to do with spent pot lining (SPL) from aluminium smelters. (2002-05-31)

Louisiana researcher and Washington, Pennsylvania, North Carolina companies win Presidential awards for environmentally-conscious business innovation
A Louisiana researcher and companies in Washington, Pennsylvania and North Carolina were honored with the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge award for using creative chemistry to improve the environment. The winners developed innovative processes that offer new solutions to the agriculture, textile, automotive, paper, and water treatment industries. (2001-06-25)

9th International Coral Reef Symposium in Bali, Indonesia on October 22nd to 27th
The 9th International Coral Reef Symposium is taking place October 22nd to 27th in Bali, Indonesia. This world summit on coral reef science and issues, held every four years, is sponsored by the International Society for Coral Reef Studies. It is the primary vehicle used by experts, including scientists, policy makers, resource managers, and conservationists for providing new data and news concerning the state and health of coral reef ecosystems around the world. (2000-10-17)

Perils on your plate
Your Christmas dinner is full of natural substances that give lab rats cancer, warn a group of New York scientists who have put together a spoof Christmas menu designed to ridicule media scare stories about pesticides in food. (1999-12-20)

Synthetic enzyme shows promise as way to make hydrogen cheaply
A look-alike enzyme active site synthesized by scientists at the University of Illinois may move the world closer to an energy-efficient, hydrogen-based economy, which could curb future energy crises and ease global warming. (1999-10-05)

Where the wild ones are: origins of staple crop found
Biologists at Washington University in St. Louis have written the ultimate roots story for cassava -- a staple subsistence crop that feeds an estimated 600 million Third World people. Barbara Schaal, biology professor, found the plant's progenitor in southern Brazil. Plant breeders now have abundant genetic information to breed hardier cassava. (1999-06-02)

Poison-Eating Bugs Strike Gold
Australian scientists have discovered indigenous microbes capable of devouring toxic effluent from gold extraction. (1998-04-28)

Process of Producing Cyanogen Gas in Comet Hale
Astronomers confirm the existence of cyanogen gas in Comet Hale-Bopp, supporting one of two proposed theories explaining just how the gas is produced. This offers new information about what mechanisms control the evolution of comets and whether the same processes are at work regardless of where the comet may be (1997-03-28)

UMass Astronomers Report Comets May Have Interstellar Chemicals To Earth
The brightest comet of 1996 -- Comet Hyakutake -- may have shed some light on a question that astronomers have asked for centuries, (1996-10-09)

Suicidal Tendencies
Is the body made up of miniature samurais? The July/August issue of New York Academy of Sciences' magazine,The Sciences, details research by Lonodon biologist, Martin C. Raff that the body's cells are programmed to kill themselves if they fall out of sequence. If he's right, it could hold good news in treating cancer and Parkinson's diseases (1996-07-01)

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