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Cancer Immunotherapy - Supplying The Wake Up Call
Cancer cells make foreign proteins which can be recognized by the immune system. However, the immune cells are not always alerted to danger and tumours develop. Cancer immunotherapy aims to sound the alarm, and a new Europe-wide initiative hopes to speed the process of cancer vaccine development. (1997-11-30)

Targeted Protein Toxin Effective Against Persistent Brain Tumors
Scientists at the National Institutes of Health have developed a new drug that can reduce the size of some persistent brain tumors without causing severe side effects. A report of the first clinical trial of this drug, called transferrin-CRM107, will appear in the December 1997 issue of Nature Medicine. (1997-11-24)

A presentation was made at the 1997 American Association for the Advancement of Science annual meeting on February 15, 1997 in Seattle Washington. Images and movies from the Large Angle and Spectrometric COronagraph Experiment (LASCO) taken during the week of 22-27 December 1996 were made public. LASCO was launched aboard the SOHO (Solar and Heliospheric Observatory) spacecraft on 2 December 1995 (1997-02-15)

Turbulence May Sink Titanic Reactor
The multibillion-dollar International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER), billed as the world's best hope for proving that fusion can be a reliable and efficient source of abundant power, won't work, according to a news report in the 6 December 1996 Science (1996-12-06)

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