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Seeing The Forest For The Trees: USMP-4 Science Research On Flight Day 1
If your car engine hasn't overheated, you can give some thanks to a team of scientists who are growing tree-like crystals aboard the Space Shuttle this week. Knowledge gained from the Isothermal Dendridic Growth Experiment (IDGE), now in operation aboard Columbia, is being used in designing automobile engine coatings and other industries that use metals. (1997-11-21)

Visualization Of Fragile X Protein Helps Explain Its Function And Possible Relation To Mental Retardation
Researchers at Emory University report at this week's Society for Neuroscience meeting the first direct visualization of fragile X mental retardation protein within neurons. Fragile X syndrome is the most common genetic cause of mental retardation (1996-11-17)

Fight Or Flight Response To Mental Stress Can Damage Heart
The fight or flight response the body sends out during mental stress triggers a sudden squeezing down of blood vessels that can damage the heart, concluded researchers at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, MI (1996-11-14)

Brain Protein "Rescues" Neurons From Atrophy
Duke University Medical Center neurobiologists have protected growing brain cells from atrophying from disuse by treating them with a protein believed to be involved in helping the brain (1996-04-29)

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