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Issues surrounding genetic medicine and the Jewish population to be explored at conference
A free community conference focusing on (1999-10-17)

We do 'feel with the mind's eye,' confirm Emory researchers in Nature
For the first time, researchers have verified that the part of the brain involved in processing the sense of sight is also necessary for the sense of touch. Results of an Emory University study confirming the role of visual cortex in tactile (touch) perception are reported in this week's issue of the journal Nature. (1999-10-06)

Politics - not market - cause pay discrimination
A new book (1999-09-22)

Surveys To Elicit Public Opinion On Priority Setting May Be Flawed
Public participation in healthcare rationing decisions may be of limited value if people are not allowed time to reflect on their opinions, say researchers in this week's BMJ. (1999-04-02)

American Psychiatric Association Rebukes Reparative Therapy
A position statement opposing any psychiatric treatment such as (1998-12-14)

Insurance Industry Discriminates Unfairly On Basis Of Genetic Information
People from families with known genetic disorders are not being treated consistently by insurers, says a paper published in this week's BMJ, and written by Lawrence Low and colleagues at the Wellcome Trust. (1998-12-11)

American Sociological Association Releases Report On 'The Realities Of Affirmative Action In Employment'
A press briefing will be held at the San Francisco Hilton, August 21, 12:30 PM on the 4th floor, Union Square 2 (1998-08-21)

Prejudice Has Unexpected Effect When People Evaluate Minorities
It's not surprising that high-prejudice people think differently than others when they're asked to evaluate statements made by Blacks or homosexuals. But new research suggests that the difference between high- and low-prejudice people isn't common wisdom. Low-prejudice people may sometimes be more critical than high-prejudice people of such statements. (1998-08-14)

Discrimination Against Gay And Lesbian Doctors Goes Against GMC's Guidance
Susan Bewley and David Harvey, co-chairs of the Gay and Lesbian Association of Doctors and Dentists, write that some gay and lesbian doctors in training in the NHS are still reluctant to be open about their sexuality for fear of discrimination by colleagues, despite General Medical Council guidance. (1998-07-10)

Genetic Screening - Promise Or Threat? Penn Bioethicist To Explore The Dr. Jekyll-Mr. Hyde Aura Surrounding Genetic Testing
Arthur L. Caplan, PhD, Director of the Center for Bioethics at the University of Pennsylvania Health System, presents his views on genetic testing at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Philadelphia. (1998-02-15)

Blacks More Often Than Whites Killed On Job, N.C. Study Finds
Black workers in North Carolina still are 50 percent more likely than white workers to die from injuries suffered on the job, according to a new study. (1998-02-05)

Third World Must Not Be Deprived Of The Most Advanced Medical Treatments Against AIDS, UNESCO Director-General Declares
Paris, November 17 - (1997-11-18)

Study: Racist Provocation Triggers Potentially Damaging Physical, Emotional Symptoms
Researchers at Duke University Medical Center have shown that face-to-face encounters with racism can overwork the heart and elevate blood pressure in African Americans, symptoms that are known to boost the risk of heart disease and other illnesses (1996-07-16)

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