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New research about PAH
The following news briefs are embargoed until the date/time listed below each title. (2007-10-24)
'The Myth and Reality of Project Management,' Oct. 22
In this Oct. 22 presentation, Stevens Institute of Technology Professor Aaron J. (2007-10-15)
International team of scientists warns of climate change's impact on global river flow
A global analysis of the potential effect of climate change on river basins indicates that many rivers impacted by dams or extensive development will require significant management interventions to protect ecosystems and people, according to an article published today in the online version of Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment. (2007-10-12)
Poli to speak at Supply Chain Project Management Summit, Oct. 9
Stevens Institute of Technology Professor Michael Poli, Ph.D., will speak at the Supply Chain Project Management Summit, sponsored by Rutgers University, on Oct. (2007-10-05)
Emphasizing the 'precision' in precision agriculture
Australian researchers report in Agronomy Journal that they developed a simplified protocol for growers to convert complex yield and soil data into pertinent information. (2007-09-26)
Updated GOLD report presents new understandings in diagnosis, treatment and prevention of COPD
The Global Initiative for Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease has released new standards for the diagnosis, management and prevention of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. (2007-09-14)
GP targets on heart disease should be simpler and based more on treatment and prevention
GP performance related payments for tackling heart disease are too complex. (2007-09-14)
Online auctions that reveal bids good for buyers, says study in Management Insights
Online buyers are better served in markets where all bids are disclosed after the bidding, according to the Management Insights feature in the July issue of Management Science, the flagship journal of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences. (2007-09-07)
Treating and preventing mental disorders in low-income and middle-income countries
Depression can be treated effectively in low- and middle-income countries with low-cost antidepressants or psychological interventions such as interpersonal therapy, conclude Professor Vikram Patel, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK, and colleagues, authors of this third paper in the Lancet's Global Mental Health Series. (2007-09-03)
Stanford study highlights cost-effective method of lowering heart disease risks
As US policy experts continue to search for ways to re-engineer the country's health-care system, a new study from the Stanford University School of Medicine shows that a case-management approach helped a diverse group of patients reduce their overall risk of heart disease by roughly 10 percent, and did so in a cost-effective way. (2007-08-20)
RAND, Health Dialog form alliance to create tools to evaluate health-care quality and efficiency
The RAND Corp. and Health Dialog Services Corp. today announced an alliance that will entitle Health Dialog to exclusive, worldwide rights to integrate select RAND quality measures into its existing provider performance measurement tools and care management services. (2007-08-06)
Diagnosing obesity prompts action, report Mayo Clinic physicians
Mayo Clinic physicians have identified that simply being diagnosed as obese increases a patient's likelihood of establishing a treatment plan with their physician, a crucial step in improving health. (2007-08-01)
Report highlights progress toward ecosystem sustainability in fish management
A new report says the key to success in moving toward ecosystem management of our marine fisheries is to build on existing programs in a deliberate fashion and with increased scientific research necessary to support sound decisions. (2007-07-24)
Better sleep may put Huntington's disease sufferers back on track
Mice carrying the genetic mutation that causes Huntington's disease (HD) showed marked improvements in alertness and their ability to learn after they were given drugs that put them to sleep. (2007-07-17)
BP and LLNL sign technical cooperation agreement on underground coal gasification
British Petroleum and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory today announced they have signed a technical agreement to work cooperatively on the development of underground coal gasification (UCG) technology -- the in-situ conversion of coal deposits into fuels and other products. (2007-07-11)
Wesley Research Institute study targets pharmacists to help diabetes sufferers
A new Wesley Research Institute project aims to make it much easier for people to manager their type 2 diabetes by using community pharmacists. (2007-07-05)
Predicting danger of flu pandemic rests on differences in affected population, says O.R. Forum
Scientists studying the potential spread of a flu pandemic must be careful to distinguish the different rates of infection among different groups, including the sociable and the shy, those most susceptible to infection and those less so, according to a new study in the (2007-06-18)
MCA backs closure of Arctic waters
The Marine Conservation Alliance supports action today by the North Pacific Fishery Management Council to close all federal waters north of the Bering Strait to commercial fishing until a management plan, including habitat protection, is fully developed. (2007-06-12)
MCA applauds council action to protect Northern Bering Sea habitat
Action to close over 130,000 square miles of the Northern Bering Sea to bottom trawling is an important step for the health of Alaska's oceans ecosystem and the seafood industry, MCA executive director David Benton said today. (2007-06-12)
Successful tech firms open near universities, says study in May Management Insights
Although businesses often choose locations near their competitors, successful companies with more advanced technology capabilities locate their offices near major academic institutions that can partner in research, according to the Management Insights feature in the May issue of Management Science, the flagship journal of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences. (2007-05-25)
2007 National Soybean Rust Symposium to be held in Louisville, KY
The American Phytopathological Society (APS), in cooperation with related organizations, will present the 2007 National Soybean Rust Symposium, December 12-14, 2007 at the Marriott Louisville Downtown Hotel in Louisville, KY. (2007-05-24)
Hepatitis B patients' understanding of infection and treatment deficient
Many patients with chronic hepatitis B are deficient in their understanding of the lifelong disease and often do not comply with the drug regimens necessary to control it, according to a new UCLA survey that suggests improved patient involvement in disease management decisions could be the key to fixing this problem. (2007-05-24)
Dynamic sonography accurate in diagnosing muscle tears
Dynamic sonography is useful in the diagnosis, management and follow-up of muscle tears and hematomas, according to a recent study conducted by researchers from Khoula Hospital in Muscat, Oman. (2007-05-24)
Hepatitis C negatively impacts HIV
Researchers at Boston Medical Center and Boston University School of Public Health have found that persons infected with the human immunodeficiency virus, who also have alcohol problems, were negatively affected by co-infection with the hepatitis C virus. (2007-05-24)
Breast MRI may help determine surgical management of women with newly diagnosed breast cancer
Among women who are newly diagnosed with breast cancer, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the breast appears helpful in determining surgical treatment, according to a report in the May issue of Archives of Surgery, one of the JAMA/Archives journals. (2007-05-21)
GPs should lead chronic disease fight -- Top doctor
Doctors should be seizing the opportunity to lead the fight against chronic illnesses like diabetes and heart disease, according to the next head of the international organization for GPs who will give a public lecture at ANU tonight. (2007-05-20)
The Institute of Ecosystem Studies recognized by the Wildlife Society
The Wildlife Society recently presented the Institute of Ecosystem Studies with a Certificate of Recognition for its Deer Management Program. (2007-05-16)
Ottawa aggressive protocol for acute atrial fibrillation is successful
There is no consensus on emergency department (ED) management of acute atrial fibrillation (AAF) or atrial flutter (AAFL). (2007-05-16)
Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies to be published by SAGE
SAGE, publisher of over 460 journals, is pleased to announce, in partnership with the Midwest Academy of Management and Baker College, that it will begin publishing the Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies beginning August 2007. (2007-05-14)
INFORMS congratulates Erik Lie and Management Science
The Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS) today congratulated Prof. (2007-05-10)
Healthy country, healthy people
A groundbreaking study initiated by traditional owners in collaboration with researchers at Charles Darwin University's Institute of Advanced Studies, the Northern Land Council and the Menzies School of Health Research has demonstrated an association between Indigenous (2007-05-07)
Better risk management could cut MRSA infection rates
The larger -- and busier -- an NHS hospital is, the higher the MRSA infection rate, research from the Nottingham University Business School has revealed. (2007-04-26)
Companies: Beware hazards of getting too big too fast, says study in April Management Insights
New research on companies that sprint to rapidly gain market share is revealing the danger of pursuing sudden massive growth, according to the Management Insights feature in the April issue of Management Science, the flagship journal of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences. (2007-04-23)
Study projects effects of forest management in Oregon's Coast Range
Pacific Northwest Research Station scientists and their colleagues have been conducting research that provides managers with a better idea of the effects -- both intended and unintended -- that forest management practices can have on landscapes. (2007-04-17)
Managing and preventing obesity in Canadian adults and children
Dr. David Lau, chair of the Obesity Canada Clinical Practice Guidelines Steering Committee and professor of medicine at the University of Calgary, provides a synopsis of the 2006 Canadian clinical practice guidelines on the management and prevention of obesity in adults and children. (2007-04-09)
Brown rot shrivels prune production in California
Brown rot is one of the most economically and ecologically important diseases affecting California's $100 million prune industry, say plant pathologists with The American Phytopathological Society. (2007-03-30)
Fisheries group calls for science-based approach to address climate impacts
The success of science based management in Alaska is emphasized in a newly released report titled (2007-03-22)
National Academies advisory: March 21 briefing on geospatial data and disaster management
Successful response starts with a map: Improving geospatial support for disaster management, a recently released report from the National Research Council, recommends ways to increase and improve the use of geospatial resources in disaster management and urges greater investment in the training of personnel, coordination of agencies, sharing of data, planning and preparedness, and the tools themselves. (2007-03-13)
Reforms needed to improve the care in the last phase of life
Reforms are urgently needed to improve the health needs of people in the last phase of life, say doctors in this week's BMJ. (2007-03-08)
Helping managers get a handle on IT security
Two new publications issued by NIST will help senior executives, auditors, and others in federal agencies better understand how to manage, support and evaluate their information security programs. (2007-03-02)
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