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Increased risk of blood clots on the lung for patients with autoimmune diseases
In a nationwide study based on data from the in-patient register, researchers have studied the risk of a blood clot on the lung for patients with autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease and Type 1 diabetes. (2011-11-28)
Virus discovery helps scientists predict emerging diseases
Fresh insight into how viruses such as SARS and flu can jump from one species to another may help scientists predict the emergence of diseases in future. (2011-09-22)
Rino Rappuoli honored for his work in vaccines and vaccinology
Dr. Rino Rappuoli has been chosen to receive the 2011 ESCMID Award for Excellence on Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases by the European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ESCMID). (2011-05-06)
Guidelines on rare diseases: Methods on handling evidence neither identified nor required
How the frequently poor evidence on rare diseases is to be handled has so far been scarcely addressed in manuals and methods papers for developing guidelines or HTA reports. (2011-04-28)
EPIDEMICS(3) The Third International Conference on Infectious Disease Dynamics
We are pleased to announce that the Third International Conference on Infectious Disease Dynamics -- EPIDEMICS(3) -- will take place in Boston, Mass., in November 2011 (2011-03-31)
Tomatoes found to contain nutrient which prevents vascular diseases
They are the most widely produced fruit in the world and now scientists in Japan have discovered that tomatoes contain a nutrient which could tackle the onset of vascular diseases. (2011-01-06)
Hebrew University added to Singapore research program
The National Research Foundation of Singapore has announced that the Hebrew University of Jerusalem will join other leading world universities that have been selected to participate in research centers in Singapore under the CREATE (Campus for Research Excellence and Technological Enterprise) program. (2010-06-29)
CIC biomaGUNE seeks new image diagnosis tests for cardiovascular diseases
The Centre for Cooperative Research in Biomaterials, CIC biomaGUNE, is involved in the research consortium of cvREMOD, which aims to move forward in the attainment of new diagnosis techniques for prevention and customized treatment of cardiovascular diseases in the upcoming four years. (2010-05-20)
3rd Baltic Congress of Osteoporosis to take place in Riga
Riga, Latvia will be the venue for the 3rd Baltic Congress of Osteoporosis which will take place on Sep. (2010-05-18)
UAB's Whitley named distinguished physician by Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society
The award recognizes a pediatrician whose career signifies excellence in infectious diseases research, education, patient care, prevention and public health. (2010-05-04)
Rockefeller scientist to speak at AAAS on infections as genetic disorders
Rockefeller University's Jean-Laurent Casanova is to present evidence that infectious diseases in the general population are frequently genetic disorders. (2010-02-17)
Blocking cell movement for cancer, MS treatment
University of Adelaide researchers in Australia are finding new ways to block the movement of cells in the body which can cause autoimmune diseases and the spread of cancer. (2010-02-10)
'Coral Disease Handbook: Guidelines for Assessment, Monitoring and Management'
University of Guam Associate Professor Laurie Raymundo is senior editor and co-author of a new book on the etiology and management of coral diseases, (2009-05-05)
Forgotten diseases key to lifting developing world from poverty, destitution and despair
One of the main obstacles towards progress in the developing world is the litany of tropical diseases affecting residents that have not been seriously addressed by the public health community. (2008-04-08)
More aid required for chronic conditions in low income countries
Chronic conditions such as cardiovascular disease and cancer result in more deaths and account for more years of healthy life lost than most communicable diseases, and yet little international aid is focused on preventing or treating these conditions. (2007-01-17)
Funding to tackle hospital superbugs
A novel approach to treating infectious diseases is being developed by researchers at Cardiff University. (2006-09-11)
New biomarkers could help doctors spot Alzheimer's and other neurodegenerative diseases
Neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's in their early stages can be difficult for physicians to spot, and many diagnoses are incorrect. (2006-08-11)
CEO of GSK talks about HIV in the developing world
J-P Garnier, CEO of the pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline, talks about the company's role in providing HIV drugs for the developing world, in an exclusive interview with The Lancet Infectious Diseases. (2006-07-26)
Taking the wrinkles out of motoneuronal disease
A winner of UniQuest's 2006 Trailblazer innovation competition, Dr. Frederic Meunier, is developing a treatment for motoneuronal diseases based on modifying botox -- the popular anti-wrinkle treatment. (2006-07-05)
Problem of emerging infectious diseases likely to worsen
Emerging infectious diseases pose a global threat to human and animal health, and the problem is likely to worsen, warns an expert in this week's BMJ. (2005-11-24)
Physicians ill-prepared to diagnose, treat bioterrorism diseases
More than one-half of 631 physicians tested were unable to correctly diagnose diseases caused by agents most likely to be used by bioterrorists, such as smallpox, anthrax, botulism and plague, according to a Johns Hopkins study published in the Sept. (2005-09-26)
How 'dirt' could educate the immune system and help treat asthma
Scientists believe that knowing exactly which type of dirt provides the best 'education' for the immune system, could be key to providing new treatments for diseases such as asthma. (2005-09-04)
2005 Geriatric Oral Research Award
The 2005 Geriatric Oral Research Award from the International Association for Dental Research (IADR) will be presented today to Professor Jukka H. (2005-03-09)
Imperial to lead the way in developing vaccines against bio-weapons
Scientists at Imperial College London and Hammersmith Hospital are to help develop new vaccines in case of a terrorist release of biological agents such as anthrax. (2004-11-01)
Zoonotic diseases - European scientists unite to fight diseases
300 of Europe's top scientists in 16 Institutes/Organisations in 10 European countries come together to form (2004-09-09)
Large families and animals keep allergies at bay
Having siblings, keeping a pet, or living on a farm helps protect infants against the development of atopic (allergic) diseases, but early infections increase the risk, according to new research from Denmark. (2004-04-29)
Chronic diseases linked to falls in elderly women
Elderly women with chronic diseases, such as arthritis and depression, are at higher risk of falling, finds a study in this week's BMJ. (2003-09-25)
What is and what is not a disease?
What is and what is not a disease? The BMJ recently ran a vote on to identify (2002-04-10)
Vaccine puts blood-sucking ticks off their food
A new solution to controlling tick-borne diseases of animals and humans is the development of vaccines against the ticks and not the microbes that cause the diseases. (2002-04-08)
Therapeutic opportunities in neurodegenerative diseases
This conference will examine the latest research efforts towards understanding and treating neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's Disease, Parkinson's Disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and prion diseases. (2000-11-14)
Wistar Institute To Host Regeneration Symposium (Updated Schedule)
Philadelphia's Wistar Institute will host a symposium on regeneration on May 5- May 6 1999. (1999-04-08)
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