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Impression Of Divorce Can Impact Children's Mental Health
How children perceive the events surrounding their parents' divorce -- such as parental arguing, parental depression, reduced contact with the absent parent, lowered standard of living -- can be as important to their development as the family breakup itself, say researchers who tested 355 recently divorced mothers and their 9-12 year old children. (1999-03-09)

ASU Professor Disputes Bad Dad Image In New Book
A recent study of 400 divorcing couples contains a number of surprising findings about divorce, among them the conclusion that there is little difference in how fathers and mothers fare economically after divorce, contradicting earlier studies. A new book, Divorced Dads: Shattering the Myths claims to correct past data errors. (1998-11-09)

First Children "Crowded Out" When Divorced Fathers Have New Kids
Non-custodial fathers are less likely to maintain contact with children from a previous relationship if they have biological children with another partner, a new study shows. However, fathers don't seem to lessen contact with their original children if they only have stepchildren in their new relationship. (1998-09-30)

Kids Of Divorce More Likely To Grow Up To Be Smokers--Sons At Risk To Be Problem Drinkers, Too
Boys and girls whose parents divorce are more likely to smoke as adults than are children from intact families, but only the sons of divorced parents face a higher probability of becoming problem drinkers, according to new research. (1998-09-11)

Program Helps Parents In High-Conflict Divorces Weigh Kids' Feelings
Adults embroiled in a long, bitter divorce fight often put their kids in the middle. The Children First program implemented eight years ago in Champaign County in Illinois, however, appears to be taking the sting out of cases with the highest levels of conflict among moms and dads, researchers say. (1998-09-04)

Annulments Given At Higher Rate In Countries With Religious Competition
SAN FRANCISCO - In countries where Catholics make up less than 50 precent of the population, significantly more marriage annulments are granted than in countries where the Catholic church dominates, says a new study to be presented August 24 at the Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association by Melissa Wilde of the UC-Berkeley Sociology department. (1998-08-14)

To Retire Well, Invest In Making Friends
How many friends you have, not how much money you have, predicts how happy you're likely to be right after you retire, a University of Michigan study suggests. (1998-07-27)

Prevention Research Conference Looks At Science Of Evaluating Intervention Options
The scientific evaluation of components of prevention programs will be discussed in a free conference sponsored by Arizona State University's Preventive Intervention Research Center entitled (1998-03-06)

Husband's Willingness To Be Influenced By Wife, Share Power Are Key Predictors Of Newlywed Happiness, Stability, UW Study Shows
Active listening techniques taught by many marriage counselors don't work when couples are in conflict. Instead, a new study shows (1998-02-20)

The Cloning of Humans On The Adoption Model: Penn Bioethicist Will Present A Model For Future Laws Involving Human Cloning
Glenn McGee, PhD, Associate Director of Education for the Center for Bioethics at the University of Pennsylvania Health System, will present his model for future laws on human cloning at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Philadelphia. (1998-02-13)

Stress: It's Not Just All In Your Head; Scientists Map The Wear And Tear Of Daily Life
Researchers have finally proven that feeling (1998-01-14)

Stepchildren May Expand Pool Of Caregivers For Baby Boomers
Unprecedented rates of divorce and remarriage are already redefining families of baby boomers. According to a new analysis from University of California, Berkeley, when the boomers become the elderly of the future, they will have impressive numbers of stepchildren and stepgrandchildren, expanding the numbers of family members on whom they may rely, if necessary. (1997-12-29)

Couples Sought At UNC-CH For Research On Extramarital Affairs
Couples struggling through the aftermath of an extramarital affair may find help through a new study beginning at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Free confidential counseling will be offered to volunteers, along with a treatment program designed specifically for couples trying to recover from troubles an affair generates. (1997-10-27)

Study Finds Divorce Education Reduces Parents' Return To Court
Divorcing parents who participate in a divorce education program are less likely to return to court on matters related to the divorce than those who don't, according to a new Ohio University study. (1997-09-02)

Creativity Breeds Happy Families, Study Finds
What makes a family happy? No one characteristic determines this, say psychologists who examined characteristics of families that were rated happy by one of the children, but parents who work in creative professions seem to create the most happy home environments. (1997-08-14)

When Marriages Fail, The Home Is Often A Major Source Of Conflict
Home may be where the heart is, but when homes and hearts break apart, the family home is less a haven and more a source of stress and conflict, a University of Illinois professor reports (1997-06-03)

Physicians' Divorce Risk May Be Linked To Specialty Choice
A Johns Hopkins study finds that physicians in some specialties -- chiefly psychiatry and surgery -- are at higher risk for divorce than their medical brethren in other fields. But the results do not support the common view that job-related anxiety anddepression are linked to marital breakup. (1997-03-13)

Study Hopeful About Children's Ability To Adjust To Divorce
In a study of adolescent adjustment to parental divorce that tracks 522 children, ages 10-18, a Wake Forest University psychologist examines what custodial arrangements are best, whether contact with the non-custodial parent matters and other factors that most influence children's adjustment to life after divorce (1996-12-31)

Rites of Passage Programs Increase Self-Esteem of Foster Children
Programs for male African-American foster children about their cultural heritage may improve self-esteem, and encourage them to take a positive interest in their communities. After the program, participants said they had a greater respect for women, wanted to further their education, and felt they should take responsibility for their actions (1996-07-12)

Children From Divorced Families Only Half As Likely To Go To A Top College, Cornell Research Shows
Children who do not consistently live with two biological parents are only half as likely to ever attend a selective college, even after researchers take into account factors such as income and parent education, according to a new Cornell University study (1996-05-29)

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