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Treatment of hypertension induced albuminuria
Patients with albuminuria will usually need more than one drug to achieve blood pressure control, particularly if the aim is also to reduce albuminuria. (2018-12-10)
Getting things under control: New mouse model aids study of immunomodulation
Mice are resistant to immunomodulatory drugs (IMiDs). As a result, studying the effects of IMiDs was not possible in existing types of mice. (2018-11-19)
Concomitant use of sleeping pills and strong painkillers is common among people with AD
One in five people with Alzheimer's disease (AD) who use a benzodiazepine are also concomitant users of an opioid, according to a new study from the University of Eastern Finland. (2018-11-19)
Those using psychotropic drugs in suicide attempts more likely to have had prescriptions
As prescriptions for psychotropic drugs increase, researchers at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus have found that prescribed access to anti-anxiety and anti-psychotic medications may make it easier for some patients to use the drugs in attempted suicides. (2018-11-12)
Failure to discontinue medications can contribute to inappropriate prescribing
The continuation of drugs that are not intended to be taken indefinitely is a substantial and common problem that could contribute to over-medication, particularly in the elderly. (2018-11-12)
Moving the motivation meter
Rats given the drug that reduced dopamine were much less likely to work for preferred morsels of food. (2018-11-08)
Cancer drug insight tactic could spell double trouble for tumours
Researchers have developed a new way of identifying potential cancer drugs, which could streamline the development of therapies (2018-11-01)
Testing cells for cancer drug resistance
Biophysicists at Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB) have demonstrated that Raman microscopy can be used to detect the resistance of tumour cells to cancer drugs. (2018-10-26)
Brain-eating amoebae halted by silver nanoparticles
Halloween is just around the corner, and some people will celebrate by watching scary movies about brain-eating zombies. (2018-10-24)
Statins show little promise for conditions other than heart disease
Medicines commonly prescribed to reduce people's risk of heart attack may have limited use for treating other diseases, research suggests. (2018-10-08)
Psychotropic polypharmacy is common in Alzheimer's disease
Up to half of people with Alzheimer's disease (AD) use a psychotropic drug, and one in five uses two or more psychotropics concomitantly, according to a study conducted at the University of Eastern Finland. (2018-10-01)
Drugs that stop mosquitoes catching malaria could help eradicate the disease
Researchers have identified compounds that could prevent malaria parasites from being able to infect mosquitoes, halting the spread of disease. (2018-09-18)
E. coli's adaptation to extreme temperatures helps explain resistance to certain drugs
A new study suggests that defenses against extreme temperatures give E. coli bacteria an advantage in fending off certain drugs. (2018-09-17)
Serotonin-Noradrenalin reuptake inhibitors may cause dependence and withdrawal when stopped
The difficulties that people have in discontinuing antidepressant medications has been in the news recently. (2018-09-12)
A new generation of pain medications
Researchers from Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin and the Zuse Institute Berlin have developed a new generation of pain medications. (2018-09-07)
A step ahead in pharmaceutical research
Researchers of the University of Würzburg have developed a method that makes it possible to measure the activation of receptors in a very short time. (2018-09-05)
New research: Financial disclosure lacking in publication of clinical trials
A substantial proportion of pharmaceutical industry payments to authors of oncology clinical trials published in major scientific journals are not disclosed, new research shows. (2018-08-30)
Terahertz wave activates filamentation of actin
A team of researchers have discovered that terahertz (THz) wave irradiation activates the filamentation of actin protein. (2018-08-29)
Cancer-fighting drugs also help plants fight disease
Cancer-fighting drugs used on humans can help plants fight disease as well. (2018-08-14)
Benzodiazepines are associated with increased risk of Alzheimer's disease
The use of benzodiazepines and related drugs (Z drugs) is associated with a modestly increased risk of Alzheimer's disease, according to a recent study from the University of Eastern Finland. (2018-08-13)
The medicine of the future against infection and inflammation?
Researchers at Lund University in Sweden, have in collaboration with colleagues in Copenhagen and Singapore, mapped how the body's own peptides act to reduce infection and inflammation by deactivating the toxic substances formed in the process. (2018-08-13)
Over-the-counter drugs, dietary supplements and their effect on lab test results
The study reports on the results of a survey of patients in 18 European countries which shows that those taking OTC products and dietary supplements are not aware of the potential effects on laboratory test results they may have. (2018-08-10)
Research may help rescue antibiotics' effectiveness in the face of drug-resistant bacteria
Bacteria--especially Gram-negative strains--are becoming increasingly resistant to current antibiotic drugs, and the development of new classes of antibiotics has slowed. (2018-08-10)
Sensor could help doctors select effective cancer therapy
MIT chemical engineers have developed a sensor that lets them see hydrogen peroxide inside cancer cells and determine whether they are responding to drugs that affect redox signaling. (2018-08-07)
New research: High burden of hepatitis C among people who inject drugs
Globally, more than one in three (39 percent) people who have injected drugs in the last year are living with hepatitis C infection, according to new research from the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre and the Kirby Institute at UNSW Sydney. (2018-07-23)
Scientists of SibFU proposed to use Siberian plants for treatment of serious diseases
Scientists of Siberian Federal University found possible sources of medicinal and antimicrobial drugs. (2018-07-12)
Artificial intelligence helps Stanford researchers predict drug combinations' side effects
Millions of people take upwards of five medications a day, but testing the side effects of such combinations is impractical. (2018-07-10)
Researchers compare drugs for treating severe hypertension in pregnancy
A recent meta-analysis of published studies has compared the efficacy and safety of antihypertensive drugs during pregnancy. (2018-07-05)
Investigative report on FDA advisory panels from Science's news department
An investigative report from Charles Piller, a contributing correspondent in the News department at Science, uncovers little recognized and unpoliced potential conflicts of interest among those who serve on FDA advisory panels to review drugs are under-reported. (2018-07-05)
Starving fungi could save millions of lives each year
Researchers have identified a potentially new approach to treating lethal fungal infections that claim more than 1.6 million lives each year: starving the fungi of key nutrients, preventing their growth and spread. (2018-06-21)
Scientists show that drugs targeting tumor metabolism will not stop Natural Killer cells
The scientists discovered that while glutamine is a key fuel for many tumors, it is not so for natural killer cells. (2018-06-14)
One-third of US adults may unknowingly use medications that can cause depression
A new study from University of Illinois at Chicago researchers suggests that more than one-third of U.S. adults may be using prescription medications that have the potential to cause depression or increase the risk of suicide. (2018-06-12)
Opioid use may affect treatment for alcohol dependence
New research indicates that opioid misuse and the use of cannabis and other drugs may compromise the effectiveness of treatments for alcohol use disorder. (2018-06-06)
Drugs that suppress immune system may protect against Parkinson's
A new study shows that people who take drugs that suppress the immune system are less likely to develop Parkinson's disease, which is characterized by difficulty with movement. (2018-05-31)
Should patients in remission stop taking expensive Rheumatoid Arthritis drugs?
Stopping expensive biological drugs used to treat rheumatoid arthritis in patients who are in remission or who have low disease activity can save considerable costs, but it results in a small loss of quality-adjusted life years, according to a recent Arthritis & Rheumatology study. (2018-05-11)
Precision medicine approvals and rare disease treatment incentives evaluated
The senior author of two separate articles published in Health Affairs on May 7, Kesselheim, members of the PORTAL research group and co-authors, examine the fast approvals of precision medicines in one paper while evaluating the impact of the Orphan Drug Act's seven-year market exclusivity in the other. (2018-05-07)
New uses for existing antiviral drugs
Broad-spectrum antiviral drugs work against a range of viral diseases, but developing them can be costly and time consuming. (2018-04-25)
Certain drugs for muscle conditions may be linked to increased risk of dementia
Use of certain anticholinergic drugs -- that help to control involuntary muscle movements for conditions such as Parkinson's disease -- is associated with an increased risk of dementia, finds a UK study published by The BMJ today. (2018-04-25)
Study reveals large differences in drug prescriptions for newborns between NICUs
Little is known concerning how extensively drugs are prescribed to newborns in different neonatal intensive care units (NICUs). (2018-04-23)
Improved method of delivering anti-cancer drugs
A new non-toxic method for delivering anti-cancer drugs to specific parts of the human body could mean the end of the severe and nasty side effects associated with many cancer therapies, according to researchers at Cardiff University's School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. (2018-04-18)
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